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  1. lol,I am sorry but I call BS on the whole story...processing invoices....really guys and gals ? How is that even possible... I know I am going to get hated for this post but I think that person was told a lie by a horny person with some time on their hands , there no invoices stacking up in the land rental office..... 99.9999% of rentals are handle with a rental box payment system that dose not require any one to proces paper work. So I think you got fooled by some one wanting to play "Office sex" role play and did not explain to you the truth,I use to have over 100 rentals I delt with and needed 0 help and there was 0 paper working involved my rental system could not handle.
  2. In need of a good wrighter to help compete a RP story. Will talk all details when contacted.
  3. The reality is if someone wants to get something sooner or later they will find a way . There is no fame and glory for these people , their shops do not grown nor do their names. they will not get rich off your hard work. Most come and go as the risk is high and in the end they just get finger as crappy person and poof. Sure in 2006 - 2009 I think there was a few that banked a few bucks but only caught in the end and the objects removed from the asset servers. If you worry about some one "might" steal your work and that can factor in your willing to learn....just stop now as you do not have what it takes.. You think cheaters are bad wait until you run into the gifted that can copy cat any thing they see ,have a name and go around raping others ideas with their own spin on it totally legal.
  4. ...That go BOOOOMMM!!!!
  5. For all the lovely ladies that are really men (believe it or not the population is huge in SL) learn to act like a lady if you are going to try to be one. Where are some hints that your new wife might be a man. Hint 1 - Asking for sex in the first day of meeting and chatting throws off the red flags. Hint 2 - TALKING CAPS AND ABUSIVE PROFANE LANGUAGE screams "I have a weenor". One person that kept IMing me so I add him(has to be) to my list as Idid not want to be rude and turn down their request.She / he buy things on market place,never read the notecards and just loose control then send me a link where they reviewed the product just all in caps with F this and F that ,yousuck,it sucks blah blah.Then I told him I had the same gun and sound like he did not set up the hud per notecard.We check and that was the issue,100% her /him fault and just kept the review up there and lol about it when I explained that was not very fair.This person just replied "well they will report it and have it removed". Hint 3 - Explaining to people in a IM or chat the trouble you had finding a pair of panties to wear under your clothing that no one can even see is silly and only a man would go into such details. Hint 4 - never shares facebook,use a mic or skype anything of that natures always saying "I keep sl to sl and RL to RL" Now many will go off about Hint 4 in this post ,but the fact is all the girls I met that are real,use mics,skype or at least have a facebook page they share with me.My self and low on the income maker but I even have a 8 dollar wall mart mic and use it al the time as typing it all out gets old. Hint 5 -super huge butt ,hips or chest seem to be a sign as well but I will admit I did meet a girl or she had one hell of a fake female voice lesson or software,but she did have giant prim boobs and a big old booty. Why am I posting this? not as a poke at any one enjoying sl in any form they wish ! The simple fact they out number the real girls it seems at times and I am always looking to chat and really do not care the gender and I goto many public clubs and events,I just hate it when they try so hard to convince me its so damn obvious. Any ladies out there feel free to add to this list so people can take this and use it to better enjoy their female RP and not have their internet bulge hanging out.
  6. Charlot Huet

    Voice over

    I have a product I made,I want to make instruction videos,and I did :) Have you ever heard he expression "the dirty south?" well I am the "nerdy south!" and my voice is just hard to understand and sounds really bad :( So I am looking for some one to either to the voice over to the current video or make a new one. No noobs please,you must have and own your own software and know what your doing,I am looking to pay a fair price for a real service not a person that has no idea but wants to get paid. Please contact Tinker Darkbyrd ,TammyTgurl umaga or me charlot huet via notecard with your name and price and we will go from there.I do not mind paying as long as it looks good and I am not going to hand out money in a large number with out seeing work you have done,I trust no one .
  7. /me runs his tongue over the bonded front tooth knocked out in 1989 at a bad brain show and smiles. Im so there!!!
  8. yes,look up. llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() in SL wiki. very powerful function.
  9. This limit only applies to first 30 day users,after 30 days it goes away. Games are addictive,people can loose track of the important things to learn first blinded by shopping . the first 30 days is limited (it was 30 days when I started,I duno if its still that much thought) 30 days was a little harsh..Maybe a week be better.
  10. I have never been treated bad in a RP,I follow the rules and like any RP sim that has any type of combat or quest the rules are the first thing I agree to when I start playing. I have got a little anger off people that I have beat in a combat game or 2,but nothing over the top that would have me spouting things you see on Fox news ,kind of like you are now Normally I see people who break rules,make drama or cheat tend to loose their head and start getting political pundit on it barking " corrupt fascist type regime" You a member of the tea party? Do you have any pictures of Obama with a drawn in Hitler look? I think if are taking a RP to heart like this,maybe take up SL fishing or something less combative with others . The way you speak you have had problems any where you RP. Leads one to believe..you are the problem , but who knows...maybe you are just runing into the wrong people and you not a hot head , sore looser and I am 100% wrong you can only answer that one your self... 
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