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  1. You can call me names until you're blue in the face. You can whine and complain and point out that SL's advertisements said X or Y all you wish. Beer ads don't say anything about the drinking age being 21, but so what? It does not change the fact that you have ALWAYS had to be 18 or older to enter the main grid. Always. That was in the ads also. That was in the TOS. That was on the website. That was in the new TOS you had to click and accept when you logged into SL last night -- right there in front of you and so clear cut... Thus you are proven wrong and I am proven correct. Yay, I win the internet -- does it come with cookies? Teens do NOT belong on the main grid, as per SL and allllll of us who worry about what children on the main grid means for the kids, and for us. It's a non-starter. There is absolutely no good this can bring which comes even close to outweighing the known damages it will bring. If the teens would have their own continent and not be able to get onto the rest of the grid, that would be excellent. But we proposed that at the time of the Zindra creation, if you were around back then and care to remember. We ASKED for that!! We saw what was coming and we asked for you teens to have a G rated continent where all the naughty stuff would be verbotten. We didn't get it. Certain persons on the board of the lab have it in their heads that SL is failing because of all the freaky people currently within it. And so they are trying to first marginalize anything sexual on the grid. That was the purpose of Zindra. The second step is to make it harder to find, thus obscuring it from most eyes. That was the mess with Search. The third step is to throw children into the grid -- that's today. And the final act will be to ban all animations, poses, hot tubs, beds, etc, anything that has any erotic or violent connotation. And their excuse for this banning will be... what again? "To protect the kiddies..." We've seen it elsewhere and we don't want the world that WE made (not LL, us) turned into Disneyland. We paid big money with the promise that this was an adult only environment, just like a bar is an adult-only establishment. SL is, was, and should remain adult only unless there is a way to prevent children from seeing anything on M sims and buying M items. We want what we paid for - it's as simple as that. When YOU buy something, you expect to get the product you paid for. Right? Well, we've paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to LL in order to play soldier, businessman, pilot, space ranger, mining magnate, King and Queen, gigolo, hooker, lions and tigers and bears. What others do for fun, that's no business of yours. We paid for an adult make believe world. We were sold an adult make believe world. We have reciepts for an adult make believe world. So either the teens get their own continent where they can make their own make believe world (they had one: the teen grid) or they wait a couple of years and then enjoy SL with the rest of us adults in the adult make believe world. And you board members concerned about the rep of SL -- the bad name SL has in the business community is because of how you treat your customers. Comcast doesn't give a damn about flying dongs -- take a look at what they have on their pay per view sometime. But they won't do business with people who unilaterally change contracts when they feel like it, and see nothing wrong with commiting FRAUD against their customers. If you want to fix SL's and LL's image, start with your offensive business practices which have driven so many of your customers away. Because when you drive the escapists out, you'll find next to nobody left in SL -- you've shot every other reason for SL existing in the foot, and the make believe crowd is all you have left. But, if our money isn't good enough for you, then you deserve to fail and go bankrupt. Our cash was certainly green enough when SL started from nothing.
  2. What customers want from LL is what they paid money for -- a virtual world where they could be anything and do anything. They want to buy some land and be left alone to party upon it. All LL has to do is give people the product that they bought instead of rewriting the rules every 6 months. Personally if I was running SL, then every fundamental change would involve a new continent and everything already in existance would be left alone. A squeaky clean G rated grid? Here's Altair, the new continent that adults, teens and businesses can share -- no erotica anything allowed. And the rules for everyone on the rest of the continents stay unchanged so my paying customers won't be disturbed and continue paying. Now is this really all that hard to implement? Just takes some vision and a TOS with different chapters for the different continents. And if a continent doesn't get enough people to support it, then it shrinks and the servers go where paying customers DO support them. But that's why I'm not at LL -- I solve problems, not create them.
