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  1. My stipend arrived... finally. It's not much but it's always welcome and part of the deal of being a premium account. TBH, I was worried that LL had decided to drop stipends without telling anyone. So I'm feeling much better now that LL are keeping to their side of the bargain.
  2. Maybe tomorrow. It's not a big deal but as a premium member it gave me pause for thought when I noticed that my stipend hadn't gone out this week.
  3. I logged in today and found that my stipend hadn't been paid this week. Is it late? Has anyone else had this happen today?
  4. I logged in today and found that my stipend hadn't been paid this week. Is it late? Has anyone else had this happen today?
  5. Hello Kikoshi! I had a problem with LL Viewer 3.1 crashing and giving me an error 7 screen. Did it look something like this? The only way I could log in again was to either disable the shaders or else to uninstall the latest drivers, run DriverSweeper and then do a clean install with an earlier version of the Nvidia drivers. I used Version 270.61 and was able to login OK. It took alot of faffing around and several reboots but it seems to have solved the problem. BTW, the crash logger has been broken for a very long time. Just close it. It'll save you time and agony.
  6. Yay! Fixed. I can login again. Thank you Alazarin. Looking forward to our show tonight.
  7. Hello again, Love Angel. Second Life means alot to us. Alazarin, DeForest, WallaSan and myself do our shows here at our home venue on the mainland. It's not that we get big crowds or anything but it's been a fantastic focal point and motivator for us to actually write, rehearse and perform our music. Simply put: without Second Life we probably wouldn't even have bothered. So being able to log into SL is somewhat important for us. That's why the login problems are so frustrating.
  8. Hello Love Angel! I clear the viewer cache quite regularly. In fact, I have CCleaner set up do do it for me ;-)
  9. That's pretty much my experience too except that I got error code 8 and redirected to the same page. It's all been going wrong ever since this viewer 3 was released.
  10. I forgot to mention that I was using LL viewer 3.1 when all the failed logins happened. If anyone can help so that I can use it again, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. Update #4: Able to log in with Kirstens Viewer although anti-aliasing doesn't appear to work. Shame about the LL viewer as I'd rather use it. Will try Firestorm next. Update #5: Anti-aliasing problem w/ Kirsten Viewer fixed by using the Nvidia control panel.
  12. Update #3: Reinstalling the graphics drivers and the LL Second Life Viewer made no difference.
  13. Every time I attempt to login it fails just as the login screen is about to give way to the in-world view and I get a message telling me something to the effect that the graphics driver and the open GL driver no longer communicate. Friends are able to see my avatar but I can't log in to control it. I wait until it poofs, try again and get the same fail message. I have reinstalled my graphics drivers several times to no effect. My computer setup is: Pentium-D 3.4gHz, 3gB RAM, Nvidia GT440 w/1gB RAM, Intel D945PVS motherboard. Strangely the same graphics card was able to log into SL on my friends' computer with all features enabled including lighting, shadows and D-o-F although it was a bit slow. Update #1: I just managed to log in at Low settings with all features turned off. Everything looked very blocky. What can I do to use the regular features that I used to be able to use with my old Nvidia 8400 GS? Update #2: I was able to log in with everything set to high w/ anti-aliasing @ 4X but had to have basic shaders switched off. The moment I attempted to enable them I got the video driver to open GL driver fail message :-((( BTW, the crash logger fails every time.
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