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  1. EDIT: I have found someone for the project now. Thank you. Hello! Looking for a scripter to make a full perm script for to sell in products as copy only. The script will need these features; - It must work in linked prims. - Build a dance list from the animations in the prim contents. - Support for a minimum of 9 dances. More would be nice. - Floating text on/off toggle. - Ability to sync all avatars or turn off sync (so each avatar can use a different dance to everyone else) - The option for the owner to set sync permissions to allow everyone, group or owner to be able to toggle the sync on/off. I am willing to pay if we can agree on a price - though I do have a budget for this project. Please contact me (darmid illyar) inworld if you have any questions or a quote. Thank you :) Edit: Ideally contact me via notecard. IMs do not always end up in my email.
  2. As someone mentioned, change your email password also. Create a password unrelated to your life - do not use family names or pet names. Or anything involving important dates. Use at least one UPPERCASE letter and one number. At least 8 characters long. This makes brute force attacks take so long its really not worth the hassle. Plus most systems have anti brute force mechinisms in place. A lot of phishing sites can and do try to install malicious software in the background without you knowing about it. A large part of online security is the browser you use. For example - do not use Internet Explorer. It is full of so many holes it is rediculous. Firefox or Chromium based web browsers are probably the better ones. (I say chromium based rather than Google Chrome because many people have issues with googles privicy standards... or lack of). Malware scanner - maleware bytes - is pretty much the "go to" for malware removal/detection. For anti-virus, really is no need to pay for it and keep away from Norton and Mcafee. They are well known for being... well... not very good. Norton for example injects ads into webpages and causes DNS errors so pages fail to load when attempting to click a link from google search. http://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/ - or if you do not trust that - search google for "anti virus testing labs". There are a few very good organisations that test all of the main AV software every month and rate them based on their "real world" findings. Unbiast findings. Each AV vendor will tell you that they catch all viruses. This is not the case. Though avoid Avast as they have a habbit of releasing buggy updates which can seriously damage your installation of windows. A software firewall can be useful. Not to stop incoming intrusions but to warn you of programs trying to execute other actions or access the internet without your knowledge. These are not 100% secure and can be disabled by some viruses/malware - but many do not disable them because it is a trigger for detection. If you wish to go further, then changing your DNS settings in networks to a service such as Comodo or similar. A DNS server translates between a domain name and the IP address. Domain names are needed by people, and the IP address is needed by computers. Comodo DNS will block well known phishing sites before you even get there. There are many software companies who perport to make your computer secure. In reality they are malicious. Always be careful and research other peoples comments on forums etc first. The main thing... common sense. Do not even click any links that you are not confident are safe. Even if you enter no details at all and close the page - the damage may have already been done. Hope that helps a little at least. TL;DR; Have you not read a book? The above post is not long at all.
  3. it is against the Terms of Service. http://www.lindenlab.com/tos#tos6 6.2(ii) - "Post or transmit unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, or promotional materials, that are in the nature of "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation that Linden Lab considers to be of such nature;" People joined your group for product updates and notices about your products, from you. Not from someone else. Though LL does have a poor track record with abuse reports of this nature. But if this person is doing this to you, they may well be doing this to others and the more ARs recived from individuals the better. Hopefully it will stop them. I get IMs all the time with unsolicited advertising and put on shop mailing lists just by walking past them on my way to another shop. Or my name is pulled from a group and added to a spam list. I AR them all. When I do, rarely do I hear back from the spammer. Coincidence or LL may be doing something about it. No idea. Never hurts to try an AR and never know... it might even work. Probably.... maybe... sometimes... doesnt it...?
