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  1. lol. Nice ansver. Well i guess i can go ahead with the preperations then. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks for the swift and precise ansver. You wouldnt happen to know if there is some leagal issue with doing this would you? I havent been able to find anywhere detailing the amount of automation you can have in an avatar, and the support tickets are limited to account specific subjects for basic users it seems. It would suck to go half way thorugh the project only to have it canceled because my accout was deleted on account of it being a bot.
  3. Hello Second Life community. I am a college student from Denmark about to start my Masters Speciale in computer science. Im am going to make a project about programming robots. The problem is that advanced robot programming is almost impossible when having it run around in the real world, because of crappy sensor technology. This is why i have decided to take a crack at developing a robot in a software invironment, and i think second life would work very well. To get to the question. Is it possible to use the Linden Scripting Language to communicate between an avatar in second life and a comp
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