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  1. I want to know HOW LL plans to PROTECT CONTENT CREATORS if PRIMS Can be made under DISPLAY NAMES ?? I want to know HOW LL Plans to PROTECT US FROM FRAUDELENT USE OF OUR NAMES ??? ARE you giving open license to those who use copybotting and other fraudelent means to steal from residents and business ????
  2. Heh, I suppose the answer is nothing has changed and although the uses are for large builds. 1024 plants will make someo awesome 20x20 daffodils & rose bushes, but I will still be altering them to 512s for my use and paying 2x for them
  3. Yes I own a few of your texture sets , and I do appreciate/prefer the choices. I was purchasing a bunch of plant textures recently. Plants that were not intended for mega's either.. flowers, shrubs etc. Now, Flowers are small and generally people decorate their sims with alot of small plants... so it baffles me why people even consider loading a batch at 1024 when it really serves no purpose other than to make it *sound* bette. In fact they are selling their customers textures that will put a strain on their system and could explain why their own sims are lag fests. I suppose I am making a plea to those texture makers to offer other reasonable sizes. It also explains why many of the sims that sell items made with these textures take an incredible time to res and are laggy as heck.
  4. Ok that makes sense for large items. I suppose I am frustrated with those uploading them for uses in furniture and small plants and advertising them as Hi Res, when really, it serves no purpose at that particular size. It just "sounds" good but in fact would make a lot more lag for their customers.
  5. I was taught early on to avoid 1024x1024 textures as while it is a higher resolution, they produce significant Lag client side " because larger ones consume more memory and take substantially longer to load " (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits).  Thus people entering an area with a high amount of high rez textures on plants and architecture, will find it significantly more laggy. I would think land owners would be consicous of this especially this time of year with adding a ton of extra scripts and items to their sims to decorate for the holidays. As we enter the holiday seasons, and we all tend to get "happy" decorating. I was wondering if something had changed as I am seeing more and more textures advertised as HIGH RES 1024. Generally I find myself exporting these textures and dropping them back to 512x512 which of course usually doubles the cost of what I intitially paid for them. Once I switch them my customers and I generally notice little difference in quality but, I had hoped to save them on the additional lag as I am also conscious of script times for items I produce. Am I just wasting money and time, or has there been some changes I am not aware of ?
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