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  1. I already had a lindenlab support! "Jagix Linden" did the best to try to help me, and even managed to locate my item that was sold and sent me, but it was an empty box and without the contents that I had inside. But, I believe lindenlab's team did their best to try to resolve the case. I consider the case closed, unfortunately what I sold had already been opened by the buyer and removed the content. But I'm sure that was solved.
  2. I have a gacha store in the marketplace and am selling some items that I do not need anymore ... an item was sold and delivered to the buyer and lindenlab sent me an email saying that lindens was removed from the sale because the buyer's supply is Suspect or illegal. I was left without the product and lindens. Being that this does not apply the rules when I lose the product.now we will lose the products of the store because of buyer ???? This is injustice! I've already created a ticket and I believe it will not go anywhere.
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