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  1. I Think we shall not make this a joke, this is Identity theft a crime, and it seems that girl never had account in SL on 1st place, she need to report that account to LL and if she willing to go far with this she can sue him as well and claim for damages Our Second Life Identity is an Extend of our Real Life Identity and we shall always deal with it as the same
  2. Laetizia Coronet wrote: You Abuse Report any griefing you encounter, then you block the griefers (or the griefing objects), then you go away. They want a response - don't give it to them. Don't counter-grief, don't reply, don't start a fight. Block them, calmly write an AR, and then be done with it. Tell others to do the same: AR; block, and ignore. And don't create drama in the Forums about griefing, or post pictures of griefing exploits. All of that spells 'success' to them. They crave the attention - do not give it to them. Cheers, Tish Coronet Griefed since Nov of 2006 :-) Thank you very much for sharing this Laetizia
  3. Henry Darkthief wrote: I don't think I've ever been griefed. Any time someone has done or said something to tick me off, I mute them without a single word adn walk away. Lucky you Henry, some people really suffer from griefing maybe because you mute the drama so fast
  4. Jo Yardley wrote: I reply for my own entertainment after I know they can no longer bother my sim Or I write a long venomous reply, send it... wait as they type their reply and then just before they respond I mute them. looooooooool, I Like , one Kudo
  5. Joe Hardly wrote: Also if you run an active community with tenants and events you just can't afford to ignore someone. Grievers can ruin a Simi if nothing is done. And even if you ignore him, there usually is someone else in the community they can harass who will respond. I Managed 3 residential sims with 2 grifers everyday try to harassed me and my tenants, but I was clear and open with tenants Yes we have Grifers It is our land and Community we need to protect it, please report issues to me or managers people really cooperate with me and I just ask them to give me the Grifer name no more and he /she get banned from 3 sims with one click, we never talk to them or give them the Attention they Badly need it
  6. Jo Yardley wrote: Standing on another parcel holding a huge prim will have it infringing on your land but technically they are wearing it on another parcel you have no powers over. hmm I can see now the problem, I never had such style of griefing before, maybe because I Lived my whole SL life on private regions even when I was renting parcels landlords use to response to griefing Acts I report it to them I think asking your neighbors to ban kick the griefers can be best solution on mainland parcels but again they will come with an ALT, moving away (best to private region) can be best solution but again even if you are frustrated do not Ever Response to Griefer . You know I developed a very useful technique when a griefer send me NCs or IMs , I feel I really want to Reply back worst, then I open NC I Write all I want to say to Mr. Griefer then simply never gives it to him keep it on my Inventory and totally Ignore him, that really relief me and help me on Anger Management even in RL
  7. Jo Yardley wrote: The problem is that even a banned griefer can stand on the edge of your land and wear something huge so it intrudes into your sim. @ Jo Well maybe you can keep the Auto Return of your land just 1 Minute and since the intruder object is not belong to your land group it goes back to him The game between you and the Griefer can be seen on this Prospective What he want ? Your Attention and the delight of you being mad, simply if you Ignore him he can not stand 24/7 in the edge of your sim rezzing an object that get return back to him in 1 minute and rezzing it back while he is getting no any response from you
  8. Cato Badger wrote: @Tonny: I think you have the right idea with your version of the Godfather's approach: make them an offer they can't understand. @ Cato Good Guy is not the Dead one always sometimes Silence can be more powerful than hundred words I learn it hardway once I had a griefer in my region whom had an Army of ALTs I think I ban him 5 minutes later he came back and each time I freeze Snapshot AR him I loose 15 to 20 minutes, then simply I gave up change land Auto Return to 1 minute each time he insult me or any of my Tenants I just ban him after 1 day of my Total Ignoring to his childish acts he simply disappear
  9. Petronilla Whitfield wrote: Fortunately I have not experienced griefing from anyone who targeted me specifically and repeatedly. I've only been subject to random attacks in sandboxes. The most recent episode, which took place some time ago, was actually quite funny. I was in a sandbox, sitting on a cube and building. I had my VKC dog with me, as I often do. A griefer stood by me and caused a succession of things to emanate from my avatar--flames, marbles, etc. My dog was delighted. He ran around trying to notice and greet each marble, etc., that appeared, and periodically went over to the griefer to wag and greet him. I just laughed and told my dog what a good boy he was. Eventually the griefer went away. LOOL Petronilla, this really funny I wonder how the Griefer face will look while your dog fight back his griefing that dog is really (Good Boy) indeed It is sad to see people harassed by Grifers on Sandboxes which shall always be safe as Public Avenue for all tenants, Fighting Griefers can not only end on Avoiding Ignoring them, they need to understand the SL CS some of them are just bored people specially whom randomly attack people on Sandboxes. Some Educational firms gather some of those sandboxes griefers and gave them temporary jobs with good wages for short period and to a bit surprise some of them stop griefering even after there contract end