  3. Teens belong in Walmart. it is not an all-adult business and was never ever promoted as an all-adult business. Teens do not belong in the local bar. It IS an all-adult business and has always been an all adult business. Teens belong in the Grocery. It is not an all-adult business and was never ever promoted as an all-adult business. Teens do not belong in strip joints. It IS an all-adult business and has always been an all adult business. Teens belong in grocery stores. It is not an all-adult business and was never ever promoted as an all-adult business. Teens do not belong in tobbaco shops. It IS an all-adult business and has always been an all adult business. Teens belong in Wow, EQ, Eve, Habbo, IMVU, Gaia, 4chan, /b, etc... They are all not adult business and have never been promoted as all adult businesses. Teens do not belong in Second Life. It IS an all-adult business, is the ONLY all-adult VW in existance, and has always been an all-adult business. There are plenty of places teens can go and some where teens can not. That's life - get over it already. And stop trying to take over one of the few places left where adults can speak and behave like adults -- you teens have plenty of places to play and adults have next to nothing. Mixing teens into an adult grid endangers both parties and that's simply not acceptable. If you can see me naked in my M house, I'm in danger. If a predator in a day old throwaway account can get you to give him your cellnumber, YOU are in danger. And unless something can make it so you are safe from scum and I am safe from your camming, there is no potential good in this merger that can justify the risks entailed; especially now that the education people got their turn in the barrel.
  4. I think it will be the final mistake LL will make. Because people are abandoning enormous dollar figures left and right and quitting SL entirely. Today. Many more are taking a "wait and pray" approach and hoping for a last minute change in the plan. But LL has made it clear that they can bend, break, rewrite and defecate upon any contract you make with them; written, verbal or implied. So after so many years, their customers are eating the financial losses and leaving. And believe me, when someone is out a grand or two, they will NOT have nice things to say about LL to anyone. And no amount of about-face or improvement to customer relations will get them or their money to come back. These people who are abandoning land are gone. Period. And they were the ONLY ones willing to pay good money for "nothing" in return. When they leave, SL dies. But at least then LL can change the TOS 4 times a day without us pesky Customers complaining about it.
  5. @Hiker People like you are one of the problems SL has today. Not the sex "fiends" in Zindra -- You. Fact: This IS and WAS an adult only service. Fact: Users in SL created the world that they wanted, good side and bad. Fact: Users seeking a virtual thrill of one sort or the other are the ones who PAID for SL. Fact: SL was running nicely until LL started changing the rules about what we could and couldn't do on our own property. And not just sex either -- the wargamers and combat folks were suddenly called Mature, even though such was openly done on the Teen grid. Ask any teen what they did for fun there. Fact: Even if you utterly banned everything but standing around and looking bored, the entire mainland is filled with erotic this and erotic that. Pictures, poseballs, hammocks, couchs -- you will never make the adult grid safe for children without wiping it completely bare and starting over. And finally, people don't like being sold an adult only service, and then having kids thrust into it whether they like it or not. LL has advertised, sold, and broadcast in its TOS that it's an Adult-Only service. Now they are changing the rules and doing so in such a way that LL and all us users are put in legal jeopardy. Selling one thing and then forcibly substituing something not desired has a legal term. Commonly it's called Bait and Switch. But technically, it is called Fraud.
  6. Cierra: Work within their budgets how, exactly? While some places have 4 islands and can cut back to 2, folks who are on the hook for only 1 island cannot just start paying LL half of what LL demands. How does one pay for only 1/2 an island?
  7. "And I can't help but smirk at some of LL's biggest bootlickers getting kicked in the nuts by their own beloved masters." Everybody spends one day out of the week in the barrel. - Boson Smithely, HSN Raging Fancy.
