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  1. Standing 10 feet back from a cliff and looking over something modelled very well indeed.
  2. Hi Drake. Thanks for the reply ☺️. I like the shape of the bikini and the sunshine yellow colour.
  3. Hey, has anyone seen a Maitreya mesh bikini like this in SL? I’ve looked on MP and have found, and bought 😉, a few micro bikinis but nothing like this. As skimpy as this is, I love the detail with the zig-zag stitching along the edges. Maybe someone has seen a bikini like this at an event or a store in world? I looked at FaMESHedX last night and there was a micro bikini from Lana Moon (I bought), but I still would love to find one like this.
  4. Love this pic Victoria. Where did you get the outfit?
  5. Don't be too hard on the kids these days. Times have changed...
  6. Coffee is a necessity for Monday mornings
  7. An evening at the beach and a Dark & Stormy at the little marina bar. I can barely keep my eyes open!
  8. Thanks ErukaVonD 😊 I think this will be the one!
  9. I have no idea where I saw this, but I’m curious if this, or something like it, would exist in SL?
  10. I’ll admit it - I’m a Second Life clothes whore. I love seeing an outfit in real life and thinking 'I bet I can put that look together in Second Life'. I have about 17K items in my inventory after a major cleaning and the majority is in fact clothing. If there is a addiction support group in world with a 12 step program I should be attending the meetings? Can you send me a LM and a schedule? Also, I just recently purchased a mesh body and as a result am now putting together some new outfits and saving them in, you guessed it, Outfits. I noticed the number of saved Outfits I have is now in excess of 250! I'm just curious of how many saved Outfits do some of you other self confessed clothes whores have?
  11. Lightsuit Graves Headphones This might work for the hair
  12. I'd love to find a vintage box purse something like this...
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