  4. Morning all! A second request for a home for our CasperVend drop boxes. It would seem that we were run out of town by breedables. Lag was preventing scripts from running properly and, sadly, the solution to the issue was moving. We have now moved again and store and home are on the main RC channel. So we would like an exhange to a region on Magnum, Bluesteel or Le Tiger. To help delivery reliablity we are hoping there is someone who wishes to exhange drop boxes, or even rent out 5 prims that would be great. We cannot justify getting a 512 peice of land for a few drop boxes at ~L$300 a week. If you are on Magnum, Bluesteel or Le Tiger and are interested please contact me inworld with a notecard. Thank you and take care :) P.S. Drop boxes are cute with only one script and low CPU usage as well as being house trained and they never beg for food. But they will recite Edgar Allan Poe for tid-bits.
  5. Edited to delete response. Wrong post. Grrrrr.
  6. Someone has kindly given me a few prims for the dropboxes. Thank you to all
  7. Mesh items which are not all one solid object. Like a cat with head, neck, body, legs and tail linked (as well as being full perm). Yes it pushes prim up slightly, but I rarely want solid objects. No one makes them like that though. Probably because I am very much the minority. Though likely not an idea which will make money. Having said that, I was quoted 300 - 500 US$ for an item once. So someone somewhere must be making that much money...
  8. Hello! /waves Five attractive and single dropboxes are seeking a third loving home. I am having some issues with deliveries from a caspervend dropbox which is likely due to both home and shop being on RC Magnum - I forgot to check before moving everything to larger parcels... oops! The issues are happening outside of maintenance. Not often, but too often for my liking. Would anyone mind exchanging 3 prims on their land (will expand to 4 then 5 prims at some point) which is not on Magnum. In return I am happy to do the same, which will be on Magnum. I am also more than happy to pay for the 5 prims. I just cannot justify paying for a whole parcel for the sake of a few prims. Conctact me inworld (darmid illyar) or private message me on the forums. If you do not hear back from me in 24 hours please try again. Not all offline messages are sent to my email :/ Cheers :)
  9. no items can work directrly from your inventory. the post for me is a little confing - just how my brain interprets things unfortunately. all i can think of is that you wore the button by mistake? as it is impossible for an item in your inventory to do anything other than collect dust unless it is in world somehow (rezed or worn). it is possible to wear something and not see it due to various SL bugs. that is the only thing i can think of which may have happened. unless i am reading your question wrong (very likely). an item can be gifted with mod/copy/no transfer permissions as the item is delivered directly to the recipient of the gift. it does not go to the person buying it and then to the gift recipient afterwards.
  10. hello, not sure what the rules are about linking to merchants on here - so i wont. just incase LL has throw their toys out the pram over it. i do know of someone who creates custom mesh avatars but its US$300 - US$500. as for peicing together... search marketplace for "Sinful Needs" their wings are good. "AnjoDaVinganca Ishtari" he does a lot of dark avatars most with very good reviews. though some are expencive for using just one or two bits. "5ifth~AO ~Varkolacian 01 "LYCAN"- Animation Overrider" not seen in world and has a few very poor reviews. "Kronos Designs Creature AO" seen this inworld. the walk is pretty good, but the run is not. can swap the run out with another. "oracul" do some good and very well priced AOs and animations for finding a nice hover/run/ jump etc. as for clothing, hate to say this, but "gorean" may be the way to go. lots of loin cloth and leather strappy things. hair i would probably go for "wasabi pills" or "EMO-tions". they do very good hair for RP purposes. some very unusual and interesting things. for skins there is "fallen gods inc". but personally never like them. seem over priced also to me. can also try "Naergilien Wunderlich" on marketplace. sadly his inworld store closed. but he has some good skins. not going to get very close though as for whatever reason it is difficult to find this type of avatar. only other thing to search for a "grotesque" also. as they are not really gargoyls. a gargoyl is very different to a grotesque. maybe there is a sculptie (not mesh) statue somewhere which can be used for parts and attach to your avatar or similar. so would want each part, like leg, foot, bicep, forearm etc to be a seperate object. might be another way of looking for parts. failing that, get some sculptie armour for the chiseled look and apply a stone texture and use a stone texture as a skin and find a good head somewhere..... maybe. not sure how well all of the above ideas will go... but its a start hope that helps!
