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  1. I haven't used "forestdreamer1" in a long time, but I accidentally sent something to that alt that I really need. Can I get this avi back? My regular avi is Autumn Ehrenkranz.
  2. Thanks moirakathleen. I will get right on that!
  3. Hi, I downgraded to a minimum Premium account, but now want to increase it to the next level. In order to downgrade, I first abandoned most of the land (it was a full prim on Mainland), then sold 8192 sq meters to an alt. I now want to give it back to my main avitar, but it is telling me that I am still in the process of downgrading and that won't be finished until June of 2020. I don't understand why I have to wait so long. I assume I started the downgrade in June, since it won't finish the downgrade until this June. I want to upgrade again, so that I don't have one alt owning the land and the main avi controlling everything on the land. I was told I would only pay until the end of the month, since it was land I bought directly from the Lindens. That has been the case - I am only paying for the 8096 sq m that my alt owns. So, the change has already gone through. I would like to stop the downgrade to "free" and change it to the 2nd level, that being the level that ends at 8192 sq meters. I can afford the ~$34 USD per month, but not for both avis. I already set the sale of the land to just my Avi.
  4. The hint for today for the SLB hunt has a link that doesn't work. When clicked on it says I have no access to that location.
  5. I agree Alex as to which meeroo she probably has, but that last statement doesn't make any sense. Why would she or I think it's the age? I am sure she is aware that the number is a PID. I didn't catch that you were talking about the 6 digit number being an age in the original comment, because it didn't make sense then either. I would call the Clover a pseudo beta. You still couldn't breed them and get another Clover. If you sold or released it, it was highly unlikely that you would ever get another. There was one person that was selling "Clover babies" with a big Clover picture, for big money. He or she should have been sued for it., since the babies weren't Clovers, just the nests from the Clovers.
  6. Now, I have thousands of old nests from after the switch to 7 digits, before I finally quit breeding! I'm not exaggerating.
  7. I had plenty of roos with 6 digits, so no, that's not impossible. They just jumped to 7 digits after the market crashed and came back. I finally got rid of hundreds of them by selling them really low when people first got interested in buying the older ones. The rest, I played birth and release with. Each day, for a couple of weeks, I would do 50 or so.
  8. Wow, look at the ones that have insulted us time after time, then claim we are doing it. Let me name them this time: Klytana, Alwin, and Solar. All of you picking fights with us for some unknown reason. I guess you have nothing else to do. No one is threatening to leave. It is simply one of the questions one must ask of themselves. Can I afford to continue at this rate? At what point do I resign and get another job, or take my money out of the stock market. All simple, straightforward thought processes. Giving us grief because we are concerned and making fun of us, everytime one of us makes a comment, that is what you call what you do? It's like getting hauled on the carpet in the principal's office. Just because you don't have a problem with the rate hikes doesn't mean that we are not allowed to worry. Give it a rest already. I am really tired of the snark. The only thing you three do is tell us we're stupid for complaining. You just keep pouring fuel on the fire that you are creating. I believe, if anyone other than you three were to look at this thread, they would come to the same conclusion. You are bullies, plain and simple. I am leaving this thread now. I simply forgot to turn off "Notify me of replies" or I wouldn't have felt the need to try to make you see what you are doing, but I forgot. Bullies are always right.
  9. Yes, the possibility of Second Life closing terrifies me, but not because it is a full-time business for me. It is not. What scares me is losing the friends I have made and the ability to be part of a community when I have none in RL. My fear of these fee increases is that they do point to SL closing its doors. In 2017, there were many more people aghast at the rate of increase of the fees. It was already known that these changes were going to happen. As was mentioned then, it looks as though the Lindens are having financial troubles due to the creation of Sansar. They appear to be trying to shore up the newer project by adding fees to the merchants of all types in SL. I also noted what Majestic just wrote. Once one heckler stopped, another one started. Nothing of substance to the question was added by these people. Just a general, shut up and deal with it attitude, which is not helpful whatsoever. All the merchants have gotten, no matter who there were, were abused. Majestic is also right that the troll calling did not start until fellow merchants got fed up with the abuse. Again, a private group to discuss the difficulties marketers are having with these rising fees, and whether this is a signal to get out now, would be ideal.
