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  1. Yep! I emailed her last month. She said it's not going away and she'll keep supporting it, releasing updates as long as SL exists and maybe longer than that thanks to Opensim-based worlds.
  2. When you tear your closet apart looking for that awesome outfit you just wore 2 weeks ago ... and realize it's in SL. When you're invited to an event and you ask for an LM.
  3. Oh my gosh, what a delight to come across this! I was there when the otters came in the Abranimations Advent calendar, and laughed myself to tears watching you all fish slapping each other and innocent passersby. I was the gal in the green sweater :matte-motes-big-grin: Thank you for sharing this, the otters were so wonderful. An awesome memory for the holidays.
  4. It looks like maintenance is scheduled according to the Grid Status page, but no corresponding deployment info is posted in this forum. This is a short week in the US (Friday's a major holiday), so I'd be a bit surprised if maintenance actually did occur. Looks like communications are out of sync ... is Maestro on vacation? [Posted 9:22 AM PDT, 01 July 2014] We will be undergoing scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, 02 July, 2014 beginning approximately at 9:00 AM PDT. During this time, some users may be unable to log in, and group chat may be unavailable.
  5. I was getting inventory fault errors deleting and taking things into inventory earlier today, just before the unscheduled inventory maintenance alert was posted on the grid status page. Chalked it up to maintenance and went off to do other stuff. Several hours after the status updated to Resolved, I've returned and am still having the same problem - Cannot derez due to inventory fault. After several attempts, objects will finally either delete or go into inventory. Cache clear doesn't fix it. Anyone else experiencing this? There's no new report of inventory maintenance at the moment, though o
  6. Logins are also failing (took 30 minutes to get in tonight!) and sim performance is tanking badly. Even after a restart the event at my venue is suffering severe lag in local chat and movement. (sighs and clicks "Login" again).
  7. I'm interested, please contact me? I've sent you an IM inworld too. Thanks!
  8. Back in after mutliple "region capability attempts", but all the mesh has disappeared from my world and my friends/groups lists are empty. I'm also not able to TP anywhere. Arrrgghh! :smileyhappy:
  9. Wow, glad I found this post! Goldbach (on the BlueSteel channel) has been restarting 2-3 times a day every few days for the last couple months now. We've also had a few instances of folks suddenly getting logged off all at once. My landlord has been contacting concierge support with no results so far. This sounds very similar to what we've been experiencing. I've been using this Sim Restart Notifier script to monitor the region. It's great in that it emails you directly when the sim restarts, and it provides the Channel, Version and Host information. I've been passing this info to our landlo
  10. Coming out of my lurker's closet for a moment (goodness it's crowded in here!) to bid farewell and wish you all the best in your RL, 16. Your delight in all things that go fast always made me LOL. Forever now, whenever I see or hear "brrrrrmmmm!!!!" I will think back to you and your posts, and smile again. :smileyhappy: Sincerely hope to see you back again someday!
  11. Ooh that's why I missed the notice. Looks like someone recycled a notice with the same title from Wednesday. Logged back in finally and happily romping through the grid again! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. Inventory problems were cropping up about 30 minutes ago and then POOF I was logged off when my sim suddenly restarted. Now I can't log in to any region anywhere. /me whimpers softly as I try yet again to log in ...
  13. Spotted in the crawler during the Martin Bashir show last night ... Martin Bashir on MSNBC
  14. Thank you for the speedy response, Unklebob. I kind of figured that woud be the case, first time for me to submit an AR though so I thought I would at least ask first!
  15. I came inworld today to find 3 people in my home. They represented themselves as newbies (2 indeed did have rez days of a couple days ago), so at first I tried to be helpful and guide them back to a Help center. Being located close to a sandbox this happens now and again, doesn't bother me overly much and I'm always happy to help new folks however I can :-) It soon became apparent by their actions that NONE of them were new. One kept insisting that my house was also her house and they would not leave.  I finally banned them from the property. A fourth person showed up and joined the fray,
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