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  1. I know that I personally never get group invites unless I'm in world, even though I almost never miss an offline IM. Try doing it while you're both in SL and see if you have better luck.
  2. If you bought the land from the lindens themselves and you pay your tier each month to linden lab, not to a landlord, then it's pretty likely that you live on mainland, and mainland owners cannot change ground textures, even when they own the entire sim. Being able to change ground textures was the biggest lure for me away from the mainland and onto a private island, but as others have said, even there, only the sim owner can change the land textures. Good luck!
  3. Hey Carson. Group rights can be totally confusing, right? I think there are really two issues here: 1. Your land and what group it's under. You shouldn't need to add your landlord to your group in order to set your rented land to your personal/business group. (And as others said, he definitely never needs to be owner, and shouldn't be unless you are business partners, too!) 2. Your object permissions. If you just rez your vendors and stuff out of your inventory as normal, nobody should be able to move them or take them. The obvious exception to this is for people that you've specifically granted edit rights to, and you will know if you've done this because SL will shout at you that it's a really big deal to give someone rights before it lets you ok it. If you set your objects to group, they should still be safe and sound. Setting stuff to group is usually the most useful in terms of which objects are allowed on a parcel. So like... you might set your land so that only the group can rez on it, and what happens then is that stuff that isn't set to group gets auto-returned. Again, if it's just set to group, I'm pretty sure nobody can screw your stuff up. If you DEED your objects to the group, then other group members can potentially take and move the objects. For them to do this, they would also have to have this ability enabled in the group settings, under Roles. In general, unless you really mean to share an object with someone like this, you should never have to deed anything. (I've been in SL like six years and I've never deeded anything except out of curiousity.) Hope that helps. If you have any other questions or you need an oldbie to come help you play with permissions for a day, just give me a shout. And good luck with your store!
  4. There's no such thing as gravity in SL - you can build on the water, sure! As long as your land covenant doesn't forbid it for some reason, you can go right ahead!
  5. If you've already checked the estate tools to make sure that voice is allowed, and you've checked the parcel settings to again make sure voice is allowed, and it still doesn't work, I'd call concierge and ask them to look into it.
  6. Sometimes, when I buy lindens in SL, I must relog before I can see them. Did you try to start again?
  7. Two other things that can make you seem invisible: Animations that make your body hide underground and clothing items (alpha layers) that make parts of your body disappear. Check to make sure you're not wearing anything you don't recognize and that you're not playing any animations.
  8. Did you already stand on the machine pad in the workshop and get the yellow glowing orb around your character? If you did that part already, you just have to get to the cannon and click on it to make it fire. Good luck!
  9. What you're looking for is called an Animations Overrider, or AO for short. It's a scripted HUD that tells the client what animation to play when you're walking or standing (or flying, falling, jumping, swimming, and more.) As others said, you can always buy a loaded AO that comes with lots of animations, and they're lots of fun. Poking around in them is a good way to learn how an AO ticks, too. But lots and lots of people set up their own collection of animations in AOs - I make my own sets because I find animations all over the place that I enjoy. If you have two you like already, you might want to do it yourself. The most popular open source AO is the Zhao II - you can find different skins on them but they work the same. Once you have one, you can load it up with the animations you already have and off you go! I'm not sure if a link will work here but here's one on the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ZHAO-II-MB2-BOX-the-latest-from-the-Open-Source-ZHAO-Project/256352 Good luck!
  10. Sounds like a cool project. It's not against the rules to have an avatar bot. It's frowned upon to use the bot to do unfair things like game traffic statistics or trick people. I was thinking that you might find it interesting to see what other people have already done with bots in SL, just to give you an idea of what is possible. There is an animation company called Sine Wave that has an interesting bot program. Maybe you should check them out. They've got an FAQ about them here: http://www.sinewaverobots.com/home/support.php Basically, they can be programmed to interact with people nearby and do all kinds of fun things. I think that's what you're after.
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