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  1. I made a vlog about jobs and making L$ in SL. Hope it is allowed here:
  2. Thanks for this I will look into it ❤️
  3. NICE! This is actually pretty cool. Used to, when we had last names and not "Resident", I would look for other Sorrowsongs. I didn't meet many. This is pretty darn cool
  4. I might just be noob about it but I've recently come back to SL and been looking into stuff. Mesh is great so far. There is one thing I don't quite get and maybe it's just lack of content on the internet or YouTube. In the Real World, a clothing designer uses a dress form to create clothing designs. In SL, there are several different "forms". Slink, Bento, Maitreya, Isis, Freya, Hourglass, etc. I have noticed that when you buy an outfit in game, it has a whole collection of different body styles and you chose the one for the mesh body you have. That makes perfect sense but here's my question: If you are a designer and you want to make clothes for, let's say Maitreya for example, do the designers of those bodies have available "basic forms" for you to import into Blender or Zbrush so you can design your fashion creations to fit those bodies or is there some "shortcut" to getting the correct measurements and making your own dress for to do so? I can understand if Slink, Catwa, Bento, Maitreya, or others don't want to give out or sell their basic shapes to protect their products from snipers but I just can't figure out how you could make clothes that fit a body form if you don't have a proper reference. I promise I'm not being a dork. Please don't flame me because I'm naive.
  5. I have found that by doing some research on here, YouTube, and Google for SL Vlogs, BoM is already a done deal ... at least on the user end. I have found that someone made a BoM Applier over a year ago that is still on the marketplace and another user has a full mesh avatar that is BoM without an applier. The problem isn't making BoM in SL. The problem is SEEING IT. To put a finer point on it, it's not us, it's them. We HAVE BoM RIGHT NOW, but unless you have a copy of the BETA viewer, you can't see it. Like a few years ago when mesh was first introduced, if you didn't have a viewer that could view mesh, all you saw were avatars that were invisible with little black boxes floating over them, or other messes instead of people.Same thing here. We the users have already made BoM available with working applier and even BoM products ready to roll out but we're waiting for a viewer to see it. Side note, I hope it comes out very soon because #1, this has been in development for over a year and we've already made working BoM products in that year's time and #2 there are lots of clothing, skins, etc. stores that are dying because they can't make mesh clothes. BoM will not only revive them, but help them thrive once again. And #3 (and I have to throw this out there) mesh clothes are EXPENSIVE. You could buy layer clothes for like L$25 or even whole outfits and skins for L$100 or less. Now we have L$50 Fridays and Saturday sale events with 50-75L$ for outfits and clothing that costs well over L$200 normally. What is this? Virtual Gap? Neiman Marcus? Gucci?
  6. Oh that is too funny and sadly true. I've been to lots of "lesbian" clubs. Once, I was at one that a friend of mine owned and one of the girls complained about me being there. The owner said (all of this in local chat btw) "Lucita is a female avatar." The girl said "but her profile says she's a guy in real life so she's a guy." The owner said "but her avi is female so that makes her a woman in SL." Needless to say, the girl kept trying to "expose" me and embarrass me and ended up getting kicked out herself. I apologized for all the drama and asked if they wanted me to leave and all the rest of the girls replied with an enthusiastic "hell no! You are awesome! You are always welcome here! Forget about that close-minded B and enjoy yourself."
  7. I play a woman on SL because I have G.I.D. and it is my chance to explore what it is like to be a woman even if it is virtual. I use a voice changer to completely feminize my voice (I actually only have to change the pitch by two octaves because I have a high feminine voice anyways). I used to DJ and people LOVED my voice (even though it was slightly enhanced) and made tons of friends. It is on my profile that I am not a woman in RL and yet, there were still some people (men mostly) who had a problem with me being a guy in real life. One guy was giving me grief at a club and trying to embarrass me and I told him "who cares, it's a video game" to which the dope replied "nu uh, this is for real." I said "If this is for real, then why am I looking at a pixel avatar in third person point of view surrounded by vampires, neko, and Furries on a star wars-like space station?" Another time, I was trying to be in an adult magazine in SL and they wanted to voice verify me. I was like "You're just taking nude photos of my avatar and I don't actually speak to anyone so why do I need to be a real woman for this?" The manager was understanding but her male partner was not and he tried to give me the old "some guys don't care but some guys do so we make sure they know all our models are women in real life." I told him "Oh, so because some low self esteem, psudo-homophobic loser can't go out in the real world and get a real woman and has to try and be a studmuffin in a video game and can't handle how I play SL, I have to be discriminated against?" Good news, I was featured in the magazine.
  8. Let's put it this way: There's tons of stuff YOU can do for free, but it's at the cost of someone else. You can slap Midnight Madness boards or go to Lucky chairs, but someone had to pay the bucks for the L$ to put that store there, You can sight see (if you don't crash 20 times trying to teleport or spend 30 minutes rezzing cause the place is crowded), and again, someone had to pay the big bucks to have that land to build on, not to meantion they spent L$10 for every texture uploaded for every building, clothing item, skin, etc. That is, unless they BOUGHT items to put on their little spot of land and that would be more than $L10 most of the time. The average price for renting a parcel of virtual turf is around L$1800 a week for like a quarter sim. Just so you know, Premium Members who actually bought land spent $1000 (real money) to get it and pay an additional $215 (again, real money) a month to keep it. So go out and enjoy what you can, but be aware that everything has a price in Second Life. That "fun and awesome club" you visited and liked dancing at might not be there tomorrow because the owners couldn't afford to shell out the L$ themselves and no one donated to them to keep the place running and no one tipped the DJs so they all quit. All the haters can scream and flame me all they want, but it's the truth. There are fun and free things to do in Second Life, but they cost someone a pretty penny and unless they get some of those pennies back, the free fun stuff will go bankrupt and close down.
  9. This Famous TV clip should explain how easy it is to make L$ in SL: Hope you learn something:
  10. I once owned a parcel on a friend's land and that friend's land was deleted (meaning the sim is gone). I can't abandon the land because it is no longer there. How can I abandon the land? The problem is I want to downgrade my account from Premium to Basic and I can't because it says that I own this parcel on a sim that LL has deleted over 7 months ago. I can't teleport to that parcel because the land no longer exists. How can I abandon land that LL records show I own that no longer exists?
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