  11. In all honesty I would recommend only things that cost nothing or have a minimal cost. Many people ignore advertising as they are bombarded with it all the time. The best advertising is word of mouth and people seeing your products being used/worn inworld. Classifieds I feel are a vast waste of money for many reasons. Unless your business is one of the few business types which might benefit from it – which seems to be land rentals/sales and “adult services”. Facebook, blogs, inworld groups and I will also suggest Subscribe-O-Matic are likely the best things. There are many fashion blogs so see if some of the more popular ones will show your work to help get the word out there. Also find a good quality hunt which has a good number of people who regularly take part in it. Ideally with a group size of at least 500 people. Could also try DSN (Designer Showcase Network ) if they are still going. I have not received anything from them for a long while though. It can be slow and tough to get started. So stick with it and even downsize your land if needed. An inworld store is a reassuring thing for people to see, even if few people buy inworld anymore. Hope that helps!
  12. could try: http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Gamer-Paladin-D837 under the software tab at the top i would recomend using windows 7 64bit. unless you have used windows 8 and liked it on anything other than a touchscreen device. some information which might help you decide. AMD processors are cheaper, and generally not as good as intel (because of their arcitecture and instruction sets). but, for budget, they are better than the intel i3. the i3 scores lower on benchmarks (performance/speed testing) and is about US$150. the AMD FX-6300 scores noticably higher and is about US$100. the i5 is good. its well ballanced when it comes to price vs performance and can handle gaming well. most gaming PCs use the i5 because of this. the i7 is overkill for many things. unless you are an avid/serious gamer or need higher end processing power, then its just not needed. graphics card is very important also. i personally dislike ATI because of past experience. but many will only buy ATI. the geforceGTX 560 ti is a reasonable budget graphics card. when i bought my computer, it was one of the best. i still have it and it runs SL on medium very well. i have an older intel i5 CPU (the newer ones are better) and i run graphically intensive games on it fine. not super high graphics settings, but medium. though most of that is down to my graphics card rather than processor. the geforce 770 for the price is really very good. and benchamark wise, its up near the top with the lowest price tag. about US$275. http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html memory, you want at least 8gig. known brands are corsair, kingston and best of budget is crucial. usually if the brand is not mentioned, its crucial. hard drive, seagate or western digital usually - is your storage space. yes, for a few dollars more you can have 2TB instead of 1TB... but then why spend and extra US$20 or US$40 for more storage space when you are not even going to use just half of the 1TB? i would spend that on an external USB drive for backups or a spare mouse and keyboard. they would at least be useful. check your current hard drive usage. go to start menu > computer > right click on your hard drive (listed as local drive or C:\ )and go to properties. will give you the size and how much you are using. if you have 500gb and you are using only 20% of it... even 1TB is overkill. but its the standard entry level size now. motherbaord is important. its the bit that everything else slots into. a cheap/generic motherboard is going to cause issues. need one which is at least reasonable. asus, gigabyte, AASrock. MSI. any computer with one of those in is likely a good thing. do not worry about aditional sound card. motherboards built in audio has been pretty good for a long while. same as networking (LAN). just do not get built in graphics. you definately need a graphics card. computer case doesnt really matter too much. a good one does help with air-flow and cooling as the components in a computer can get hot. however... the chosen asthetics of ibuypower (and many others) seem to be, in my opinion, the schoolbook margin doodles of 12 year olds. hope that helps some and hope i didnt add more uncertainty/confusion to the muddy waters of computer buying.
  13. the gforce 745 is a poor graphics card when compaired to others of a similar price (think its a laptop card). or even lower price. i personaly think alienware is just marketing (i will likely get flamed for that...). can get equivilent computers for less from other places. the one with the "Intel Pentium DC G3258 3.20 GHz Dual-Core Unlocked" isnt a very good processor i assume as it is dual core and not an i3. the i5, recomended entry level for most things 3D graphicy is quad core. not looked at benchmarks to compair the DCG3258 though. if you must go for a budget processor get an i3. the nvidia 750 graphics card is fairly good. the "ti" version is the standard one but pre-clocked (its faster - but you do pay more for it). i dont live in america so no experiance with any online sellers there. but out of the ones listed with the limited information... i would opt for the Lenovo K450E. a quick google and someone says that their motherbaord in the iBUYPOWER is their own brand (i only looked at the top few results... so did not exactly research properly). a motherbaord can make or break a computer. just dont go near Geforce GTX 745.
