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  1. I'm pretty good at finding stuff if you wanna add me. I've got nothing better to do on SL anymore but shop or mess with already bought pieces to suit my needs.. so if you see me on feel free to bother me. We could hunt around together for what you need.
  2. If you made one or two you ARE getting paid. You can't expect to make a lot of money off that stuff. It's just a scam to get you to camp around their area for hours for measly tips to up their traffic numbers. If you want free stuff you'd have better luck with the lucky chairs, or freebie hunts.
  3. jwenting wrote: in other words you want some **bleep**meat to rape silly and not run away when you're tired of her and lock her up in some cage. My advise: go play in BTB Gor and/or make an alt. Was that kind of response really nessesary? A lot of people are into the capture / force roleplays. As for the OP: If you haven't had any luck here, search for BDSM, rape, forced, seeking, and capture groups and ask in chat if anyone is interested. I'm sure with some patience you'll find plenty of people. You may have to try a few times before finding someone compatible to exactly what you're looking for though. There's one place I know of called C.A.R.P. It's basically a capture roleplay, you could try their group as well, or just go there. But I doubt many people who are there waiting want something more 'permanant'.
  4. "I would say he does have permission as "YOU GAVE HIM THE PIC".......Unless you know someone very very very well, like in RL, you should not give out RL information. I am sorry for you dilemma" He obviously no longer has permission to use the picture, so that's a moot point. You could know someone for 20 years inside and out and have a falling out and they could do this or worse to you. It's not her fault he's being a child about it. Victim blaming is wrong, and can be seriously damaging. It gains you nothing and only hurts already hurt people.
  5. Not exactly. Lol. Though I tried to keep the body type pretty similar. :3 The rest is entirely made up.
  6. What's the Krafties game? lol
  7. I'm not very good at making friends. So I thought I'd try here. I've been on SL for ages. And I pretty much only have one avatar. So if you don't like furs, that's probably a problem. : P I'm 22, and an artist. I don't engage in much if any adult stuff on here, as I prefer just hanging out and chatting. *Shrug* If you know any casual / non-adult places or casual adult places let me know. D: It's been hard finding any that are decent or active and not as fun when you're alone.
  8. It's only cheating if you lie, or withold the truth. My partner doesn't care what I do on SL and generally encouredges most things that lead me to masturbation or sexual activity, since he's a sexual person and enjoys things like that, as well as the stories I have to tell him after.
  9. She banned you from the land and you're paying child support for fake babies? D: Damn why didn't I think of marriage! Also, I agree with Master Herpies.
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