  8. A better lesson that they should learn which will serve them farther in life is: "Not everyone is your friend, and not everyone has your best interest in mind." So somebody pulls over and offers you a ride home. They are insistent in fact. Why? Why should this total stranger be so adamant that you not walk home? And for that matter, what makes them think you are going home? So you got an email from Nigeria stating that some govt. leader there wants your help to smuggle out trillions of dollars; all he needs is your account number. Why? Why would this person you don't know want to make a random person like you rich, just out of the blue? If you had trillions of dollars would you give it away to a random email address? A healthy bit of understanding humanity is useful. Most people are first looking out for themselves. Then they are looking out for their families, followed by their friends. This is true for yourself as well. One cannot trust that everyone is a good person who has their back. Very few people one meets throughout life is worthy of such trust and it takes time and effort to earn it. While the number of true predators is small, they CAN be anywhere -- even hiding in priest robes. So you have to stay alert and aware that most people you meet out of the blue aren't going to give a hoot about what happens to you, and a small number will consider you prey to be used and abused and ultimately discarded. Fortunately that's one of the positive sides to SL -- no physical harm can be done. Sure one can get into an abusive and emotionally wrenching relationship that's every bit as wrong as those in RL. But unlike RL, all you have to do to end it in SL is create a new account. Or shut down the program. Tada, instant expunging of bad people from your life with the press of the button. Or even use the safety of SL to learn to stand up for yourself and tell the guy off -- the pair you grow may help in RL later.
  9. SL was created from day one to be an Adult grid. All the poseballs and activities you apparently dislike, were created not by LL, but by your fellow adults. And frankly whatever adults want to do in here for fun, that's their business and not any business of yours, mine, Phillips, or Nanny Nany Kayo. All LL created was the platform -- the community created everything else and paid big money to do so. When you pay thousands for a product, you expect that product. You don't tolerate the business owner substituting something else because he doesn't feel like offering the original product anymore. If you buy a Mustang at the Ford dealership, you don't just meekly take delivery of an '88 Yugo instead. We are no different in expecting either that LL give us what we bought, or a refund for the land we bought. Selling someone sims that are adult only and then saying children will get to use it too is a crooked bait and switch. It's as simple as that. I like the whole and breadth of the SL experience. The live music. The dances. The educational sims (Spindrift is where I take newbs to be wowed). The exciting and creative building community (though I remain apart from it). And yes, sometimes I spend a little quality time in my home with friends (not as often as I'd like, but I'm a busy wolf inworld). It was sold to me as a place where only adults may play and where I could do as I liked (within reasonable limits) on MY land. Now it's a nanny state where good taste police want to control everything we do or say -- now for the good of the children. I didn't pay money for such caca. I won't spend money for such caca. Most of SL won't spend money for such caca, as evidenced that that's not the sort of world they built in the first place. So when we adults leave, regardless of what we did for fun, you guys can pay for the whoooole thing yourselves. Just remember to turn out the lights behind you when LL closes down.
  10. SL was created as a wild wild west where no laws applied and you could be anything, do anything. "Your world, your imagination" if you'll recall. Then they got rid of gambling. Not fixed it so gambling could remain with a parallel monetary unit you could use to pay tier (which would be legal), got rid of. Then they took people's land with the predatory voidsim mess. Then they changed the "permissable behavior rules" stating you can't even talk about alcohol in public, etc etc. Then they (very poorly) remapped mainland and forced all the adult materials to the ghetto. Then they destroyed Search so nobody could FIND said ghetto anymore. Then they changed their TOS saying that nobody owns anything anymore in SL, thus making people quit "buying" land because it was a sucker sale. SL has in 3 years gone from a place where you can be anything and do anything to being even more draconian and oppressive than some police states out in the real world. And that's a shame. The only smart move I've seen in 3 years was the banking change, and really that rule should have been in place on day one. Otherwise, LL has constantly butted in on other people's fun -- the reason those people were here paying money to begin with. And with the latest LL change involving the teens, and now this, it's clear that people have finally had enough. Your customers are leaving, Phillip. They are leaving because you are NOT steering the lab back into profitable waters where you provide the services that we want and are willing to pay for. You are driving the lab into becoming a DisneyVirtualWorld that we see everywhere else in the net, and that we don't want and we won't continue to pay for. This was an Adult playground. How the adults played was THEIR business, just as what the adults drink in a bar is their business. But you and your board have gone and shot it up to hell and back trying to fix everything that wasn't broken and ignoring the things that were broken. You have 3 months Phillip. That's 3 months. Because when you torque off people enough to just abandon thousands and thousands of dollars of "investments" in your platform, you can be certain that they will forever remember what LL cost them and they and their money will never, never, ever have anything to do with LL or anything having anything to do with LL, ever again. And as you have recently figured out, those people willing to pay the big bucks to be in LL are already here -- you lose them and you lose your business.
