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  1. For standalone objects, two options: 1) You can have different 'frames' (faces) of the same mesh (up to 8), but each face altered slightly to mimic movement; use LSL to cycle the transparency of each face. The downside of this is that a lot of polygons could end up being used, raising the LI significantly. 2) The best option. Secondlife does not support this (yet?): Custom armatures/skeletons with unique animations attached to them. For avatars: There are many tutorials around, check out http://www.machinimatrix.org/
  2. I believe this would work for Bitcoin; Litecoin for smaller transactions. Hell, I'll code a gateway system for this (assuming LL won't come down with their hammers)
  3. Here's a thought... Would it be allowed to sell virtual goods in Secondlife for a commodity other than L$? So e.g. paying for an item with Bitcoin or Paypal?
  4. Cut your condescending tone, there was an API.
  5. LSL was used to check the API, and the Risk API, the tool that helped prevent fraudulent activity amongst third-party exchanges, is now gone.
  6. Maybe nothing has changed when it comes to the TOS, but their recent actions outside of it is a different story; they've killed off the Risk API, forcing exchanges to either cease accepting L$ deposits all together or making those who still do more vulnerable to fraud.
  7. Full Private Region (15,000 prims) FOR SALE Available immediately Tier due: 2013-04-22 $300 + transfer fee or closest offer Please IM or send a notecard to Tommy Rampal
  8. So I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out (in 3DS Max) how Kitsune managed to apply many materials to the same group of polygons (to allow for shadow maps, fake speculars, etc over a regular texture); I've tried to contact her but no luck as of yet. A lot of people misconcieve that it's just duplicated meshes/faces overlapping, but if you examine closely you will find that multiple materials share the same group of polygons/faces. I read in the comments that it's caused by a bug in the collada exporter, but I am clueless in regards to recreating it. Any ideas? The video demonstrati
  9. Possibly a stupid question, so I'll keep this short. As a creator within Secondlife, I keep coming across stuff that interests me, sometimes sparking the question "Is this a mesh or a sculpt?". Is there a specific method to determine this if you cannot modify the object and/or lacking ownership? I'm talking about rather simple builds such as a hat, rock structure, etc.
  10. Thanks Medhue! How about rotating an entire animation to a certain degree? So for example, a handshake that is off axis.
  11. They were just figures from the top of my head, they seem to work quite well with the system I'm working on.
  12. I normally edit my animations in full frames for clarity purposes, then cut the frame count by using the 'Resample to 1/2 frames' a few times in BVHacker. A 1.5 second punch takes about 10/15 frames, still looking as clear in Secondlife as when I was editing it. Do you have any advice on a better technique?
  13. So I have done a fair bit of motion capturing, but have never figured out how to properly do the following: rotating and flipping animations so they align correctly. I find that animations that involve a fair bit of movement tend to be off axis in post production, e.g. going off to the side slightly when I want it to be perfectly straight. And animations that need a reflective counterpart, such as a left and right handed handshake. It would be impossible to mocap the two mirrored perfectly, is there a tool out there that can do it for me? I know of this website, but is there a better alternati
  14. I've had some experience with IpiSoft, it's enabled me to create professional looking animations. I use the Kinect (single) to do all my animations, and find that I rarely get a perfect 'take'. There is a lot of post-processing involved, especially animations that involve body rotation. Unless you record with two Kinects (I haven't tried this yet), you will find that rotation causes the skeleton to lose calibration, so the arms/legs not in view of the Kinect tend to fly off from capture; normally recalibrating and capturing backwards fixes the issue.
  15. That can't work unfortunately, it's a combat HUD.
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