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  1. So. I think its great discussion, but I see that many ppl donts understand anythink about mesh. If u check my old sizes, wich I write upper, u will see that its not all options of SL shape, only some! Pls Attention ONLY some options, wich we need for mesh clothes look correctly on ava. So Standart size it NOT stansart shape !! I will never look like somebody as others. But for use mesh clothes we need some standart options and blieve me it will be good for al, for creators and for customers. Think, in RL we have same sizes, but we havent two same ppl. Understand me ? I am not suggesting 
  2. Hello everyone! I am creator of clothes and I faced with SIZES problem. I make 3 sizes now, with options of shape: SIZES: ---S--- Torso Muscles: 32 Breast size: 15 Body fat: 0 Love Handles: 20 Belly Size: 0 Leg Muscles: 50 Butt Size: 17 Saddle Bags: 30 ---M--- Torso Muscles: 63 Breast size: 63 Body fat: 0 Love Handles: 40 Belly Size: 9 Leg Muscles: 76 Butt Size: 45 Saddle Bags: 38 ---L--- Torso Muscles: 81 Breast size: 79 Body fat: 50 Love Handles: 53 Belly Size: 18 Leg Muscles: 88 Butt Size: 87 Saddle Bags: 54  So I have many issues, that any size is well for some ppl. And what I t
  3. So I find how I need paint weight )) Thanks all)
  4. As u see on my pics I create good alpa I know all about alpa )) But my problem in correct flexion in the pelvis. I know that I need paint weight there now, but I dont know how...
  5. One man say me, that I need pain the skin weight and all be allright... But ehre, how and more questions....Are somebodys know how paint it right?
  6. Thanks ! I will try, but I create it not only for me and I I do that for my shape, what about If I give it to somebody with another shape... May be If I can move the dot of the pelvis at armature I will have good result, but how,,,,
  7. May be you dont deleted yours default eyelashes ?
  8. Hello everybody! I have been using the avatar.blend file in Blender provided by Domino. I have problem with pelvis. May be somebody know what I do wrong ? Why it dont move in pelvis ((( Also I dont set Joint positions, because its broke my mesh Thanks a lot!
  9. So, Ater a full day of torment , I find my own way for ridding my first pants )) lol )) At first I installed Blender 2.49 ( it was some troubles with new video drivers), I create all there and find problem with collada 1.4. When I cant fix it I save my scene un .blend and open in Blender 2.59, where save it in collada, and have the result )) YAAAY !! ))) To Phoenix Steampunk  a lot of thanks for all help ))))
  10. Thanks )) But )) I feel myself stupid lol) But in 2.49 in parent I need choose "armature" in 2.59 I've got 1. Objec 2. Deform Armature 2.1 With empty group 2.2 With envelope weights 2.3 with automatic weights 2.4 Bone. I have so so result only if choose With automatic weights, but after I push apply and export it in collada and also upload in sl I havent result at all((((
  11. In 2.59 I have problem only with part when I need do Parent and when I need click "make real" button ...
  12. So. I cant install Blender 2.49, wich used in all tutorials. And cant rig my mesh in 2.59. May be somebodys write the tutorial for Blender 2.59 with avatar.blend.
  13. Thanks a lot)) I use blender )) Do all )) but in the end have got new problem )) I cant find "make real" button in Blender 2.59 =) Can somebodys help me with that?)
  14. Hello all. I have one little problem and I hope you can help me with that )) lol As all Second Life creators, I ll start worked with mesh. After tired work I create one simple pants. I use Zbrush 4 and Zsculpty plugin to create it in Collada. So, when I upload it, and as usual atach to my ava I see that it wasnt dynamic at all. I mean no physics. So, it t don't bend at the knees. I try to find somethimg about at Second life wiki and at the forum, but I still dont understand how I can do that dynamic with my ava. May be somebodys know what I do wrong. Thanks )
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