  11. You make a fundamental error here. Every one of these are movies, and not a single one of the Nipple Shots you describe can be shown on network TV. In the movie theaters, seeing the boobies is because mommy and daddy took sprog to go see them. On broadcast TV, the nipples are a no-no because little sprog is legally underaged. And this completely misses the point we are making. The law is paranoid and unreasonable about protecting the children sometimes and tends to err on the side of caution -- who cares if he's innocent, lock him up on the mere suspicion so the kids can be safe. And unlike the movie theaters where one has to pay and deliberately choose to be there, a child on a PG parcel who "accidently" cams over and sees wanton 18 way lesbian action with a Vegamatic did not Pay, nor did the kid Choose to see it. So as the law is currently written, there is no difference between Timmy sneakily watching someone strip and someone emailing him erotic cartoons -- they are both transmissions of salacious materials via electronic means. A more accurate movie analogy to what the new proposed SL is going to be like would be taking the family out to see Bambi, and a new scene is added to it where Bambi is humping Falleen like there's no tomorrow. How do you think those twins shown at the end of the movie came to be? Sure, parents will be up in arms about it because they didn't expect Timmy to see any sex in a G movie -- just like they won't expect Timmy to see any sex when he's limited to the PG sims. But guess what Timmy is going to be able to cam and watch while he's sitting on that PG sim? And just like the parents will be calling the cops at the movie theater, they'll be calling the cops when Timmy goes camming, too. And the cops will lock up who, exactly? The CEO of LL? He didn't show Timmy anything. Timmy? He's a child and the underaged victim. The poor sod who got peeped on? Well, who ELSE flashed their boobs to little Timmy?
  12. The servers LL has to pay for are a fixed cost, whether they have clients paying for them or not. So if they are losing money on them, it's understandable that a small increase be passed along. But not doubling the price, especially after all the lip service about promoting education in SL. You could have easily said prices were going up 15% and there'd be some grumbling, but no exodus. However, as the lab is wont to do, it jacked up prices by unreasonable levels -- 100% in this case. And here we thought the voidsim debacle was predatory. If LL's profits are dropping, perhaps the CEO needs to examine the whys and reasons instead of jacking up the prices so he can show constant increases in profitability. Any business will have good years and bad years -- it's ludicruous to pretend otherwise. Long surviving businesses are more interested in remaining profitable, even if it means a quarter or two have no growth. Only idiots and MBAs think growth is forever and that showing an increasing profit for a quarter or two is more important than the foundations that the business is built upon and remaining profitable for the long run. Businesses that keep customers in lean years survive -- businesses that lose customers in lean years do not. And if keeping LL alive means lowering the profits for a few years, in the long term you still make more than you will if LL goes bankrupt in one year. X * 4/5 * 10years is far greater than X * 1 * 1.
  13. If you are leaving Nany, please take the teens with you. After all, you've repeatedly said how welcome they will be with you...
