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  1. I am not sure as it is an unusual question. It might be worth asking one of the others there if they have heard this before too. or it might be something in local chat that you could ignore also. Maybe the area has detected you have only had 3 beers and are still too coherent for entry.. JK
  2. Hi friend. Sometimes when you wear too many things containing scripts it makes it difficult to teleport and will make the sim seem laggy to you. try deleting some of the scripts in the things you wear or wear less objects.
  3. I don't think SL is anymore overtly sexual than watching Tv ( if you still watch it) as you are confronted with things like soft porn music videos and sexually explicit advertising efforts daily. I live in a hot climate country and seeing people with little clothes on is normal because of our climate so SL never bothered me at all. I have to admit viewing naked noob guys with penises is not one of my favorite pastimes There area few religious and PG themed Sims around where you can get hang out with more modestly dressed people. KezarBane wrote: Hello everyone! I am new to the game, today was my first time logging in, and after having a look around a few newbie areas, etc, I realized how overly sexualised the game is. Everything from places to visit, clothes to buy and how characters dress and act.
  4. When you go somewhere with your family RL and take pictures with your camera to texture your builds inworld. You wish there was a mute button for RL people sometimes!
  5. regarding narcicism and greed you can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Narcissism solution- Have crappy cheap avatar you spend no money on and be humble without bignoting yourself. Greed solution- make virtual goods in sl and give the money you make from it to a Rl charitable cause! Also dont use the internet or sl too much because the electricity you use impacts on the environment and destroys native ecosystems because of RL mining to make computers and electricity. Too much of something for yourself is a form of greed!
  6. I find often when meeting guys using female Avis it's more about a short term naughty sexual adventure than assuming a female persona long term.
  7. Looking back 6years I was an electrician working in construction and workshops in a rough environment full of blokey guys where you had to face rough trade situations and asserive highly stresed and cranky co workers to get stuff done. a normal days work was matching that to make them see reason.. I hurt my back in a workpace accident and got taken out of that environment i was in since school so I had time on my hands and discovered Sl out of boredom. As I enterd Sl I chose a chick because it looked better than the dude and both were pretty lame back then, a purple Ruth or Ruth guy etc. After A litte while I got over the initial sexual attrac tion to an opposite sex avatar and discovered once taken out of the male dominated rough environment I had grown into I had a sensitive nice feminine side like a girl. I never knew i had anything like that. it was a really big surprise to me and has haunted me since.
  8. At some time most of us were leading normal lives and discovered a game called Second life where you could be anything you wanted to be and everything changed about what you thought about yourself. For some they chose to be the opposite sex in world from the beginning and for others who entered SL as their biological sex they created an avatar or account of the opposite sex later for whatever reason later. Has your experience in this made you question how much you are like your RL gen der stereotype? If you are a girl or Guy RL did you discover you are more like the opposite gender or vice versa? If this has affected you has it made you question things in RL about your mind gender vs biological gender?
  9. You know your badly addicted when you dream in 2 dimensional cartoons! I confess I have many times.
  10. In RL For the first time you begin to think about the "what is your gender?" tick boxes in forms you are filling out. Photoshop starts to be your idea of a fun night in.
  11. You know your addicted to SL When.. * While watching TV you go to grab your mouse zoom in on the news readers face for a close up. * You begin to look for vender prims in shopping centres and get frustrated because you cant teleport out of Kmart. * When emailing an atatchment you think to set the permissions to mod copy so the recipient can use it! * The Bacon in the fridge is 3 months old and you cant remember when you bought it. * You think to yourself did I do my tax return last year or was it the year before.. * You decide buying a new avatar skin a healther choice and more needed than a gym membership. * You cant remember the last time you slept for 8 hours straight. * You cant remember the last time you slept. * You go to right click on people RL to send them an IM To be continued..
  12. I want to see who Ruth ended up with and what she looks like in real life.
  13. SL is a very addictive computer game/ virtual world. Its attraction is the fantasy you can live out and the anomyninity to do it. Because it has no object and you arent limited to game options only and can represent yourself any way you like you can explore who you really are or would like to be. Once you have done that then there is the creativity of making things people can act out thier fantasis with. Those things can be a pain to make and take hours/ days. Every virtual item you enjoy like your skin or car or article of clothing took lots to learn and experiment with to create. its like any useful thing made, if the creator has done a good job and you would like to use the thing they made then you pay the fee they ask. the good thing is everyone can have a go and looks like everyone else.
  14. Over the last few months I have had constant battle with the Firestorm viewer constantly blurring the avatars skin and clothing layers at any change in location or clothing item or body part. Often given time it rectifies itself and occasionally it cannot be rectified. I am making clothes now and its inconvenient constantly needing to rebake to focus it properly. I am using a Mac with mountain lion installed if that's any help with diagnosing it. I tried cleaning the cache and reducing and increasing graphics capabilities in the viewer with no change. Thanks in advance, Chris.
  15. Its OK, I often see people getting frustrated with it and tell them in world how its fixed and having just joined these forums myself i figured if I write it here it might show up in Google if someone is looking for a solution.
  16. Do you ever get those times when your avatar appears an annoying ball of smoke for ages? If you do I found a solution ito correct it. What you do is you change your avatar to a default library one then change back how you want to appear by restoring your avatar to a saved outfit in your inventory. It works every time for me and fixes it quickly. Hope that helps anyone.
  17. Me - a RL guy using a female alt or avatar for whatever reason: Approached by naked noob- i. Your so hot do you want to have sex with me? m. Sure thing honey, I have to go shave my face reall life and get ready for church can you wait?
  18. i: Hi can I have some lindens? m: Yeah sure its easy, you can buy them with paypal or credit card or do something to earn them. i: can i please have some because I dont havea credit card? m: Maybe when your mum gets home she might loan you hers!
  19. It sounds to me like your wearing a prim with the emit light feature enabled. maybe check what prims you are wearing and detach everything and see if there is something doing it. there might be a transparent one in front of your avatar named something not face light. They sometimes put them in skin packs as a bit of a gimmicky thing.
  20. Use this, it is an add on for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblock-plus/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/karma-blocker/?src=search If you install those you will be amazed at what is no longer able to appear on webpages advertisement wise. Mine are all blank and just have words and the site graphics. You should see what it does to Facebook .
  21. I love Macs and cant wait to get one of those. I killed my Pc years ago using 3d programs while learning tosculpts for SL. I replaced it with a 27" iMac in 2010 and the whole experience is beautifullly simple and low mainatinence and it has been going great since. Reccomend macs to your friends and PC's to people you want to charge by the hour!
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