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  1. Got it! Thank you for responding, I will strip back and start it all over.
  2. Hello hope everyone is doing well. I tried to make it as clear as possible on the pictures below. I am wearing a Catwa Head and the BOM is activated. I have put a BOM Hairbase on and added hair which is that kind of Flexi hair that moves a lot. What I cannot understand is why my head side of my face down to my chin is framed by a persistent white line that look like marching ants. Is it my viewer? am I doing something wrong? Advice and help would be gratefully received.
  3. Got you, guess I will be busy tomorrow. Thank you for the clarification
  4. Keyword spam? Wow ok this I did not know, thank you I will try and keep my keywords more relevant as advised previously. But to be clear if the item is called earrings I should not put the word earrings in the key search to avoid it been seen as keyword spam?
  5. Excellent, that is very clear and very helpful, thank you for reposting😊
  6. Thank you for responding, from what I have learnt so far when you sell no copy items they go into a third folder, the stock folder, so you can store a few of them at a time then when one is sold it is replaced by another, this way you do not have to upload them one by one.
  7. Thank you for asking the question, I certainly would be interested in the confirmation although I have changed everything to the Gacha’s category now.😂 Still better I get it right from now, than much later down the road.
  8. Hmm ok I did not think of that, I thought having the word gift in my store name would justify me putting gift in the search. I will take those words out in case I get reported again for misleading. Thank you and everyone who have responded, I did not realise I there was so much to keep in mind.
  9. Hi I would be so grateful if anyone has advice or a solution to the following problem. My friend has just opened her marketplace store, she packaged her product made sure the properties read modify and transfer only for her and next owner, pulled it from her inventory dropped it into Marketplace listing, it appeared under the unassociated tab, however it only gave her two folders the main and version, it would not give her a stock folder. She sent me the package I checked the permissions and dropped it into my marketplace listings and I got all three folders (Main, Version and Stock). Here
  10. Wow did not even think of that, sighs something else to add to my check list. Thank you for that advise
  11. Understood. Thank you for responding, I am beginning the change now.
  12. Aww thank you for taking the time to respond. I thought as well so long as I made it clear I was not the creator and I was selling say a couch I would be able to use that category, but to be on the safe side I am now putting all my items under Gachas and just made sure I put the key words in so they may still come up in a search. As well as making sure I have the maturity level correct. Ah well it's all a learning curve
  13. Hmm Again I just stuck to the general and moderate, but I will make sure I check properly In future. I appreciate you taking time to respond and for the advice
  14. ohh I did not check I generally look at the object and type a few categories that I think it may come under. I will be more careful next time. Thank you for responding and for the advice.
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