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  1. After being accused of griefing, is it possible to keep that indvidual from building (by Lindens)? It is unheard of especially if that person is not a griefer.
  2. Some computers do have a build in video card but that doesn't always mean that you can't upgrade it. Putting a second video card in will likely disable the build in card. Also check other settings in the viewer. You might be able to specify to not see other things but still at least the meshes. What you are seeing or not seeing isn't just a matter of what I call "flexy sculpties" aka rigged mesh clothing or hair. Sadly enough if you are on a laptop the only way to make a better upgrade is to get ready to replace that thing and don't get a laptop that is equipped for graphics. Any 3d software or graphics software is so demanding that a laptop won't cut the mustard. Even if you do buy a desktop, get more of a computer than you think you need since the software sometimes go so far up the scale of improvements that it causes problems with the hardware. There have been enough times I haven't seen something or I'm invisible but it is also because of the other issues that are going on with SL. It might have nothing to do with a computer at all. Hard to say. Some of the things I've said might not apply to any single one person but if it helps anyone to take another look at the reality of our virtuality. We are "victims" of the inability of the Lindens to keep pace with technology.
  3. Thank you!!! I feel a whole lot better now. I thought I was the only one until today when I found your post. I have no problem creating and uploading of static meshes but at this point, I'm already behind the progress of so many others I'm chomping at the bit since I love the mesh clothing. I can't go anywhere until this is solved. Maya is the only one I'm familiar with enough to take a good stab at it when this is figured out. :smileyvery-happy:
  4. As many times I have followed directions to the letter, I have not yet met with any success yet. Static meshes....fine. But even if I test a rigged one before I do any upload, it is working fine and showing ability to move with the limbs and showing all good signs with choosing skin weights, I will either get an error or it will upload without giving me a choice to pick skin weights or it just go wonky on me and I end up with a rigid piece of mesh. Sadly, I am almost totally lost using blender and have a problem following along with videos because of a mild handicap with understanding fast speech. If I could follow more carefully with a transcript, that would be a plus. Now, since I've used other 3d programs since DOS, I have not cared much for blender for me. I use Maya for now. Still the principles are the same, aren't they?
  5. After being qualified to upload a mesh for I don't even remember how long, the same issue comes up as regular as the sun rises. It is never really fixed and by now I would think that something better would be come up and actually fixed. The same crap is happening to me again. I could spend hours learning how and do it again.....upload another new mesh and.....ta dah....the item in the menu for uploads of meshes or models is gone again today. I uploaded one yesterday but today is "no deal". Later...same routine....I might be able to upload a mesh later and much later it will go away again. And tomorrow...maybe, maybe not. This mesh upload thing is nothing but a "maybe" and never has yet been really fixed and the fix is hardly reliable.
  6. It has been a while since I bothered to try to upload a mesh and today......again for the what.....a zillionth time I was not able to upload a mesh again?? when is this situation really going to be fixed? I'm already enabled supposedly or it that another LL lie? Or is it just a bit of a cover-up? Stop sending lame excuses and "it's fixed" over and over....FIX IT for pete's sake!! and make sure it stays that way!! Gawwwwd......
  7. It depends on the time of day and the day of the week. I am very tall but not seven feet tall but when I RolePlay, I am at least seven feet tall. I am a creator and have to look like my clients or customers to give them what they want.
  8. You are much better looking in RL....((digs in her photos to find it))
  9. Templates are more obvious since the meshes were widely available. It does still give a good chance to get creative anyway. I LOVE meshes because the move more like the body does and preserves modesty when it is wanted. It isn't so bad to show some skin but I'm not too thrilled with the "**bleep** look" for most of the things I create.
  10. It would be quite satisifying to teach that sort of thing again but it would require a bit of an improvement in my bottom line. In other words, I'd have to be paid for it on this basis. Getting you on a good start will open the whole world for you and you'd be surprised what you can do after learning only the basics. Let me know if you want to pursue this.
  11. It has been shown that technology advances about two times as almost anything else in the real world. Some people try to save money when buying a computer that will barely stay alive for four or five years and by then it is outdated. Meanwhile, other developments take place in software that requires changes in hardware. It is a universal situation. The only way around that is to get a computer is more than is the norm at first then it can cope with the advances in technology. It is almost sure to be a bigger problem if the computer is a laptop that might be great at first but the upgrades on a laptop are limited and aren't meant for such demanding graphics...not usually. Some laptops might pull it off but they will demand more of a price at the beginning. Keeping and expecting a computer to run well for a number of years is avoiding the reality of a tough bit of news. The moment of purchase of a computer would be coupled with a dedication to begin saving for the next computer because that is the reality of reality.
  12. Long before mesh clothing came along, no one whined about having to have feet at size 0 to wear sculpty shoes or to make sure a head was just the right size to wear prim hair which was hard to adjust to fit and avoid showing scalp. Even now, as lovely nails on fingers would be, the hands have to be just so to wear them. Does the entire population whine about making those adjustments to use them? No. Same goes for the mesh clothing at this stage. We are doing good to have them if even in limited number of sizes. Eventually, there will be some ability to make adjustments to the meshes or have some other way to make them fit better. Right now, I don't get too upset when I can squat on the ground or sit in a chair. My skirt still covers my legs or my butt. No complaints there. Even the flowing cloth is nice enough and doesn't need any more fancy dancy adjustment to get it. It's already there. If I go to a store to get something that is made just one way, I either pony over the funds for it as it is and don't complain or I keep shopping and find what I want somewhere else. Another solution is to get something custom made. For now, we are doing the best that can be done and to go too far with too many sizes, by the time that is done a new way to get better fit will already be here and be nothing but a big waste of effort and more lindens. If that is given to the public it will cause a price hike because the time put into giving the people want will take enough RL time to be worth the price or you'd get nothing more but junk. Every mesh that is uploaded is another cost that will be factored into the creations and will reach deeper into the public pockets unless the creators do not value their work themselves.
  13. Darn it!!! I no sooner am able to upload just one miserable failure and wham bam!! I can't upload any other mesh. This is very tiring and frustrating. :womanmad::womanmad::womanmad::womanmad::womanmad::womanmad: And changing viewers doesn't make a bit of difference.
  14. As it has been explained previously, I have been through the test many times to be able to upload a mesh. I labor over rigging and all and when I go to SL to upload the model, I can't. Very simple. It works fine offline in the creation tool but beyond that, I cannot upload any mesh from any source. It doesn't show up in the menu choices at all. I can relog and try again but the results are the same. If I come here to whine about it, I might be able to do something in another hour or two. All that time is lost in learning anything or accomplishing a thing. Bottom line.....the choice of uploading a "model" or a mesh is gone. It doesn't matter what type of mesh I am trying to upload. The menu item is gone.
  15. For a moment about 20 minutes ago, it was allowing me to upload meshes again. During that time it came to me that it would be better to drop that nonsense of a "test" to allow uploading of meshes. OR....make it a universal test for all that want to upload anything. As many whines I've heard about uploading or using textures and templates and all that, they all need to either take the same test or just drop it and drop all this drama when I can't upload my original damn meshes. I can think of better things to do then wait for a problem that shouldn't exist to go away when it would have been better to just drop it totally.:womanmad::womanmad::womanmad::womanmad::womanmad::womanmad:
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