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  1. I have heard of the avatar spike issue with rigged mesh clothing before, at least for some people disabling Hardware Skinning seems to fix that. In Firestorm the checkbox is in Preferences->Graphics. If you are running the official Linden viewer I'm not sure where it is, if not there it may be in the Advanced menu somewhere. If that doesn't work try unchecking "Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects" in the Graphics Hardware Settings. Usually the Vertex Buffer Objects fix is only applicable to non nVidia cards so I would try disabling hardware skinning first to see if it helps.
  2. The thread I read was only referring to someone from Europe, but I have not read every thread or every response here so it is certainly possible it is affecting others too, I didn't mean to imply it was Europe only necessarily.
  3. You don't have to sign up for anything to just play the games, you only need to do that if you are a game creator or wish to run a gaming establishment. As long as you are not in one of the US States that are specifically banned I think you should be able to visit the regions as long as you match the other criteria (I think payment info. on file is required for instance). Have you tried to visit one of the listed regions from the link I posted above? I have read another thread where some people from Europe were being blocked from gaming regions even though the rules don't seem to indicate they should be, if you are being blocked from entering the regions that may be your problem. Perhaps an email to LL tech support would be in order.
  4. No Devil is on Linden Lab's official list of approved games according to their wiki that also provides a list of approved gaming regions, here is the link... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_Approved_Participants
  5. You might want to consider searching for Builders Brewery and visiting their sims, they have lots of great resources for builders and a very active group you can join to ask questions.
  6. I have had this issue with my Marketplace listings too. I am not on SL now but if I recall correctly items that are modifible will show as "no modify" in your inventory when they are not rezzed if they contain any no-mod component, like a script or animation. I think this understandably confuses buyers, especially if they are new to SL.
  7. You probably would have been better off starting a new thread about this. If you are missing Lindens someone may have hacked your account. If your password still works I recommend logging into your account at www.secondlife.com and change your password. Then you can click on Account->Transaction History. You should then be able to see just who your Lindens went to as long as it was within the last 30 days. If it was illegitiate I would immediately AR that person and contact support.
  8. I run 64-bit Gentoo linux and by far my best experience has been with the Kokua 64-bit build. Pretty much all of the 32-bit viewers I have tried run ok but crash immediately when I take a snapshot to disk or try to upload an image or mesh model. Singularity also works pretty well for me.
  9. Just an update to say that this seems to be working. My friend tells me that all of the shader options are now available and checked. Thanks again for your help.
  10. I did not know about that viewer, thank you so much! She is going to give it a try in a bit.
  11. I'm posting for a friend who just purchased a new computer for SL (becuase English is a 2nd language for her), here are the basic specs... CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz (2394.45 MHz) Memory: 8073 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Build 9200) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8850M For some reason she is unable to enable basic shaders. She has set the graphics to Ultra but under the Shaders checkboxes only Transparent Water, Bump mapping and shiny and Local Lights can be checked, all other shader tick boxes plus Shadows and Water Reflections are grayed out. Does anyone have sl working with an HD 8850M? It seems to easily meet the minimum requirements. A Dell technician supposedly installed updated drivers for the video card today so they should be up to date. I'd appreciate any ideas that might help get her graphics working properly. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello. Once you are through editing it simply take it into inventory, then right click on it and attach it to an available body part. Once there you can "edit" it and position it properly, just as you would after attaching prim hair, etc. Once you attach it to a body part and adjust it in the future you can simply "wear" it and it will go to the appropriate place.
  13. Well, I have never really "whined" about the ads but I guess I will just a little bit now as I do find them to sometimes be intrusive. I think it is perfectly legitimate for ads to be displayed for non-premium "free" accounts, but I do think that paying "premium" customers should not be subjected to them however.
  14. If it was in an IM it definitely came from them, if it was in local chat it could have been a scripted object that had the same name as the person. How that would appear will vary from client to client though. In my client text typed by an avatar shows up as white while text from a scripted object is a sort of pinkish purple color. I am not saying that is what happened to you, just letting you and others know that it can happen.
  15. I agree with the others, this was most likely some avatar or even a scripted object someone was having some fun with. Do you know if the text came from an avatar or an object? If it was an object then it may well be that the person you blocked was not really the culprit.
  16. This link should have the information you need, at least if you use the official client. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid
  17. There are free options out there to convert png's to jpeg's if you really need to. As has been said earlier this has nothing to do with how your computer is configured, it is how the images were loaded onto the website by the site's developer. PNG files are being chosen over JPEGs more and more. PNGs use lossless compression so can be edited over and over without the loss of quality that comes from doing that with JPEGs, however the PNG files usually don't compress as much so will typically be a little larger and a little slower to load.
  18. I have not tested this for a while but I also think that friends that have hidden their online status do not show up as online on the Dashboard either. Checking a group to see if someone is online or to check the last time they logged on seems the most accurate way to know for sure.
  19. Just a clarification, I am actually a Mister.:-) I agree it will be interesting to see how many more people have experienced this.
  20. Wow, so you were even seeing people online in-world that were actually not? I can certainly understand how that would be upsetting, and why you felt you had to remove them from your friend's list. I guess I'm lucky this has only happened to me once (as far as I know anyway).
  21. I had something very strange happen this morning. I logged on to my Dashboard and immediately noticed that a friend of mine, that I had not seen since August of 2011 was online! It is one of those old stories that happens all too often in sl, she was a very very close friend of mine who had simply disappeard with no trace. So, of course I was excited to log on and see her, only when I did log on, she was gone. I assumed she must have just logged off and I just missed her but just to be sure I checked a group that we are both in and according to that she has still not logged on since August of 2011. Has anyone else noticed friends online that really aren't? It is a little upsetting, I have a few people on my friendslist still that I know have died in real life, I really don't want to see any of them coming online.
  22. The Linden's do not officially support 64-bit Linux, some people seem to have better luck than others running the official 32-bit binaries, for example running under 64-bit Gentoo Linux I don't have a problem with voice using LL's viewer but I am unable to save snapshots or upload anything without crashing instantly. I have had the best luck with Kokua which is available for 64-bit Linux, recently an optimized version was released that is a lot faster than previous releases. Singularity works well for me too but I like the Kokua interface better which is very similar to LL's viewer in my experience.
  23. That most likely means that the creator used the same attachment point for both parts of the bikini, this is probably not a good idea on the creator's part, however the recommendation I gave you in my previous post, using "add" instead of "wear" should allow you to wear your bikini properly even if the top and bottom are both attaching to the same point. If you need to wear multiple alpha layers you will pretty much always need to use the add option as they almost all get attached to the same attachment point (at least in my experience).
  24. You are probably trying to attach more than one object to the same attachment point, this is especially common with alpha layers. Instead of "wearing" the attachments, try using the "add" option instead, that should hopefully work for you.
  25. solstyse wrote: Saying that anybody owes anything to LL is like saying that someone who enjoys art owes the manufacturer of the paint and canvas. LL gave us the grid, but it's the sim owners and the staff they choose that make it an experience. And by supporting the artist (sim owners and content creators, in this case), you do, in fact support the manufacturer. Because an artist that can afford to will buy more paint and canvas. That was very well put, thank you for sharing your insight.
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