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  1. Awe, thanks for choosing my pic!!
  2. Seeing as how everyone on the grid expects to see me out in public with no pants on, I am generally not concerned!! LOL
  3. here are a quick few from me! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  4. hahaa Ceorl <33 Its always nice to have Dad's approval!
  5. Those SLink mesh boots are pretty freakin fantastic, I think they fit pretty well on most avatars as well, I know it has been an issue getting mesh to work universally, but Siddean did a great job. Oh..and they are sexy too! :matte-motes-tongue:
  6. I think it varies for me a lot. But always somewhere in the background it is music. I always use a song I am listening to as my blog name (maybe that is a bit lazy as well), but usually my tone is set by the music I am listening to. Although the actual desire to blog, and inspiration there comes from some thing that has caught my eye, whether it be on the feeds, or in a store...OR on a friend! :matte-motes-tongue:
  7. I love me some jewelry, and cannot get enough of it, but is there some other accessory you wish there was more of? Such as scarves, sunglasses, purses? Come the winter I LOVE to have a good selection of scarves. Here is one of my faves from Zaara: Feel free to post pics of your own favorite accessories as well!
  8. Those are some great additions! Nana is definitely at the top of my list, her style and photography is fantastic!
  9. Oh gowns in SL are another of my many weaknesses! I find it hard to resist buying them, even though I don't always have a place to wear them =/ Here are a few of my personal pics wearing some gowns from Azul:
  10. I don't know if you have your own little list of "go to bloggers", but for me, I look forward to seeing what my friends have put together, and a lot of the time I envy their creativity and photography skills. So I thought I'd give them some serious kudos today as well. Not to mention maybe some you've not heard of before? StrawberrySingh.com Berry's photography is amazing, and I've personally watched her grow so much over the years, she also is an amazing resource for tutorials, and does her all to be involved with the community (and she has a social network addiction, but I won't get into that here). She will also be one of the Fashion Experts this week, so keep an eye out! Sacred Fashion Sophia Harlow is another of my faves, she puts me to shame with her ability to constantly keep actively blogging. I think in the time I blog once, she has done 3 or 4. Plus she always tries to accessorize, and her pics are gorgeous and generally not overly post processed, you have to give a lot of credit for that! LunaJubilee.com Luna is another brilliant photographer, and she created the phenomenal blogger's challenge for color that has been going on for nearly the last year - 52 weeks of color. Every time she blogs, she makes me want to shop! RyXX Rylan can make you smile, and giggle when she blogs - Her photography has blossomed so much over the last year or so, PLUS, her SL husband happens to blog there also...so you can find men's fashion as well. Brinksie Amaaaaazing style, seriously, this should be on everyone's feed reader. I go here for ideas all the time. If I am looking for a unique accessory, chances are she's worn it. HarlowHelsop.com She does great photography work, and I think you can really distinguish her images when you are browsing the feeds, something really natural and clean about them. She always has kind words to share, and she has a great sense of style! Kyrie Source High Fashion... AMAZING photography. I know every time she posts I will LOVE it. GRAZIASL.COM Grazia's style is probably one I can relate to most on a personal level. Generally when she blogs something I can imagine if I don't already have it all in my inventory, I want it. SasyPants Blogger. Staple. =P I look up to her, and she was (along with Ana Lutetia) one of the first blogs I followed. Okay... I think I might have like 4 or 5 dozen favorites, so I should really cut my chat short. If I forgot you..don't hate me... I am trying to do like 5 million things at once! SO...who's blog is your fave? Add a link, and share share share!!
  11. Awww thanks for all the kind words guys! My fellow blogger friends are the absolute best support!
  12. I always look for quality first, generally when I am purchasing something I want to know that it will photograph well... since I am always thinking like a blogger. But I can really appreciate some people's creative ideas. I am constantly amazed with what creators come up with!
  13. You know who else makes great flats... Eliktira. They have the buckle on them, adorable. I will see if I have a pic anywhere. I love the Mon Tissu flats also though. And I wonder if the flats from Pixel Mode are still available in Tya's store, they were really well made as well!
  14. hahaha...I wish you were going first, you are so good at setting an example for everyone!! And thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do tomorrow!
  15. I thought I'd start off the Fashion Expert day with my favvvvvvvorite subject; Shoes! So where do you shop for shoes? Do you have a favorite pair? My all time favorite place to buy shoes is Maitreya, but I really am not sure if I could pick a single favorite pair. However, since mesh is all the rage atm, I thought I'd share my new Ren boots from Lelutka: **Image from Minnu Palen's flickr
  16. I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone today, make sure to stop by the forums!! <3
  17. That was a great blog post girl! I might need to make on of those badge things!
  18. Thank you so much for asking me to participate as well, I'm looking forward to it, as is everyone else. I can't wait to meet some new people and chat!
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