  14. Before, I was just confused. But now I'm beginning to suspect actual psychotic afliction. You are putting yourselves and all of us in grave legal danger to bring the teens into the main adult grid, principly for the educational access. Then in the midst of a global depression which is drying up education funds and causing school closures and teacher layoffs, you double the price for these sims where these precious snowflakes are supposed to be going?! So you are driving the educators away but leaving us regular customers with the kiddies -- kiddies that we never asked you to bring into the adult grid in the first place?! Here is a hint guys. You have to pay for all those servers whether you have customers paying for them or not. Correct some of the policies that have made people quit and lower the prices a small bit, and you'll have customers paying for the servers once more. Restore "ownership within SL" to the TOS and people will be more willing to invest again. Right now, since I can't own my land in SL or anything else in it, I have ZERO reason to pay 1$ -- never mind the thousands of dollars annually it takes to own a single island. You have grossly misunderstood that your customer base is predominately here for recreational purposes, and you've done everything imaginable to drive the fun out of SL. You've forgotten what brought YOU into SL to begin with and what fun you used to have. Now that we can't gamble or drink or drive wildly or shoot playguns at each other or dance/speak provocatively on the mainland anymore, just what do you expect us to do here in exchange for our massive amounts of cash? 1: Lower prices to increase land sales. 2: allow prims up to 100m to be made by premiums to drive up premium accounts. 3: create 512mx512m standalone islands for racing. This is very easy to do and will sell like hotcakes. 4: restore ownership of things in SL - just like land bought in Montana can't be taken out of the state, neither can land (or anything else) be taken out of SL. 5: initiate a "Welcome Home" program where people who abandoned islands can restart them again with no fee and no cost - just pick up the tier at the new lower rate once more and all is good. 6: create a G continent for the teens to be restricted to. Adults may enter it so educational ventures can work, but the teens may not enter the main grid. The bill-paying adults then are less worried about staying. All these things can be implemented in less than a month. It's nobody's fault but LL's if you dry out this cash cow and get no more milk from it.
  15. age of consent 17: Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Texas age of consent 18: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. So, if the CHILD lives in one of these states and gets caught watching you lounge naked in your hot tub, in your house, in your M parcel and following every rule in the volumous TOS, it will still be YOU in RL who gets charged with illicit contact with a minor, a felony. And since it's across state lines (probably) then you get a nice federal rapsheet as well. Go ahead and roll the dice. You've only got a 40% chance that the teen you don't even know is hanging around and camming you is underage in a state where your "transmission of salacious imagery via electronic means" is sufficient to have you arrested and branded a child pervert for the rest of your life. That nice job? Kiss it goodbye, along with the house, car, computer and family it affords you. Let's make it simpler. Just go to a game store and buy a 20 sider and roll it. If it's 8 or less, you commit Hari Kari in whatever manner suits you. It's little different from playing in SL starting this January...
  16. @Dave The 13-15 year olds ONLY are restricted to the institutional islands. Those teens who are 16 and 17, they will be free to wander PG sims on the mainland -- the lab has said so right here. And when they are wandering the PG sims, they will have zero difficulty seeing into M parcels, watching people in M parcels (who likely won't even be aware of the peeping toms) and purchasing ADULT stuff from the stores in M parcels. All with a little bit of Perv-camming. The adult grid is not child-safe. Period. And nothing short of tweaking the M servers so that teens (it's called the General Bit for detection) never get any textures or prim data from an M sim will make it child safe. You cannot have kids in a bar for legal reasons. The same legal mess exists bringing kids into an adult grid as well. It will take considerable effort to make the adult VR world legally acceptable for children to enter, yet remain an adult VR world. Again with the bar analogy; we had a bar in the local RL area that wanted to expand and become more family friendly. So half of the place became a pizza joint while the other half remained a bar. The results were that families still would go elsewhere because they didn't want their kids to see the bar. And bar patrons would go elsewhere because they didn't want to hang around children and watch their potty mouths. End of story? The place went bust in 8 months.
