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  1. I'm in SL for 12 years and the whole thing leaves me speechless. We got promised a shift from land tier to MP provisions, now we get a raise in MP provisions (after a raise in payout provisions earlier this year) and no word about a decrease in land tier. And that with a comparison to large app shops or other worlds that have higher fees, just that one gets a complete sim there for free. I would be happy to pay 30% MP fee if I would get a sim for free in my premium membership. Land prices and lag are the huge problems in SL in my eyes. If more people owned land, more would need to buy things on MP and thus would probably overcompensate a higher fee. And why limit the name change to premium members? You could have taken x dollar for a name change from anyone who wants it and could have offered a free change as goodie for someone who subs for a year. Instead we get a premium plus membership. Will that include 4k sqm premium land at least? Please scrap the pointless Sansar (I have tested it a lot and besides it having nice graphics its not usable so far) and invest the money into SL. With all the money burnt, you could have rewritten whole SL.
  2. Last week I woke up with the notification that our main shop parcel got overflowed with prims and parts got returned. So I ran there, suspected a griefer attack, instead my store was ruined and half returned. Building parts had jumped up from 60 LI to over 200+, store models from 10-20 LI to over 60, even chairs had 2-3 times of the Land Impact. And then came the best, I rerezzed them and couldn't walk inside anymore, the physics was not working anymore. We got help with a ticket and a reroll, but the next days, I got customer complaints why my things wouldn't work anymore and the physics wrecked up. This was not a single incident, I know of several sims where it happened and some had even a lot more damage. We were lucky that we could restore things. I understand that mistakes happen, we are all human. But what upsets me enormously is that the Lab doesn't even bother to write a line what happened and send an apology. We are paying about 200 US$ land tier per month, plus several premium tiers and hear nothing. When Activision/Blizzard wrecks something up, they give their customers a free day of playing when they pay 13 $ per month, we pay 200 $ and get not even a word. Maybe the Lab has dropped Second Life and is all focused on Sansar now, but by ruining the reputation in such a way, you won't have much success with a new product.
  3. I have most of those bugs myself for a while now as well. Sometimes it works again, then it stops and I get more and more annoyed about that. I have created a lot of mesh things in the meantime and I simply can't afford to test them on Agni. Though out of frustration about not working Aditi I uploaded a lot on Agni and tested there, but that is an expensive "fun". It might be that Aditi is a test grid for Linden, but if they wish us to create mesh (I mean we create the world), they shall give us an option to upload temporary test meshes on Agni for free.
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