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  1. imho, mesh in general is being butchered, cost wise, when you look right at it. mesh is the only object type that gets more expensive by size, and the only one that gets a cost slapped ontop - doubled even! - of it for containing even a single script. If a new cost system is needed, then please do balance it better, so that mesh is actually turning out to be viable, without having to completely bend over backward to get close to what a - less efficient - sculpt or prim build would cost. Mesh should be sold as something good, not something hideously expensive, when already, a lot of fears are
  2. Another thing i would like to bring up, while talking with Murry Soothsayer (posted above some) the other night, we realized something else: Re-using the same mesh in a linkset does not offer any bonus to prim costs. It should. Why? Lets say you build a wing, and create a low-poly mesh feather for it, no alpha maps. With the base cost of 2 prims per mesh minimum, you would end up with, say, two prims for the wing arm, lets say, 200 polies. and each feather, lets go with 50 here, at 20 polies. So for a wing, you could assume 2 meshes that are in memory (and one of which can be subject to geom
  3. Given how thanks to a bug (filed on the JIRA, reportedly with a solution coming soon) I am unable to use the mesh beta grid, i have to go off of what people talk about here on the forums and what little experience i could gather before the bug. In all honesty, this system is ludicrous, im sorry to say it. Please do name a reason why the following should sound anywhere near right: A sculpt object with 10 scripts in every prim, say, 4 prims, 4000 verts approximately. Cost? 4 prims. A mesh object, a single script compared to the 40 above, 1500 verts, proper LOD, physics shape, whatnot. cost?
  4. I do appreciate switching to newer standards where applicable. SSE2 is by no means new or limited only to top end. However im curious as to what the gains from this change will be, for the end user, if there is a measurable effect or further implications.
  5. Im using a gtx580, 8 gigs of ram, and a core i7 920 @3ghz. I get solid 60 FPS in my home sim, but it drops to 30ish running shadows. Enabling the DoF effect just makes the GPU go bat**bleep** and i can hear the fan start to howl like crazy. Imho, the renderer feels poorly optimized still, but im no expert by far. CPU load still is VERY low on multicores, but its nice to see it makes better use of the GPU now. Still, now that the renderer can do per-pixel lighting, they should drop the extra tesselations on prims to bring down the global triangle count of certain builds a fair bit. That is onl
  6. well, i use a router/DSL modem combination, i dont really have the option to try something else right now. as for forwarding, the router doesnt support opening, only directly forwarding ports, as far as i could determine. seeing as you say connection issues, i wonder what changed between 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 to cause this sudden loss of functionality for me.
  7. Ill try and disable that feature, thanks. and well, it seems to affect any sim really. mesh beta, i log in, see an empty sim with only my character rezed. any attempts to tp out result in logging out. on the live grid, the sim does rez after a relog usually. i can also log into other sims than my home sim, but generally, teleports will fail. 2.4.0 works flawlessly however, for no discernable reason. on another note, i also tried various cache resets and clean installs, all with the same result. but i will attempt your suggestion and hope
  8. Starting with SL viewer 2.5.0 (and mesh beta 2.6.0), I can no longer use: - my friendlist. everyone either is Unknown or (loading) - teleports, each attempt will log me out - scripts in inventory, compile/upload will fail, request timed out I sit behind a router, which i have configured according to the wiki page on port forwarding, and the problems start as soon as I try to use 2.5.x instead of my current fallback, 2.4.0. Any help in that regard is appreciated, since I want to use the latest viewers. Please do NOT direct me to TPVs, i do not wish to use them. I wish to make use of 2.5.2 and
  9. Ive tried Kirsten before, and found the UI changes to be rather horrible. The standard LL viewers have been very good for me, as i said before. It´s just that 2.5.0 started giving me trouble, and i would like hints at how to fix these on my end. It doesnt seem to be the SL servers, since 2.4.0 has none of these issues.
