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  1. My avatar doesn't have any mesh clothing. It's a default avatar from the time when display names first happened.
  2. Here's hoping SL 2 is based on something other than OpenGL, as clearly LL can't or won't get it working. Until then, any hopes of re-exploring SL are dead.
  3. I've gone back to fondly remembering when SL worked and people were actually using it to socialize. I'll try it again in a year or so, but it appears to me that LL no longer has the expertise to fix this.
  4. The volume of discussion here is way down from when SL was more popular. The old General forum used to get a page and a half worth of updated threads in the time I spent at work. I doubt there are that many non-advertising threads updated on the whole site these days. If it's just chat you're looking for, this particular forum has another problem for you: the people still interested in SL are generally not very outgoing.
  5. Sounds like the OP wants to be a proxie. You'd give him L$ and RL info, he'd buy RL things in L$ on your behalf, to be delivered IRL. It'd be a way to cash out L$ (in exchange for tangible goods) without going through one of the approved exchanges, so LL would probably make a TOS rule against it, if there isn't already a rule against it.
  6. Thanks, Qie, for that thorough description. When you have tree detail set to max, that LOD setting is 1.0 (from a default of 0.5). A setting of 2.0 gives me what I'm looking for. It's not so much a matter of me choosing plants as it is trying to get the plants other people have chosen to look their best for me. There are a lot of Linden plants in the world.
  7. I'm not sure if this is object barf or terrain barf.
  8. Avatars aren't the only thing that turn to jagged barf.
  9. Here's something else that might be relavant. When I installed my new card my computer wouldn't boot. I had to update BIOS. If I determine that the crashing problem has gone away (it's too soon to tell) I may put the old card back in and see if it's more stable with the updated BIOS. I don't have high hopes for that, though, as that card was of the same era as the motherboard. They're both about two years old, if I recall. The motherboard is an Intel DH77EB, Ivy Bridge. The original BIOS was a 2012 version, and the new one is 2013.
  10. Nisa Maverick wrote: May I ask a question on the crashing issue with OpenGL Driver issue. Is your Nvidia Card Overclocked? I believe so. The Nvidia spec for my GTX 650 says its core clock is 1058 MHz, while the one I have (Zotac ZT-61001) is clocked at 1071. A very modest overclock. When I bought my 750 ti I looked specifically for one that isn't overclocked, and in fact I paid the same price for my non-overclocked one as the overclocked model. I bought an EVGA this time, and they sell both, and they look almost identical. I have about two hours in-world on the new card and it isn't cr
  11. Is it possible the first time you visited you were using integrated graphics and the second time you were using the discrete card? Is that something you can switch? The problem you are describing sounds like your card isn't in the GPU table. You may have to add it. People were reporting this problem with the 870 in April, though, so you'd think it'd be in there by now. Have you updated your viewer recently? Here's a relavant thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Second-Life-Tech/nVidia-GTX-870m-issues/td-p/2599172
  12. Despite having most of my graphics settings maxxed out, including trees, this is how close I can get to a Linden tree before it will draw fully. I know they've always been reluctant to draw, but have they always been this reluctant?
  13. New video card GTX 750 ti. Didn't crash in an hour online tonight, which isn't unheard of so it doesn't mean my crashing problem is resolved, but it is promising. My avatar did do this three times, though:
  14. New graphics card. GTX 750 ti. I was just online for an hour without crashing. That's not unheard of, so it's not conclusive, but it is promising. On the other hand, my avatar did turn to jagged barf, twice. ETA I've been online for several hours today without any crashes. I'm almost prepared to say a new video card fixed that problem. It has been suggested that overclocked cards are more prone to this crash, and the one I just bought was selected specifically for being not overclocked. But my avatar, and other avatars, and objects, and perhaps even the terrain, keep turning to jagged barf.
  15. Kelli May wrote: Like any documentary, it chooses the eccentric edge-cases as its subjects. So as a representation of the usual business of SL, it fails spectacularly. It isn't about SL, it's about online addiction. SL is just the vehicle. So, of course they chose eccentric edge-cases. Also, the number of eccentric edge-cases make them not so edge-case. Witness, here and SLU. Compared to the total number of people who tried SL, their numbers may be low, but gathered in one (or two) places, you find there are quite a few people who take their SL persona very seriously. Moreso on SLU than
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