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  1. First off, no, you cannot use two shapes. You are also not "forced" to use either shape. Build your own! It does take some time, but it is fun and expresses your individuality I would pick your favorite one of the two and start the work from there (assuming they are mod of course). You could also be content with "correcting" the distortions of the first shape, but this might take some time finding the right sliders too. As for mesh head, they are not necessary, but I am so happy with mine! It's a world of difference really. I would at least try demos for the heads, see if you can't
  2. That is not true (at least for bento heads). Bento heads are customizable with shape sliders, so while I do have one of the most popular female bento heads, I have my own unique look. Of course, there's going to be similar characteristics (my head, the catwa catya, is slightly ducklipped) but well, comparing to RL, how many women are slightly ducklipped ? Does that make them any less unique ? x) I would highly suggest taking time to customize your own shape. Shape makers tend to overprice their shape, and some of them have no idea about proportions and such. Just start with the default sh
  3. Strange, all my Maitreya mesh clothes (19/20) fit perfectly, wether I move, stand still, jump, bend over, kneel, run... You get the idea Also, well, you have to use the alpha hud. Most newly made clothes auto-alpha (At least on Maitreya) but older clothes don't. You have to be careful with some developer that will tell you they support a mesh body, but don't use the development kit. Usually they tell you so in the description, or you can look at the reviews. Another thing to consider, sometimes developers of mesh bodies change their rig, and that means older clothes will not fit
  4. These are still just assumptions. If I refer to one of my earlier posts, I did say I don't have a credit card myself, I have other means to put money into SL. Hell, I don't even have access to credit myself. This is not an assumption, this is factual truth and cannot be interpreted Thusly, no, I don't assume everyone has a credit card or can get one You're wrong. I never borrowed money (at least under my own name, someone signed for me to take the legal responsibility of the loan, so HE got the credit boost), so under your assumption, I don't have credit, which is also untrue,
  5. How is it arrogant ? You filter information every day, take in what according to your values and situation applies to you and leaving the rest. I'm just putting it into words. Like I said, OP doesn't need you or any other social justice warrior to ignore or take in my opinion ^^ Also, he got plenty of other replies about free stuff, why not offer an alternative ? There's many reasons to invest into content ^^ I am no stranger to poverty myself but I know the value of investing into things instead of hoping getting them for free (You are still "paying" in a way, because you are v
  6. You said it yourself, sometimes. What I proposed is my opinion on the matter, not like an absolute truth ? I don't know if those are the right words ^^ A tendency I've seen is that people will say they are broke because they don't want to invest into SL which is totally fine too. He can just ignore my comment if he is really broke, or doesn't want to invest into SL. Though the argument might sway him when presented with some perspective if he falls into the second category. Remember, it's the internet, anyone can say anything about themselves and you don't know (Hell I
  7. Of course, I cannot deny that I've stated a generalized opinion which will apply to most people. If his situation doesn't allow it, he can simply disregard my comment. ^^
  8. I don't even live in America, I don't have a credit card, and I work not much hours a week at minimum salary. If someone can afford internet, he can probably afford 20$ to look fantastic ^^ As far as I know, I am allowed to express my opinion too. That person can obviously take it or leave it too. And probably doesn't need you to step in to do that. Just putting things into perspective for him/her. And perhaps that if someone always sways that argument, like you're saying, maybe it's because it has a sliver of truth to it. Your post borders on offensive, frankly.
  9. One thing anyone forgot to mention is third party support of the body. This is why most people use Maitreya. Maitreya is the most supported body by third party creators, which easily makes it one of the best choices. There's a wide array of clothes and accessories specifically designed for Maitreya. Freya is widely supported too, but the other bodies I've seen mentioned, not so much Maitreya also comes with a set of bento mesh hands and mesh feet, which have three different height adjustment (tip toe for high heels, flat feet, and there's an option in between). Then again, most thir
  10. This probably won't help, but with the price of an RL restaurant meal (let's assume 20$) you can get a decent mesh body, mesh hair and a couple of sets of clothes. 20$ spread on a month (30 days) is 66 cents a day, which is about 5 minutes of RL work a day at a low salary (5 minutes at 10$/hour is 83 cents, which is not even the minimum salary where I live). Considering the time you will invest in actually looking for decent freebies, it might be worth investing into SL instead with your CC or Paypal, which will net you a much better avi from the amount of work you will have put into it. 20 do
  11. Definitely recommend at least getting a catwa head and a maitreya mesh body, which will cost you a little under 8000L - these are the best options in terms of performance, ease of use, and availability of side products like clothes, skins and such in my opinion ^^ I've achieved a very decent neko look with the Catya head, although I do use human skin to add shine, which makes me look more alive I think. Then the shape is really up to you I can probably help you make one even! I have made my own and I think it is pretty good. Mind you, if you can't maintain higher graphical options o
  12. Make sure you are logged in too - happens often to me that I get logged off when restarting my computer or closing my browser, and then I try to browse adult listings and I can't see any
  13. Mei Avril


    Hmmm integrated chips are never recommended for prolonged used of graphics intensive programs, such as SL, wether the chip is new or not
  14. Hmmmm I have no problems with FS RLV folders. I suspect it might be a bad install, when you installed the new version, did you do a clean install ?
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