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  1. Thanks to all of you who replied in an attempt to help me figure out this mess. I actually got the answer to my problem inworld from another resident (WikkedBytch Whitfield). She asked whether or not I had clicked "Allow Direct Transport" in the Region/Estate settings. It turns out that I had not. I did that and now others have no problems teleporting anywhere on the SIM. Amazing how sometimes, there is a simple answer to the question... Thanks again to everyone who helped. Technus Grayman
  2. Hi Niall. Thanks for your information. This is useful to know but it still does not quite answer my predicament. I'm glad to know that the Landing Point only applies to people who are coming to the sim from other places. I am glad to know that even with a Landing Point set, folks should be able to TP elsewhere in the sim without a problem. Unfortunately, right now they ARE having a problem (at least prior to my setting a Landing Point). When they get online later, I will ask them to test the system again. As it was last night, they could not TP elsewhere in the sim from a Landmark. I could send them a tp, but I want folks to be able to get to our skybox even if I am not there.... So I am still seeking answers. I appreciate the help each of you have been so far. I eagerly await the next answer. Technus Grayman
  3. Cobra, thank you for your response. I didn't think about how specific I needed to be.Your response helped me to realize that. When I wrote that it would not work what happens is that their avatar fails to leave the place from which they started. They are unable to get to the destination on the sim at all. And this doesn't seem to matter whether they attempt it from elsewhere on the sim, or from an entirely different sim. I have tried setting a landing point in the skybox but have not yet been able to have anyone else test it to see if that helps them to get there. Of course then, if we want them to come to meet us elsewhere in the sim, we are in trouble! lol What really has me baffled is that I have no problem doing a tp elsewhere on the sim at al but everyone else seems to have a problem. Is it possibly related to our being on an open or homestead sim that is independent from any other sim? And no matter the cause, we still need to figure out how to get around it. Thanks again for your answer Cobra. Technus Grayman
  4. Our group owns a freestanding open sim. I was the purchaser of record. I created a landmark to a skybox I created. It works fine for me. It will not work for a friend, or for my wife who is part of our group. My wife created a landmark in the skybox. It will not work for her. She also can not tp elsewhere on our sim. I hope someone can help us figure out what is going wrong, and even more importantly, how to fix it so that we can give a LM to our friends so they can use it. Thank you in advance for your help. Technus Grayman
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