  10. Yes, I am now reminded why not to join in forum discussions.
  11. I am disgusted by the name calling and viciousness from all of those who call us whiners for simply talking about what this might do to us. We have a right to have a conversation without a bunch of critics giving us crap for discussing this. It is not much different from a group of people who have invested time and money into a breedable market and are watching the trends to decide if the market is going to collapse. Pretty much the same as real life, imho. You sound like the CEOs of companies that pay their workers minimum wage, while paying themselves millions. You can think of us as a union discussing the ramifications of a new edict. I have not called you names, but you have no problem doing so to me. We try to discuss, you attack. We never asked you to agree with us. Thank you for listening to our thoughts and fears. We'll see you at the table. Oh, by the way, I think it's a great idea to have a private group to discuss our concerns and what we should do. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Wow, I totally missed all of these replies to my post. I apologize profusely! It never occurred to me that anyone would reply. I also never saw that little "Notify me of replies". Yes, they were extremely rare breedables. You cannot get them anymore, unless you already have one. I spent as much buying my first one as I was charging, and that doesn't include the fact that it is rare to get one, even from a pair of them. I have sold a couple of the very rare ones, but none in a long while. That project changed hands and nothing has been done with it for almost two years. People continued to buy all of my lower priced ones, especially those that hid those traits. If it ever takes off again, those very and extreme rares will be worth the money. I still worry about having those in my mp store, for fear of getting ripped off again. Unfortunately, the in world marketplaces are gone, so I can't sell them in world. I could keep them in inventory, although I have a pair of each of the very rare and extremely rare breeds, so that I can start those back up if the developers ever finish rebuilding. I attached a picture of the ones I lost.
  13. @Majestic Kohime I think your idea has potential. However, I think SL needs to address the initial cost of buying lindens, as well. I used to put in buy orders to get better pricing, when I had time to wait. However, over the last couple of years, even though there were plenty of sell orders with many more lindens than what I was buying, my buy orders would sit for months, whereas when I placed the order, it said it would be 4 days. With the linden price fixed, there is no bargaining power. It is tougher to get money back out, as well. The Lindens seem to be caught in a trap of trying to tie down a market that was originally intended to be fluid. Anyone buying lindens have now lost the feeling of an open market, which was an attraction. Watching the prices for lindens go up, with changes that only benefit land owners, while also paying more in fees to sell in the marketplace makes sellers feel helpless and at the mercy of a corporation that cares nothing for them. The additional fees for lindens should go to marketing, not bringing down the prices on tiers for those rich enough to buy land. Charging the merchants more to bring down the price of tiers is unfair to those working behind the scenes to make this a fun place to be. The Lindens do not need to change the original fee structure, they need to invest in real life advertising, to bring more people in, with more money to spend on buying products, building things, and owning land. If Second Life is going down the tubes, as it appears to be, they need to up their game and act like the business they are. This is more like the trickle down theory. If we make it cheaper for the rich to buy land by charging merchants more, this will trickle back down to the merchants. Uh huh. If we charge more for people to buy stuff in Second Life, they will buy more land. mmhmm. You lower the tiers, but you charge more for the lindens to pay those lower tiers. And, since you charged more for lindens for everyone, it is now harder for anyone that just wants to come to Second Life for fun to buy stuff. Am I getting through? This is what nearly destroyed our economy before and is threatening to do again. Speaking to others, not you Majestic, go right ahead and give me those sad faces. I really don't care. This is my opinion. You are welcome to yours. But, it would really be nice if we could have a serious discussion here. I think we all want Second Life to grow again. Oh, by the way, I am not a huge or rich merchant by any means. I have had a few good pieces to sell, but that isn't my norm. My norm is to be lucky if I make enough to buy food for my animals. I still have to pay for my store and everything else. All I want is to be able to afford to keep playing in Second Life. My way of playing is raising breedables.
  14. I talked to Linden Labs about the same problem. I was told when a fake avatar buys something from you, it gets delivered immediately and the money deposited. However, after it is sold, Linden Labs checks the buyer to see if it is fake. If so, they take back the Lindens, but the fake avatar still keeps the product. They said there was nothing they could do about the fact that the person had already received the product. I had that happen twice, on 100,000 $L products. I suggested that they check first, then send the product, or there should be some kind of insurance we can buy so that if someone steals merchandise, we can get reimbursed. I have never heard back on those suggestions. It is a very unfair system.
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