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  1. What about The Goonies? Their clubhouse is on escapades http://slurl.com/secondlife/Escapades/187/41/21 This is the sort of things they get up to - http://www.youtube.com/user/Lokiboy#p/u/15/g9aym-3yfTU
  2. Jo there is a way to make items disappear (to you anyway) I'm not sure if it's in all viewers but it is in the phoenix viewer. it's called "derender". I used it yesterday, I was watching a movie at Escapades (they got a mini cinema) and someone stood in front of the screen with flapping arms and such like. I did a right click and derendered them and they just disappeared, although I could still hear them and everyone else could still see them I think, but at least I got to enjoy actually seeing the rest of the movie
  3. Phoenix stated that this beta has some bug fixes and to help them see if they are on the right track with some problems that were reported on the last release. It also has the media filter which is a bonus
  4. why do Western sims always have depressing names?
  5. Yoz Linden wrote: Also, speaking on behalf of the Viewer 2 team - which I'm not really a member of - :smileyvery-happy: Can I use this line? "speaking on behalf of Linden Lab who I'm not actually employed by"
  6. I downgraded to a free account a few years ago and see no reason to go back to premium because unless the outright lying stops and improvements are made, SL will simply go away. ... So if/when it becomes standard, you will have lost yet another CUSTOMER. P.S. WE are not "residents" we are PAYING CUSTOMERS. So which is it? A free account or a paying customer? LL only has about 85k direct customers; the land owners (estate and mainland). This group is fairly small compared to the overall (regular) user base. What about all those who pay a membership fee? are they not direct customers? or those who buy lindens and pay a fee to LL or anybody who takes a photo or uploads textures and pays fees to LL? almost everyone on the service are paying directly to LL in one form or another. by that definition almost everyone is a direct customer of LL.
  7. annoying people can be any age, what you describe can easily be got around with the mute button.
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