  17. I have spelled out to LL in psuedocode exactly how the sim software can be modded ever so slightly so that teens cannot see ANYTHING on M or A sims. It also has the advantage that it prevents teens from camming into M stores and making purchases that they aren't supposed to be able to make. Yes, it makes entire M sims vanish from the teens view. But since they aren't supposed to be doing anything in M to begin with (or be able to walk on the roads in M sims) it should be a very small price to pay. The alternatives are: * do nothing, and some of us will be arrested for contributing to the deliquency of a minor. * have another great earthquake and create seperate continents for M, A and PG (which should have been done on day one) * leave teen grid alone to begin with. Since a true seperation of the content into proper continents is unrealistic (though ideal) and many stores have stock of PG and M stuff in their M stores, the best solution I can imagine is one where the M sims simply don't rez at all for the teens. If Timmy can't see boobies, Timmy's "God Warrior" mom can't have your arrested for showing Timmy boobies. And for adults, the grid will look normal, just the same as it does today. Only the teens will have empty sims in view, and that's only for 2 years. It's not only possible, I've shown exactly how to do it and with very little code increase. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6242
  18. While I have met a few sheeple here in SL, there have been far fewer than you'd think. SL by its very nature requires people with pretty good incomes, creativity and computer savvy. Much like the internet in the 90s, it's the pervue of people with enough money and skill to actually afford the computer gear to run the program and the technical skill to be able to make it work. Not as restrictive as the net in the 90s, but you see my point -- the knuckle draggers are watching wrestling instead of buying 1500$ computers and spending 60$ a month for bandwidth and yet another 75$ a month for virtual property and virtual stuff. Most people with such free money aren't ignoramouses. (Ignoramice?) This is one of the problems with how LL interacts or fails to interact with the customers. We aren't stupid consumers and yet LL treats us as if we were brainless TV watchers rather than cutting-edge pioneers. LL: We are going to do X. customers: Bad idea. That will cause Y to occur which will cause people to leave. LL: Based on customer demand, we are going to do X. customers: What?! We said don't! LL: We have done X. customers: And Y has happened, just like we warned you it would. LL: Y has happened, and it's all the remaining customers fault Y has happened. customers: What?! Lather. Rinse. Repeat. LL is still in a pioneering mode and will be in such a state until every computer in the field has the wherewithall and bandwidth to be able to run SL well. Until then, LL needs to get out of its GM mentality where they pretend the customer knows nothing and will gobble up whatever garbage they put out. A great many people in SL are highly skilled technically and some of us handle 100s of millions of dollars worth of business annually besides. We aren't stupid. And being treated like we are ignorant peasants who couldn't possibly understand basic customer service (don't sell a product and then substitute another inferior product!) just makes us wonder why we are bothering to spend time and money here in the first place. I'll tell you why I'm still here. I'm here because my friends are here. I'm here because my group still has a few islands in the chain and I still get something being able to socialize with them. But the excrement level is driving more and more of them to eat the financial losses and leave. You gotta really tick people off to convince them to just walk away from a few grand of real money. And when they are gone, nothing you can say or do will convince them to come back. And as more and more of them quit, I have less and less reason to come inworld and spend money myself. LL finally crossed the BS tripping point with a lot of folks when it decided to bring the teens into the adult grid. Seems that facing RL legal troubles because of LL's incompetence was the final straw for many people. And as the due date comes closer, the losses will grow. And to think I had hope for SL because Phillip was returning. I never once dreamed Phillip would be coming back with a big sharp knife to gut his beloved grid.
  19. There were no secrets to AU - it was built upon OpenSocial and the source code was obtainable for free.
  20. Absolutely Ceera. If money was LL's issue, then LL should have SOLD the AU site to anybody, anywhere. That would have made LL something green to put in the bank and avoided bad press. Instead LL chose to lose all their money, downgrade the other AU users' attitudes about SL from "uninterested" to "Actively Loathe", get tons and tons of bad word of mouth on every other gaming forum on the big wide net, and become a laughing stock in the business world for it's serious case of Corporate Attention Deficit Disorder. And then LL wonders why nobody takes SL seriously for any serious applications.
