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  1. Tried ctrl + u but I'm on a Mac so it might be something different I need to type. Although I tried basically every key +u and nothing.
  2. The script seems to be copy. It gives me an error after I delete saying I am not permitted to edit the object and then the script pops back in. Clearing cache didn't help either.
  3. I'm on mainland so I can't do much about a sim restart but I will try to clear cache and see if that helps.
  4. Upon closer inspection, I found a no mod "auto give LM" script inside the spout of the watering can, but although it says I can delete it, the script keeps appearing again in the same spot every time I delete.
  5. Well, the strange thing is that I can't edit linked prims either. There are NO permissions now. I checked my inventory and the watering can was COPY only. It was just rotten luck that it was behind the building when I was linking. There doesn't seem to be any script in there.
  6. I built a small shop structure and when I linked everything, I accidentally included a watering can that I guess was no mod. Well, now I can't mod ANYTHING at all in the entire structure or unlink. Is there anyway around this or do I have to build a duplicate store from scratch? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  7. This is something I would really like to know as well, Blot. I'm also curious if there will be any performance effect. Before, megaprims had a reputation for causing more lag. Will these larger prims affect things differently, as well?
  8. I am a creator who uses photoshop to create posters and displays. I wouldn't mind finding an easier way to isolate a subject from the background without having to do it all with a pen tool. In other words, seperate an avatar from a green background without having jagged edges or having to use the pen tool. I spend SO much time just to add a different background for a poster in PSD.
  9. Just curious... A basic search on google turned up LOADS of youtube videos on how to copybot illegally and also URLs to get it. Does LL do this easy type of search as well or do they only police things inworld? Because it seems like it would be really easy to locate these thieves by the videos and websites where they make the software available or tell you who to contact inworld to get it. Better then just chasing day alts. It's disheartening to see it so available.
  10. It's biased, but try Orquidea for some nice casual dresses that not everyone has. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tihuta/93/148/1802
  11. Thanks! I am learning so much about mainland! Does anyone know which factor makes a bigger difference in lag? Memory allocated or active scripts? I visited one sim with 2000 active scripts but only 34MB memory allocated, and another sim with 5000 active scripts but 63MB allocated.
  12. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I feel much better about taking that plunge now.
  13. So, I guess it's true that there really is no stable private sim. After 3 years, the sim I've been renting on is closing and I'm left to decide if I want to go premium and buy mainland or try my luck renting on another private estate. I really don't have the funds to buy a private sim myself, so that's out. My question is...can a small business grow into a thriving upscale brand on mainland? Isn't mainland better just for residential? Are there frequent enough sim restarts to deal with lag on the mainland? Does anyone have a particular point of view on which way is better for a long-term business? ORQUIDEA Vintage and Modern Clothing on the Marketplace. or Visit inworld :)
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