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  1. Hmm, I'll look into this. I ran a debloater and it seems to have helped a bit. I'm trying other things, like choosing which core it's gana sit on. Yes, I know that SL tends to only prioritize 1 core/thread. My issue is that it's not even utilizing the entirety of just one. It pegs one core at like 60-70% and doesnt bother going above that. Restricting SL to a less used core seems to have increased it, yet still it wont fully utilize it.
  2. Yeah, troubleshooting is a drag. Thing is, this isnt a new issue. I actually spend most of my time at my home so I didnt really notice, but when I went back to familiar sims, performance tanked. I do know that SL is horribly inefficient. Thing is thats got me confused is that, seemingly, nothing is pegged. Highest CPU usage I saw was only like 65%. If that was holding it back, I'd expect at least one core to be walled. In fact, I would like to see that, as then it'd just be "mystery solved, get a new cpu already." but that doesnt seem the case? I dunno =/ Far as the network g
  3. So... I've had this issue for months now, and nothing is seeming to fix it. On some Sims I'm getting between 10-15 FPS, sometimes as low as sub 5, which is insane and makes even typing unbearable as it seems linked to FPS some how. Simply put, this shouldnt be happening. For reference, I'm running a 6700k and GTX 1080, 32gb ram@3200. Certainly not a top spec monster or anything, but still extremely capable. The part of all this that's confusing me is that when I check my utilization, everything is going basically unused. None of my cores are peaking above 60%, my GPU utilization is
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep them in mind for sure when I got out shopping. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Something kinda like this!
  5. I used to be real into RP back in the day... I'm personally interested in an adult level Dark RP. My favorite scenes are post apoc, or hi-tech. I can also do fantasy as well. This will be my first official endevour into an RP in SL, but I've done some on forums and others in chat, all of which were quite awesome to be a part of.
  6. So, I had this idea... I havnt played SecondLife in over 5 years... And now I want back in. Well, My local friends were like "Gee Gad WTF are you wearing!?!" And quickly and promptly ammended that issue... I'd say I look pretty darn alright right now, but I want a specific style. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[TL;DR WARNING]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Just to setup some background here... Imagine if you would, an individual living in a city. It's slow, not much to do, and every day was a bore. When suddenly a massive earthquake levels the city and destroys nearly all of its structures. Those who had mone
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