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  1. I found second life because of a show called Gossip Girl, I rezzed in into the Gossip Girl sim was meet with a moderator and they taught me how to move around and the rest is history. I was walking around that sim for a month before I adventured out into the world of second life. Being a resident has been awesome I meet my boyfriend in second life and we are now living together in RL.
  2. Ever since the rolling restart I've been having issues with my IMS inworld. Like my ims are set to a specific location on my computer to log the ims but when I open an im to a person on my friend's list it's blank, there's no history there's no past converstaions nothing. I have tried everything, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling (on singularity) and I've cleared my cache and I've change the paths and rechange them and nothing. I've even rebooted my computer and again nothing. What the heck is going on? I seriously need help, thanks!
  3. I am seeking a well paying job as a CSR or blogging manager. I have experience in RL as a customer service rep. especially during those crazy holiday weeks. I have several SL experiences Greed or No Greed HostBrief job at a Maternity ClinicStore ModelHostess at clubsDancer (exotic, stripper, etc.)I speak english and I do voice chat. I'm available every day but mostly Wednesdays. I'm great with handling upset customers and making sure they get all there questions answered. I'm a hard worker and I am willing to learn new things. I'm funny, friendly, and fun-loving to everyone I meet. I'm al
  4. This sounds like fun but what are the hours you're looking for and does it pay or do the servers work on tips?
  5. That's a good picture, I'd love to know where that house is from I like it a lot. let me know in world.
  6. I'd would totally like to apply for this job however with my RL work schedule I don't think I'd be able to make the 10 hour minimum but I am really considering this position.
  7. I kind of want to rp at a boarding school but not Hogwarts I already rp there...hehe! I mean like a boarding school with the plaid skirts and ties the whole shot, if anyone knows of an rp that'll be great. Also if someone knows if there's another Twilight rp then let me know to.
  8. Hi I just recently got a new computer (yay) and I'm currently looking for work after being gone from SL for about 8 months. I have experience in many different fields, they include... Host : I've been a host for many clubs Escort: I have not been an escort for too long but I'm on for Moulin Rogue (I think I am still) Stripper: I've been a strpper for many clubs but I do not wish to be one anymore. Model: I've been a print model, runway model, and a store model Manager: I am or was a manager for Nzuri and I'd like to be a store manager again. Nurse: I've been a nurse for a baby clinic that has
  9. Do you have to be a male to apply because it seems like you only want males to apply. If not then I'll surely apply I have a mic. But I'm not able to come on until nighttime. I have an RL temp job right now.
  10. Hello JaYRa79 I am replying to your Personal Assistant post, I'm female, very organized, speak and write in english, and I have skype. I'm a manager for a store right now so I have many responsibilities for that, and I have hosted at many clubs so I must be organized for that. I just recently got a new computer so I am able to be on almost everyday I do have an rl job right now but it's a temp job and I don't know if they will be keeping me so until I know I am available at night and sometimes during the day. I don't work [in rl] until next week Monday so until then I can be on at anytime. I
  11. I do own a few mesh peices, I have a mesh avi which I love because it's super freaking awesome. I do own some mesh dresses from [glow] studio and R.icielli. I find that the mesh from glow works better on my avie than R.icielli as I bought a skirt that was on sale at The Dressing Room and the alpha layer showed too much. No matter the size it just did not work so well. I've had to adjust my shape to fit the items I do have, but I just bought a mesh shirt and I was pleasently suprised that I didn't have to change my shape for it as it came with a bigger boobs option. That's a reason for some of
  12. Hi Chance, I actually don't accessorize that much, I guess it depends on my oufit or what look I'm going for. I mostly accessorize whenever I am writing a blog post. On a day-to-day level I keep whatever accessories to a minumum, maybe just a necklace and a bracelet. I don't wear too many earrings mostly because A. my hair covers me ears B. the outfit doesn't call for it or C. I'm wearing my elf ears But I like you like to get some of my jewelry from Eartstones though I can't afford them I do own a few peices from them. I don't wear scarves and I do own some hair accessories as well as some b
  13. Leyna I am live model for a store, we are not allowed to go afk because there's like this math equation that pops up that lets the clock in machine know if were still there or not. I greet the customers, tell them what's new, tell them if their letter is on our lucky board, and I do talk to them in local. I do talk to my fellow models in local. We joke we have fun but we actually don't stand on pose stands we just kind of stand around. I do help customers to I get a lot of them iming asking me questions on the store or products. Though I did find out that today the store is dropping us live
  14. Jeremy reread that paragraph, if you read closely I said: I am a host as well but I don't make a lot with hosting.
  15. I'd like to be an escort to so contact my ASAP!
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