  21. yEs, yes, we all know that teens are sneaking into the adult grid today. Do you know why we aren't worried about that today? We aren't worried because it is the KID who broke the law by sneaking into the grid that pointedly says 18+ only. Just like it's the kid who gets arrested and not the liquor store owner when the kid steals beer from the corner shop. Today the grid is spelled out as being for adults only and we cannot be charged when a kid breaks the law and comes in anyway. But all that changes when the grid is suddenly open for teenagers. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Since the liquor store welcomed kids in and sold them beer, now the OWNER is the one who gets arrested and not the kids. The difference is who commited the first criminal act -- LL or those lying about their identity. When the kid lies, the kid takes the fall (which is nothing). But when the kid doesn't have to lie or break the law and still gets to see XXX whatever, then it is LL and the rest of us who take the fall (with life-destroying consequences). Either make it so the kids cannot see adult materials or keep them out of the adult grid. I will not allow my teen kids into a mixed grid, and I certainly won't jeopardize my RL just so I can play with your glowing Legos.
  22. Try clearing the cache and relogging. Apparently the caching system is still unfinished and having one index structure for 1.23, another for 2.0, another for 2.1 and yet a fourth version for 2.2 is causing incredible messes. This appears to be a big issue with people going back and forth between 1.23 TPV and 2.0+ LL viewers.
  23. @mariella: No, that was a proposal I suggested and put into the Jira. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6242? LL has not said they will make it so Teen accounts cannot see anything that isn't on PG land. I am glad you liked my proposal. More people voting on it might help make it a reality. But at this moment, it's just a pipe dream.
  24. @Brenna: The estates for the 13 - 15 year olds will be far removed from the mainland. That is true. However, the 16 and 17 year olds will be allowed on PG land on the mainland. And if that was all it was, I wouldn't be the slightest bit concerned. However, go to PG sometime and cam across the border to a Mature sim. You can see into the M sim regardless of the fact you are in PG. You can see into the M sim regardless of the fact that you are or are not a 16 year old. And people have private homes and public businesses in Mature that are well within camming range of hot and horny teens who cannot leave PG, but can still see out of it -- homes and businesses with adult gear and installed in an adult grid and pointedly spelled out as permissible in Mature sims. So we have underaged kids (legally they are kids -- if you don't like the definition, talk to your legislature) who can see inside people's homes in Mature. And if they see me lounging au natural in my hot tub, it's legally no different than if I emailed them pics of my privates -- erotic imagery was transmitted to them by electronic means. And if their parents catch the teen playing as a peeping tom, who gets in legal hot water? I do. I don't even have to know the kid's name or even know they are watching; it's my butt that goes to the butt raping place in RL and get to enjoy all the other fun fun experiences a sex deviant charge brings, like losing my house and home and family. All because I committed the heinous act of lounging in my hot tub as permitted in the TOS. I'll even add more fuel to the fire. How about all the businesses that sell naked skins or "other" stuff that are in camming distance of PG land? It's child's play to cam to a store and click BUY when you aren't even in the store. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. So here you have a store owner who the law says is "supplying prurient materials" and "contributing to the deliquency of a minor" because the vendors in the store supply erotic material to whoever ponies up the L to buy them. And the first these business owners will know about it will be when the police come knocking on their doors at 3am. Now... add the FBI to the happy fun experience which the 16 year olds being allowed into mainland will cause -- guess what level of felony it is when you supply racy imagery to a child across state lines? Oh, that's a Federal rap? Yep, you guessed it in one. So you will be potentially facing your county atty general, your state atty general, and the atty general for whatever region of the country you are in... all because little Timmy peeped over that Maginot Line you call the PG/Mature border and got caught by mommy and daddy and call the cops.
  25. Still no word on how you are going to prevent us from being arrested for being naked in a hottub in our own homes in Mature, and little Betsie gets caught by her daddy camming in and watching us. You are putting your customers and yourselves in legal jeopardy by allowing children (legally they are children) into an adult grid with no way to prevent them from seeing adult materials. If you ran an adult video store and failed to keep the underaged kids out, you'd be arrested. I don't know why you all believe that running an adult grid and then inviting underaged kids IN will end up any differently.
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