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  1. harliew

    sim crossing

    why do I have problems crossing some Sims...whether i'm riding on an pod, car or plane, i crash on some Sims but the object i'm riding in goes through. Is their a problem with my avatar or what ?...Is their a way to prevent this?
  2. harliew

    lag Meter

    Where is the location of the Lag Meter in the new firestorm version ?
  3. harliew


    Send I upgrade to the lastest version, I'm having trouble with commands on some of my objects like operating my tour system using command...Zoffset, it works on the last version but not on v4.6.5. I there a fix for this problem. I'm using windows 8.1
  4. harliew

    No copy items

    What process do i have to go through to get NO COPY items that i have accdental deletely
  5. I'm using Firestone Viewer 4.4.2 and I'm on windows 8. And on some avatars I can only see portions of them. Other portions are invisible. Can this problem be solved. If so, please help me.
  6. harliew


    Will u please give me the website to download firestorm v4.4.2. I've been trying all morning looking for it on the firestorm website and all it will allow me to download is the current version which is Firestorm Beta I'm having problem with that upgrade that doesn't exits in v4.4.2. One big problem is unwanted music on my parcel when I my parcel is not group own and I didn't put it there and there is nothing and I have perform three CLEAN INSTALLATION. I'm now using my laptop with the V4.4.2 until u tell me how to download Firestorm v4.4.2
  7. harliew

    Unwanted Music

    I just purchase a parcel that has music on it that I didn't put there..how can I get it off..This parcel is not group own
  8. harliew

    Sims to full

    I'm using the latest version of Firestorm and I'm having trouble crossing Sims not matter what prim count my car, boat or plane I use. It wasn't always that way so, what can I do to prevent this..Its become a very big problem...HELP
  9. Can non-transferable items be sold or resold...If so, how can it be done
  10. harliew

    Getting items

    I need help on getting items like BOATS, AIRPLANES and other none transferable items from avatars I have create myself and use these avatar to purchase items on SL
  11. I'm using Firestorm Viewer with windows 8. My viewer focus on prims are clear and the goes cloudy and I have to wait for the prim to become clear again. This goes on & on, Need help to stop this if possible
  12. harliew

    Glowing light

    I just got a new PC using windows 8. Now I have a problem on SL when ever I turn on a Light, the light glows so bright , its impossible to see the fixture the light bulb is in..I need your help if u can
  13. harliew

    Received Folder

    Does the Firestorm Viewer has a Receive folder. If it does, then I must have deleted mine. How can I get it back
  14. harliew

    Getting stuck in SL

    When I get stuck in SL because of cross a bad Sims, their their another option I can use besides logging off
  15. harliew


    Does viewers Phoenix and Firestorm have the same options? For example, the Phoenix viewer has an option where by u can see through ojbects like seeing the bottom of the sea or using the camera control to see through objects. If so, where can these options be set in the Firestorm viewer ?
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