  14. ask in their support group. its really good and someone will be able to offer more help. they do have a single vendor which can offer the product, a demo, notecard and item description in chat. it has many configuration options and comes with many types of vendors. the web interface is quick and easy to use with a plethora of features. if you input your marketplace ID/Ref then CasperVend site will track all those orders too and can offer redelivery on them. there is a free full featured version (CasperTech takes a small commision %), but if you buy the pro version it takes no commision. so you can easily try before you buy. also midnight mania and other addons are avaiblie. i can not recemoned CasperTech products more highly. (and i am not affiliated with CasperTech in any way).
  15. It happens with many things. LL have their favourite sycophants who are included on many things and no one else is told or asked. I feel that a lot of opinions and suggestions from the community should be listened to but they are totally ignored instead. It has been the case in the past with many (if not all) projects and initiatives. It is a little annoying and creates a divide. I think maybe LL are pushing for a class system. Think it has worked. Though it is a natural thing to happen. Maybe the new CEO will put an end to the inner circle of sycophants and open things up for public discussion and try to have some foresight rather than half-arsed attempts. Maybe I am just cynical and there will be unicorns and rainbows over the mountain.
  16. i think that if you enjoy doing it then keep on doing it? there are a few things which you can do to maybe sell more and be more appealing also. concentrating on a style, or a core "mood". the label "backstage" i do not think is bad - has a quirk about it. i have quite a few ideas/suggestions which may or may not work. but from personal experience i would recomened keep going. there will always be moments when you feel discouraged, but keep going through those moments. if you would like, IM me in world (or here) and i can colate some of what i was thinking..
  17. *checks the date*... too soon for an LL april fools joke. i am laughing for all the wrong reasons. how much of a fiasco can this become? and LLs support, to be honest, is even more laughable. lots of merchants have lost money but LL will not compensate them - customer recived the items and paid but the merchant gets nothing. slow marketplace for days with a half-arsed fix of removing the number of reviews from product result pages and not to mention the appaling implimentation of direct delivery which was in beta for some time. hope that this... yet another farce is sorted soon. its like being in a bad laural and hardy film with no escape. i am not a LL fanboi, or an LL hater. but.... all the poor implimentations and lack of thinking is starting to pile up.
  18. dont see what is wrong with the current inventory. it works the same as windows file manager and all the others. the cut and paste is something that i have been waiting for. but not happened yet. a very basic function. i dont think dumbing things down is the answer. maybe make it so you can click and drag from recent. add bookmark shortcuts for folders, allow cut and paste of items and folders, make a second inventory window quicker to open and more obvious that you can even have another one. stop the inventory jumping about when people log in and out. get it working how it should before going off onto another project. in all honesty, this is probably a change that is not needed. the advanced and basic idea was such a hassle and detriment to the SL expreaince. core parts of the vewier were not accessable. the new UI is great. no more sidebar, moveable buttons, can have icons and/or text buttons. (build window still takes up too much screen revenue). make the library act more like the inventory. right click a folder and replace current outfit etc.
  19. forgot about the education and corporate signup pages. that is likely where they are coming from. thank you, my curiosity is satisfied.
  20. noticed a new resident with a surname. asked her where/how she got it, but no response. i think she was genuinly new as she was attacking and detaching a box repeatedly. definately not a display name and in the profile the name is shown as firstname.surname (and nametags show display names above account names). i tried the signup and no surnames are availible and only allows letters and numbers for the name. the resident was born on January 11, 2012 did LL turn on surnames by mistake for a short period? or was a brief test? as i know they are thinking of bringing them back. maybe was a LL employee? really nice to know why/how if possible.
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