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  1. Hey there, OK my question is actually regarding a number of problems IM having all to do with marketplace. For around 3 weeks now I've been unable to add new listings to my marketplace store, update current listings, view more than 12 items per page, send gifts via marketplace, refine any search by cost or the like and remove items from my cart that I have changed my mind about purchasing. This is obviously an issue as I fund my SL through my marketplace sales so not being able to update and add new stock to my store is having a huge impact. Any suggestions would be fabulous, thank you in adva
  2. Hey Charlotte ty for responding. Thats not quite what i meant so apologies for my bad description of the issue. I wear the cuffs and then postion them to the exact place i want them but then as soon as my avatar moves her arms the cuffs stay static and dont move with the arm at all. So i have no issue with actually wearing the sculpty parts its making the sculpty parts look like they are incorporated into the shirt when i move that is the issue.
  3. My first response would be that your Graphics Card is perhaps the issue but you say that you logged in with no issue the first time...have you tried a Character Test ? This fixes a multitude of glitches with your own personal avi although it will have no bearing on whether you see land or other people, unless of course it is some kind of attachment you are wearing which is causing the issue... Short of that all I can say is id do a complete uninstall of SL and then reinstall again and of course check your system specs just to be sure. You never said what Viewer you are using. Im wondering if
  4. Hi there ive been creating my own clothing for a few weeks and now want to add prim cuffs, collars. Bows and the like to my creations. I have the sculptys so that's all good..Trouble is after I attach them to the point on my avatar where I want them, they don't move with my avi. So if my AO kicks in or I dance the sculpy cuffs are still where I attached them and not actually on my arms looking as part of my shirt design. Any pointers on what im doing wrong??
  5. If you cannot delete the box directly from the ground select *take* from the menu and then delete it from your inventory once it has returned to your recent items file.
  6. Hi. Ok IM sure pressing the following keys all at once will reveal where the hidden prim is hiding so u can then pick it up. Press CTRL+ ALT+ T at the same time. Your view will then change to an "x-ray" ( that's actually a bad description) type appearance with prims shown in red. Then I would think you should be able to spot and remove the prim you are having issues with. Hope this helps.
  7. I had what I thought was this problem for a while..Until I actually looked closer at the page. If you purchase a non freebie item from market place you go through the checkout and then confirmation of purchase page and its all there in front of you laid out clearly...however..If its a freebie item that you are not exchanging L$ for the screen page changes..Be sure you are actually confirming your *purchase* by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and clicking. This is an obvious answer and gave me much frustration as I was used o the usual page where the confirm payment button
  8. Bex Fallen

    My question

    I would assume it is an object that u have in your inventory and that is wearable..Assuming that simply right click the object in your inventory select either wear or attach and then select the point on which u wish to wear the object. It may just be me having slight brain freeze today..But whether an item is * NO COPY* shouldn't effect whether it can be worn..Many many of my own objects and clothing are no copy and I wear them them with no issue
  9. Bex Fallen


    It does sound like an inventory issue have a look here hopefully it may help you solve your problem. http://blog.nalates.net/2010/08/01/second-life-lost-inventory-and-missing-inventory/ Good Luck
  10. Surely u know the name of the person that is causing you issues..If it were me in your situation I would simply file a report to linden lab and tell them the name of the avatar u are saying wasn't optional ( although I have no clue what that actually means) also mute mute mute! That's what its there for!
  11. Bex Fallen

    help me

    A great way of learning to *play* SL is to make friends and learn from them, visit newcomer friendly locations ( search this in the box on your interface), and take the time to watch the tutorial http://vodpod.com/watch/10210439-double-click-to-teleport-and-auto-pilot-second-life-viewer-2-6-tutorial?u=secondlifeshowcase&c=secondlife so u actually understand the basics rather than the masses of newbie players that launch themselves into the middle of a location an bellow *HOW DO I GET NAKED*. Also take time to become familiar with your interface and the functions of each tab /option/ icon.
  12. Try editing your apperance. click your avatar or if your avatar isnt rezzed click your name tag then from either the pie menu if using phoenix or the drop down on viewer 2 select appearence and then edit, sometimes it gives u the kick needed to rez. Other than that maybe try the same thing with the menu then select detach all and remove all clothes let your avi rez then re dress Bex
  13. Another solution that may work for you is to do the following: CTRL + ALT + F7. I had what sounds like a very similar problem a while ago, If u look back at my previous posts u will find a few solutions there offered by people here, and they may work for you. Good luck
  14. First of all ty for your reponse peewee! much appreciated! ok i tried exactly what u said and it worked like a dream....until i tried to change outfit again and then same old story. people could see me in the outfit i intially dressed in at the Smith sim u said to visit, and not the outfit i changed into after leaving Smith.
  15. Hello! Ok this seems to me like a strange problem, so im turning to you guys for the sake of my sanity! For the past week my avatar has been stark naked. Now this is not through choice. To me i look absolutely normal, my outfits are appearing on my screen as they always have done, as are items of clothing that ive not saved in files as outfits. However to everybody else im completely naked. Ive tried all the things that have been suggested. Rebaking, editing appearance, relogging after clearing my cache, character tests (at least 50 times), changing tag, changing one thing such as eyes or hair
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