  10. Jo Yardley wrote: I think LL should give landowners more powers. If you own a parcel perhaps you should be able to ban someone from that entire region as long as they don't own a parcel in that same region. Allow parcel owners to kick someone home Or ban them nor just in your parcel But also in neighboring parcels. If your neighbors don't agree with it, they can undo the ban, But when a griefer attacks making sure they can't hang out in your parcel AND neighboring parcels is the only way to do something about them without LL having to come and do something. I do agree with you Jo that LL should do more efforts to response to ARs that's their job I think But mean while giving Parcels Owners the Region Power to kick/ban/TP home other avatars on other parcels might lead to more drama and griefing scenarios, Imagine your Neighbor ban you Or TP you Home from your own parcel !! Or kick your friends/guests simply because he does not like them !! If you rent land on Private Region then Landlords will held Griefing Disputes in his region unlike mainland where the Landlord is Lindens themselves I am landlord myself and had addressed many griefing cases and tenants disputes between Tenants myself, it is more headache on my side But tenants feel more protected which reflected on my business I think if you only have Parcel Powers you can also Blacklist griefers from access to your parcel also you can deny Object Entries from other parcels to your parcel all from ABOUT LAND, What else Griefer can do? I am sure the best way to address griefing is just Ignore them even not AR them, the efforts in AR them several times a day they do not deserve it.
  11. Jo Hardly wrote: Yes report the griefer by sending an AR, or chat to live support or send a ticket... I did all of the above several times and it took LL only 8 months (!!!!) to even look at the situation... Hay Jo, Yes it take long time for Lindens to response to AR, you need to send the report daily these days or maybe more than one time per day as I read on this Forums but Can we just Ignore/Mute/Ban the Griefer and walkway ?
  12. Dana Hickman wrote: Griefing is meaningless to those who do it if they don't get a reaction from you. Griefing is rare, and not a prevalent or common problem. Abuse Report using only the facts, not the emotion or reaction. Include a screenshot showing the issue, include copy of any text involved. Do NOT write a sob story of he-said/she-said.. Your report will be ignored if you do. It's spelled "griEf".. With an E.. Hi Dana, It is all about getting Your Reaction, some attention from you , once they get Your Ignorance they lost While I can say griEfing rarely happen to me through my seems long life in the grid I can not say it is Rare or uncommon This might depends how you classify react deal with it.:smileyhappy: Sometimes AR can just be a solution but from what I saw rarely griEfing stop after the AR. Filled, Lindens have a lot to do than to check all that reports, while people are frustrated by what the griEfers do Thanks for the FIFY :smileyvery-happy: English was not my best always :smileymad:
  13. It is important to mention that Grifer is always encouraged by your Responses, he do what he can to grif you inorder to get you annoyed harassed and worried, so any kind of response to him/her even if it is not (counted) back grifing will encourage him/her to keep grifing back. So shall I just Ignore /Mute / Ban / AR the grifer and Walkway ? But sometimes we may really feel offended by grfing and want Really to response what to do? From my Bad Experiences I learned this lesson: any Response to the grifers is just away to help them Get (What They Want) , Our SL Experience does not deserve to be spoiled by such an Idiot people whom think being a Cyber Bully is a Courage ! So what I learn and share here Always : Ignore /Mute / Ban / AR and Walkway Even of the Grifer create ALT ACCOUNT 10 per day just Ignore /Mute / Ban / AR and Walkway This is how you really Grif the grifer ! They Loose and you win ! They want you to get annoyed harassed and worried They never get the Response they Expect When you Ignore the Grifer that Really hurt them more than your Response which let them feel they get your attention That what they Want Attention ! Never Ever Give any Grifer Your Attention Just : Ignore /Mute / Ban / AR and Walkway When you Ignore a grifer you are not just Brave than him/her but also you do respect yourself and really show the grifer how low he/she is That's why they Create ALT everyday and chase you They need your Response , your attention ! Just : Ignore /Mute / Ban / AR and Walkway Sooner or later they get Fed up and go away How about you? I would appreciate sharing your Experience here to work all against Grifing Tonny,
  14. All steps above are fine to stop/ reduce grifing but to get better understanding about the real effect of Grifing on us and how we can response to that grifing incident: * Understand the Grifer Behavior 1. Why he/she Grif/Abuse others? 2. Why the Grifer Target (YOU) Specifically? 3. How the Grifer aim to Abuse you by the way he grif you ? * How shall I response to Grifing? 1. Shall I grif back ? 2. Shall I fill Abuse Report (AR) ? 3. If options (1) & (2) are not that much (helping) what to do ?
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