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  1. EDIT: I have found someone for the project now. Thank you. Hello! Looking for a scripter to make a full perm script for to sell in products as copy only. The script will need these features; - It must work in linked prims. - Build a dance list from the animations in the prim contents. - Support for a minimum of 9 dances. More would be nice. - Floating text on/off toggle. - Ability to sync all avatars or turn off sync (so each avatar can use a different dance to everyone else) - The option for the owner to set sync permissions to allow everyone, group or owner to be able to toggle the sync o
  2. As someone mentioned, change your email password also. Create a password unrelated to your life - do not use family names or pet names. Or anything involving important dates. Use at least one UPPERCASE letter and one number. At least 8 characters long. This makes brute force attacks take so long its really not worth the hassle. Plus most systems have anti brute force mechinisms in place. A lot of phishing sites can and do try to install malicious software in the background without you knowing about it. A large part of online security is the browser you use. For example - do not use Internet E
  3. it is against the Terms of Service. http://www.lindenlab.com/tos#tos6 6.2(ii) - "Post or transmit unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, or promotional materials, that are in the nature of "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation that Linden Lab considers to be of such nature;" People joined your group for product updates and notices about your products, from you. Not from someone else. Though LL does have a poor track record with abuse reports of this nature. But if this person is doing this to you, they may well be doing this to others and
  4. Morning all! A second request for a home for our CasperVend drop boxes. It would seem that we were run out of town by breedables. Lag was preventing scripts from running properly and, sadly, the solution to the issue was moving. We have now moved again and store and home are on the main RC channel. So we would like an exhange to a region on Magnum, Bluesteel or Le Tiger. To help delivery reliablity we are hoping there is someone who wishes to exhange drop boxes, or even rent out 5 prims that would be great. We cannot justify getting a 512 peice of land for a few drop boxes at ~L$300 a week. I
  5. Edited to delete response. Wrong post. Grrrrr.
  6. Someone has kindly given me a few prims for the dropboxes. Thank you to all
  7. Mesh items which are not all one solid object. Like a cat with head, neck, body, legs and tail linked (as well as being full perm). Yes it pushes prim up slightly, but I rarely want solid objects. No one makes them like that though. Probably because I am very much the minority. Though likely not an idea which will make money. Having said that, I was quoted 300 - 500 US$ for an item once. So someone somewhere must be making that much money...
  8. Hello! /waves Five attractive and single dropboxes are seeking a third loving home. I am having some issues with deliveries from a caspervend dropbox which is likely due to both home and shop being on RC Magnum - I forgot to check before moving everything to larger parcels... oops! The issues are happening outside of maintenance. Not often, but too often for my liking. Would anyone mind exchanging 3 prims on their land (will expand to 4 then 5 prims at some point) which is not on Magnum. In return I am happy to do the same, which will be on Magnum. I am also more than happy to pay for the
  9. no items can work directrly from your inventory. the post for me is a little confing - just how my brain interprets things unfortunately. all i can think of is that you wore the button by mistake? as it is impossible for an item in your inventory to do anything other than collect dust unless it is in world somehow (rezed or worn). it is possible to wear something and not see it due to various SL bugs. that is the only thing i can think of which may have happened. unless i am reading your question wrong (very likely). an item can be gifted with mod/copy/no transfer permissions as the item is
  10. hello, not sure what the rules are about linking to merchants on here - so i wont. just incase LL has throw their toys out the pram over it. i do know of someone who creates custom mesh avatars but its US$300 - US$500. as for peicing together... search marketplace for "Sinful Needs" their wings are good. "AnjoDaVinganca Ishtari" he does a lot of dark avatars most with very good reviews. though some are expencive for using just one or two bits. "5ifth~AO ~Varkolacian 01 "LYCAN"- Animation Overrider" not seen in world and has a few very poor reviews. "Kronos Designs Creature AO" seen
  11. In all honesty I would recommend only things that cost nothing or have a minimal cost. Many people ignore advertising as they are bombarded with it all the time. The best advertising is word of mouth and people seeing your products being used/worn inworld. Classifieds I feel are a vast waste of money for many reasons. Unless your business is one of the few business types which might benefit from it – which seems to be land rentals/sales and “adult services”. Facebook, blogs, inworld groups and I will also suggest Subscribe-O-Matic are likely the best things. There are many fashion blogs so se
  12. could try: http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Gamer-Paladin-D837 under the software tab at the top i would recomend using windows 7 64bit. unless you have used windows 8 and liked it on anything other than a touchscreen device. some information which might help you decide. AMD processors are cheaper, and generally not as good as intel (because of their arcitecture and instruction sets). but, for budget, they are better than the intel i3. the i3 scores lower on benchmarks (performance/speed testing) and is about US$150. the AMD FX-6300 scores noticably higher and is about US$100. the i5 is g
  13. the gforce 745 is a poor graphics card when compaired to others of a similar price (think its a laptop card). or even lower price. i personaly think alienware is just marketing (i will likely get flamed for that...). can get equivilent computers for less from other places. the one with the "Intel Pentium DC G3258 3.20 GHz Dual-Core Unlocked" isnt a very good processor i assume as it is dual core and not an i3. the i5, recomended entry level for most things 3D graphicy is quad core. not looked at benchmarks to compair the DCG3258 though. if you must go for a budget processor get an i3. the
  14. ask in their support group. its really good and someone will be able to offer more help. they do have a single vendor which can offer the product, a demo, notecard and item description in chat. it has many configuration options and comes with many types of vendors. the web interface is quick and easy to use with a plethora of features. if you input your marketplace ID/Ref then CasperVend site will track all those orders too and can offer redelivery on them. there is a free full featured version (CasperTech takes a small commision %), but if you buy the pro version it takes no commision. so y
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