  10. Ive been using the 2.x series from the get go, and have been more and more satisfied with its development. However, as much as i appreciate progress, the 2.5.x release series is flat out unusable for me. Basically, I have one of two issues after installing 2.5.x: - things will not rez. I see a lot of grey prims, and a lot of unrezed sculpts, but my bandwidth sits at idle levels, just like when everything is loaded in. A viewer restart generally fixes this, but in a new area, this problem repeats itself. - The friendlist will either show everyone as (loading or as Unknown. This does not go away
  11. As for Napster: napster primarily focused on distributing copyrighted music. Primarily. As in, to take a guess, 99% of the music belongs to EMI, or whatever big label. Back in the day the legal situation was very unclear, but they ruled napster to be shut down. SL on the other hand is an open platform, NOT primarily focused on distributing copyrighted material, but focused on the creation of virtual content and social and economic interaction. Regarding the reality check: I am real, thank you very much. I dont expect everyone to learn blender, far from it. I never wanted to make that statemen
  12. thats true, it is cheaper indeed. from what I saw its not a bad program at all, definitely a cheaper alternative to 3dsmax´s several thousand USD per license
  13. To reply to your "what if EA gets upset" question. Why didnt Valve get upset when their entire repertoire of CS and HL2 textures was being distributed freely on the grid? Why has TRU textures not been closed down, since even they dont always have only their own material? Why havent people been sued that produce lots and lots of copyrighted material and make profit off their creations? IF EA gets upset, then the thing thats going to happen is that the offending content gets removed and the offending user gets warned, or worse, banned from SL. Its the current practice. As for my statement of b
  14. Well, maybe the free tools may be inadequate, except blender. The point is, you CAN use blender to create 3d meshes just like any other industry level tool. Just like Shockwave posted above, you already cant make textures, sounds and animations inworld, and noone complained when sculpts came around either. Sure, there ARE inworld creation tools for sculpts now, I give it that. But they dont have the same quality of third party applications. My point is this. You need third party apps for textures, sounds and animations, as well as sculpts. And now that mesh comes around, which, as someone wh
  15. so according to your views it needs a rollback to a MUCH worse codebase, a MUCH worse viewer, dumping a ton of features? lets make a list of what youd drop. sculpts windlight outfits avatar alpha the AWESOME server 1.38 script functions which contribute to greatly lowering the amount of scripts people need for certain stuff mono http textures the upcoming new asset streaming architecture display names, increased sim height to 4096 meters vertex buffer objects (great performance boost) a metric ton of bugfixes and stability improvements voice chat If you honestly believe that all this should b
  16. Hmm. that might be your views, but in all honesty, a lot of people see things like this: Viewer 2: admittedly a desaster at the start. Is now maturing into something very very nice Mesh import: will be one of the greatest things in SL´s history. will introduce some issues, but the possibilities are immense now server RC channels: a great way of getting software tested more efficiently, and it accelerates development a good deal. you can /see/ that things are moving forward marketplace failure: what marketplace failure? the new site is a superior replacement to xstreetSL. it offers more option
  17. I suspect some driver/hardware issues. 2.4 is a beta, so bugs are to be expected. the best you can do is use the jira and report your findings. give them a good description of what exactly happens, where it happens, on what hardware, drivers etc. That way, they can get it fixed, and you wont have that problem anymore, most likely. Until then, try 2.3, which is a release build and as such, more stable. And as a scripter, I can only stress the importance on giving a proper, detailed report. Else, pretty much everyone will have a hell of a time finding where the error happens.
  18. I would first like to say that this looks like a very promising release. Ill hold off until 2.4 goes live to check the enhancements, but the whole graphical renovations sound great. With that said, I would like to know if the new, deferred/GI based renderer will ever be performant on ATI cards. I hear some Nvidia folks having decent FPS (I acknowledge its still in development), yet with a hd9570, a rather powerful card, I can barely break 10-15 fps most of the time. FSAA doesnt work at all and wrecks the FPS as well. Again, I know its in development, I would just like to know what plans exist
  19. I wouldnt say its elite few. Everyone can download blender & gimp for free, read tutorials, and make a few basic meshes. Secondlife has a lot of potential, and mesh is one of THE steps ahead. Why should the talented people be held back, just so people with less talent dont look /too/ bad beside them? The rule of "everyone can create" still stands. At the same time, no matter the toolset complexity and richness, there will always be the "elites" and the more casual people, as well as those who are trying to learn. Should you deny the advanced people the option to make better stuff which be
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