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  1. I am not sure if it's been mentioned above already but I was able to bypass this line problem by turning off Ambient Occlusion while in Advanced Lighting Model. The lines come and go as Ambient Occlusion is toggled on and off. Granted, you lose some depth in your picture but you also lose the ugly lines. This is a workaround in lieu of a proper fix. I have also found another problem while in Advanced Lighting Model, with specular maps. The shine from highly reflective objects pass through walls or other objects creating a lit, glow-like section through walls or objects. It is more evident on walls. This is sun position dependent but creates a "glow" effect through the face of a wall, even if Render Glow is turned off. I discovered it is the shine coming off a reflective texture on an object behind the wall.
  2. I'm not really fussy about where a profile pops up. However, every time I select to view the profile of a nearby resident in 2.5, MY profile pops up first every time. Yes, my own! I close this first attempt and try again and then their profile is displayed. This happens with every different resident I select to view a profile on. I'm hoping it's not the only one experiencing this. Aside from this glitch, I feel the introduction of a web based profile will help nail down a standard picture size for profile and picks images. Up until now, I have found it difficult to provide a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to profile and picks images in SL due to different viewers providing different size image holders. If LL can provide a single and consistent image sizing list for this new web based format, that would be great. On another note, I don't see my Favourite LM listed in the login screen. Am I missing something?
  3. I need to make extra clicks now! I want my panels undocked! I want my panel docked! I want the media player to make coffee! My name is not joe.citizen, it's Joe Citizen! Really?... Sounds like some of you spend more time inside the menus and side panels rather than enjoying SL. A little perspective… If you stop to think that there are programmers, developers and coders out there spending hours trying to deliver something to us that is FREE, then it doesn't seem so bad after all. You like Phoenix? Go use it. You like Emergence? Go use that. But please try to keep your negative criticisms and damning viewer comparisons to a minimum, because everything you use, from the grids, to the networks, to the viewers, costs you absolutely nothing! (And you aren't forced to have a Premium account either! For those who will argue "But I do pay for this!") Enjoy SL for what it is folks and put forward your suggestions without sending in the lynch mobs. /me is off to test 2.4 Beta
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