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  1. How do you pick up objects from this spot, it says that is where they are at, but you can not get to them
  2. What you are probably seeing is bots used to game the traffic metrics to move a place up in searches. Technically this is not allowed but since there is ZERO enforcement MANY sims do it anyway. Often the avatars are hidden way up in the clouds or underground but not always, some just loiter around on pose balls
  3. Why can not someone get their money in a reasonable time? Why is it always 1 week to thed day at a certain hour (around 5:30 PM EST) This is horrible rotten customer service. When LL takes money from paypal they get it instantly, when they return it it takes a effing week?
  4. On the FS beta.... it works (remote possibility it is a fluke: logged in could not see, downloaded Whirlys fex and relogged saw clothing immedietly. My experience has been failure in the high 90 percent range.. so could be a fluke) I do have to work tonight but initial conclusion is my problems are over. If there are any tests youo want me to do Monty say the word. Whirly ... thanks and like the new initial screen, seems sharper
  5. If you need/want someone to beta test it with the problem Tonya you can contact me in game, I would be happy to do so
  6. Can someone help a brother out? While it looks like progress is being made and there is something that would fix my problem, it is looking like I am going to have to wait for a viewer upgrade, however long until the next one is out.. or possibly a later one. Can someone please just tell me what to do or copy the need file and send it to me? I rent an entire estate that is a role play sim (Dark Alley) and a SL tradition with a history approaching 6 years, it is a shame that I have not been able to enjoy it, and lack the desire to even log on since the last "improvment"(In July). I know this does not entitle me to any special trearment.. but come on.. we are talking several months to someone paying over 300 USD and providing entertainment to 500 plus visitors a day with traffic around 35K sans bots and campers. I know this does not entitle me to any special treatment but even a person on a free account should be able to enjoy SL
  7. Of ffs, not trying to hijack the thread? That is all you are trying to do. Your post has NOTHING to do with the problem disscussed.
  8. I pointed Jessica Lyon from FS to this thread, they may have the resources/know how to help
  9. I would be happy to be a lab rat, just tell me what to do and I will do it
  10. I dont really think the only or best option is fixing the carriers.. that is just not likely to happen. What we know for the people with this problem is the following (these may vary a little from one to another): 1. Sl performed well before sunshine. 2. It may work again for brief periods 3. All other aspects of SL still function, most importantly downloading of other textures 4. Sunshine "broke" something for them and they do not receive the baked textures. What this seems to suggest is that it is not the texture or the connection causing the problems, it was a change in delivery introduced with sunshine. All sunshine does (correct me if I am wrong) is bake several textures and sends one, instead of sending all and having the users machine bake them. I would guess this helps performance by having the server send less information and people with older machines rez faster. What is different about the baked textures and "ordinary" textures that you can still get the latter? A texture is a texture right? Why can not the baked texture be sent like all the others?
  11. Had another brief glimpse of sunshine, before the dark clouds once again moved in. This was the second time I could "see" again. I am not sure but I think it stopped working when I clicked on someone and tried to refresh their textures, which I think happenend last time as well. Now did I refresh the textures because things stopped working, or did refreshing the textures break things? That I can not say, what it does show is that sl can work, and it is not an issue with peoples computers. I would love to see an option to just turn off SSA, or force textures to be sent -that is the problem in my opinion, the server does not send the textures (for whatever reason) it is not we can get them, can not view them, or speed (4G is faster then DSL) they are simply not sent. Once things go "bad" the server gives up it seems and no matter what happen it goes to gray again. The problem is probably more widestread then thought as well, being intermittant some may experience it far less. A friend in SE Asia says she has the same problem (do not know how she connects), she simply relogs until it goes away (3 or 4 times on average). As to seeing yourself in edit character mode something interesting is while in that mode if you add or change a tattoo layer you will continue to see yourself (everyone else stays gray). I created a tatt just for that, nothing in it, just a blank tattoo layer and it works (well on one character the head will revert to gray but the body and clothing on it remain visible)
  12. There were two days I could see as well, it is an intermittent problem but bake fail is so close to all the time you may as well say all the time. This seems to be related to the issue where if you time out during a bake you do not receive updates. Is there any progress? A work around until it is fixed? It must be a problem in the code itself, it seems to have nothing to do with the ability to see textures, they simply are not being downloaded. It may or may not be related a friend has a similar issue, she simply relogs until it works (usually 2-3 times Some suggested solutions: Make SSA default but allow client side baking to be turned on If connection times out have a forced retry Have the game engine not expect a certain file size SL works great for me without SSB, with it the game is virtually unplayable, a laggy virtual bulletin board
  13. Just adding I live in central Florida 34981
  14. I have unlimited data on a MetroPCS phone (believe they are owned by T mobile) and use a app called PdaNet to connect my desktop to the internet via a usb cable attached to the phone. The connection allows me to DJ in sl, watch streaming movies and the rest of SL rezzes quickly with no issues other then clothing/tattoo/skin layers on avatars not rezzing. All worked perfectly before SSA I tried the debug settings suggested, no change
  15. Any news on this yet? LL appears aware do not know how easy a fix it would be, seems like just a setting change, or having the server not check, or possibly being able to force a bake. There were two days when I could see again, not sure what happened, thought there had been a fix. At this point I am starting to think of inwordlz as a substitute
  16. I am connecting onthe phones 4G with PdaNet..via usb cable. Anyone else using that as well?
  17. I have the same issue but with metro pcs as the provider. The annoying thing was that before the roll out everything was great, changing, voice, streaming media. Multi tasking on the net. Since everyone is gray except prims and mesh (which rezzes instantly). Others see me fine, I see them and myself as a gray manikin
  18. I have a high traffic estate (30-50 people peak, no less then 15 non peak, Dark Alley, K9) it seems we have issues and put in a ticket and LL restarts the sim and everything is fine for a maintence or two. After which you can not tp without crashing, group chats do not open, groups do not load, trouble changing outfits, radar may or may not work, being ruthed happens more often. My guess is doing maintence they shuffle the servers and we get put on older equipment or with a lot of other high traffic sims. Is there a flag they can set so I do not have to endure this nightmate every week or two? There are over 5000 in the role play group and any little problem I get bombarded with IMs
  19. I just visited a sim that had five....**five!** It is a well known sim and while it has good traffic without them has decided to boost their numbers by parking alts around with no reason to be other then gaming traffic numbers.
  20. LL dpes not say not to report them.. I would suggest using the "Other" Listing under report abuse, several sims in competition with mine use bots to boost traffic and search, one uses at lest 5 around the clock. No harm in tipping off LL as to who the cheaters are
  21. Well upon reflection it seems that it is a bug to me as well, not just some new calculation. It seems to be affecting different sims differently and some not at all or very little (but these are rare) it seems to count 40 to 50 percent of my traffic
  22. In addition to changing the setting on the general tab of preferences and age verification you may also need to change it in search and on the marketplace if you shop there
  23. Im looking for something that explains the various tools and graphs and what is considered the norm and what is outside the accepted limits
  24. I hope so too, the product was very effective. True there was a small group of malcontents that raised bogus security and privacy issuse that told their membership how to thwart it, but the vast majority of stalkers, age players, griefers, and thieves were held at bay. What it comes down to is that there are people in this world that feel that they are entitled to other peoples hard work and money or that the rules that protect us all should not apply to them. LL needs to decide who they side with, people who pay the bills and own sims and stores and want to not have thier work stolen or their homes/sims disrupted or those that have no respect for their fellow players It is my land, I pay for it, I should be free to have whoever I want on it and not be ripped off or have my friends harrassed simply because someone logs on with a throw away alt to steal or grief
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