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  1. We have just lost someone dear to us. Over the past 3 years we have owned and merged and sold various parcels. I'm not sure if she owns any of what is left. How can we find out so that when her premium membership expires we don't end up losing everything? We don't know for certain that she had any left.
  2. I finally have a video card capable of making machinima possible and not painful. I only have a few short clips so far. Must learn editing tools. Is there a good free one somewhere? Then it will be worth it to youtube for me http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicia_mureaux/5588163996/
  3. valerie Inshan wrote: I use Alicia's tip, resfreshing every 2 seconds until the right moment comes. :smileyhappy: Just when the dress perfectly swirls so the stillshot gives the idea of movement. Gorgeous Valerie!! It still is a challenge to get the perfect moment. When you to find it the result is worth the time spent. ETA : Next for me is to figure out this forum avatar :womanmad:
  4. :smileyhappy: After you get the shot framed don't forget to click the refresh snapshot button!
  5. Freeze frame is your bestest friend when capturing motion pictures. It will allow you to pan around as long as the animation doesn't change to something else if you didn't know.
  6. Link it in your paypal and you can use it that way. I've used gift cards that way for a long time
  7. If you haven't done this yet, try creatin a separate folder for the 2.0 cache and one for each viewer you use. I have had odd random things like that happen from time to time and specific folders for each viewer seems to help.
  8. I was just able to get in with no problems. Using a password from about 9 months ago.
  9. The one dollar charge is not technically removing the money from your account. It is a hold, saying that LL has the rights to that one dollar. Usually in 5-7 business days that hold would automatically release. When you go to a hotel, typically the hotel will take and put a hold for the amount of the room and tax plus an additional $30-$50 a day to cover 'incidentals' such as phone calls, movies or other room charges. When you check out and settle your bill the true amount of your charges get sent to the credit card company, usually less than what is held in reserve. It will take the few
  10. Gonna have to say strip club is ok as long as there is not the emotes for sexual activity. Naturist resorts are allowed (I'm pretty sure) to be considered mature. So as long as you don't show/promote overtly sexaul activity, intercourse or erect bits, I would think it would be ok. Photorealistic nudity I believe to be uploading RL pictures to sl and using those. Most avatar skins are not photorealistic with the bits or are they? I've never paid that close attention to see if the bits are cropped photos or painted.
  11. I'm assuming you are trying to visit a slulr by clicking in Firefox. I had that problem for a while and it magically went away with a firefox update. If SL is not running clicking on a slurl from a web page should open the viewer. If you are inworld it will give you the landmark in your sl viewer. If you copy the url to your clipboard you can paste into chat and get to it that way also. I don't know what the problem is with Firefox but this may help you next time you see something over the web you want to visit.
  12. Another very useful feature after you click the snapshot button, put a check mark in the Freeze frame (full screen preview) box. This will enable you to pan around your av to find the angle you like best. Then click the refresh snapshot button and save it either to your hard drive or upload directly into SL. If you save to your hard drive you will be able to do some post processing in a graphics program like Photoshop or GIMP and upload after you are completely happy with the results.
  13. Since you have a coalesced object to rez, also make sure you have plenty of room for all the objects to rez. Torley has some good advice here : http://vodpod.com/watch/1750203-difference-between-1-prim-linked-coalesced-objects Edit: Ella's post didn't show up till I peeked my head in.
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