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  1. Try taking off all scripted attachments, also clear your cache (Preferences - Network Tab - Clear cache) and relog. Cobra
  2. Are you digging for old, answered posts to bring them up again in order to answer as many already answered posts as possible?
  3. You can upload BMP, JPG, TGA and PNG images. JPG-format is not recommended fpr sculpties since it does not use a lossless compression algorithm. TGA and BMP are lossless. TGA and PNG may contain alpha channels - transparency/partial transparency Hope this helps.
  4. The Second Life Wiki contains an awesome collection of info on sculpties, caveats and resource on tools. Please check out the following pages: General Info: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpties 3D Software Guide for Sculpties: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_3d_Software_Guide Sculptie FAQ: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_Creator%27s_Guide Hope this helps, Cobra
  5. The texture UUID is static and does not change. Cobra
  6. Oh you mean we have to wait for the LL moles from the building department to wake up before our SL planet goes boooom? Hopefully Lindes have red the book.
  7. Yes, amazing, isn't it? But what is an answer worth if it does not fit to the question you asked/info you submitted? It's like the answer: "42" ... you gotta research a LOOOONG time for the question and in the end they blow up your planet ... Cobra
  8. Yes, but if you submit a support ticket giving them hints about what you noticed, they send you an answer to that ticket which has nothing to do with it.
  9. I share your concerns and the answer from support wasn't very helpful because they didn't even understand the question/info and replied that the issue has been resolved (I should check the grid status page - which states to provide them any possibly helpful info). Support Rating: Question/Info understood: No Useful answer provided: No Have red their on Grid Status Page: No If IMs are stored beyond what is neccessary to deliver them, LL is breaking their own TOS and violating a lot of laws all over the world. From my current understanding the IMs are deliveries of IMs which were stuck or delivered but still stuck in some kind of storage. It would be very helpful if a Linden (who also read here) would explain what happened and with that remove the concerns many have. This issue is a trust breaker if no one states what has really happened and the rumors will probably destroy the tiny rest of faith residents have left lately. Cobra
  10. SL is like windows: reboot to have it work for some minutes properly (more or less)
  11. Hello Huntr, If you need the UUID of a texture right click the texture in your inventory and from the popup menu select "Copy assert UUID". You can paste it then (Ctrl-V) to the notecard as required. If you need the UUID of an object the object has to post it to the chat window via a script. If it's required by your system, it should have a documented way to do that by itself or you need to add a small script to retrieve the UUID/key of the object. Go to the object's contents and click "New Script" ... edit the default script by replacing the code in state_entry() by state_entry() { llSay(0,"My UUID/key is " + (string)llGetKey()); } Save the script and it will tell you the object's unique key (UUID) Hope this helps, Cobra
  12. Hello Gypsiwynd, ask them to goto "About Land", Media tab and select "Restrict Voice to this parcel" at the bottom of the page. For details and a graphical view of this dialog, please see the wiki here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/About_Land Hope this helps, Cobra
  13. Hello Technus, "will not work" means they can not TP to the sim via the Landmark or "will not work" means they do not reach the skybox via the LM but are placed at a different location? If the second is the case, I suspect there is a Landingpoint set on the parcel which rerouted them to a certain location. Please, check the settings in "About Land ..." - "Options" at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps, Cobra
  14. Hello Bac, you may want to have a look at the following Thread (https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/36052). Also make sure you are using the latest windows 7 graphic drivers from your graphic card manufacturer or ATI (http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx) directly. Hope this helps, Cobra
  15. Hello Naerose, every avatar has a unique key - the mentioned UUID (short for Universally Unique Identifier, for more info see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UUID). This UUID is per avatar and as the name says unique. It's build of hexadecmal numbers (0..9,a..f) - 16 letters which represend the values 0..15. Those letters sometimes, randomly form words like "dead", "cafebabe", "ba11ade" or "facade" and other astonishing combinations. I'd say: coincidence?: yes, scary?: sometimes, mysterious: no Cobra
  16. When having login trouble it's usually a good idea to check the Second Life status page (http://status.secondlifegrid.net/) at first to see if the grid is eventually having issues. Your login problems were probably related to this: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2009/11/07/post793/. Cobra
  17. My 2 cents: The term "Hi Res textures" as quality criteria used for advertisement isn't really good (at least not for those who know the side effects) ... I'd rather prefer the terms "optimized" / "optimal or smart use" :-) Cobra
  18. Hello Mythiphi, actually it's not about avoiding 1024x1204 textures complettely. A texture has to have an appropriate size for the purpose it serves. Small things: small textures, bigger things, with few details: small textures, big things which need lots of details: higher resolution. It simply depends what you want to achive with the texture: a 32x32 can sometimes be more efficient than a 512x512 texture. Even 128x512 has it usage(s). But you are correct in regards to big textures: they need higher bandwidth to be transferred from the server to the client, more CPU power on the sim and also a lot more CPU/memory transfer/GPU power than smaller textures. And that won't problably change in the near (and far) future: More pixel, more data, more work for the involved hardware & software Cobra
  19. You did nothing wrong. It's a current bug that sometimes when an avatar crashes the sim does not log them out properly. Sometimes certain tricks help (see the mentioned threads) in some cases on y a restart of the sims helps. A restart can only be done by the Estate owner or Second Life Support. For that you need to file a support ticket as mentioned above. Cobra
  20. If nothing of the mentioned things helps, you will need to file a support ticket and tell them your avatar is ghosted (good if you could also tell them on which sim). Goto http://secondlife.com/support and file a support ticket as suggested in the other thread. Cobra
  21. That sounds like your avatar is "ghosted". Means, it it stuck on a sim and not properly logged out by the system. Please see the following threads on what you can do: Cobra
  22. Das ist ein bekanntes Problem und häufig ist die Ursache, dass Dein Avatar noch halb irgendwo in einer Sim steckt (Ghosted Avatar). Um den Zustand zu beenden muß die Sim inder Du steckst neu gestartet werden. Wenn es eine private Sim, ist dann muss der Eigentümer sie neu starten, damit Dein Avatar korrekt ausgeloggt wird; ist es eine Mainland Sim, dann hilft nur ein Ticket via http://support.secondlife.com an LindenLab. Lass sie wissen wo Du vermutlich feststeckst und bitte sie um einen Restart der Sim wegen einem "Ghosted Avatar" Viel Erfolg, Cobra
  23. "Timed Bans" can be done by script only - some scripted security devices add temporary (timed) bans to the access list in the "About Land" dialog or can be instructed to to that.
  24. Unfortunately yes ... only way around that is to use chat or menu based commands to configure it or a 2nd object which transfers the data via say/listen to your object. If your object requires a notecard to be configured you need to allow to modify the container object.
  25. The problem is that your object is no modify. The notecard may be mod/copy/trans but the "no modify" setting of your object prevents that the next owner can edit the notecard. The object as container of the notecard superseeds the permission of the notecard in such a case. Set the object to "modify for next owner" and they will be able to edit the notecard. Cobra
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