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  1. Read this first--> http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/73630#73630
  2. Necroposting is still bad... This OP is from JANUARY.
  3. DrD has the right idea to mark the edges There is also a fence that you can buy (my partner has one) that wraps round the perimeter if your parcel. up to 4096 meters, it will work and show you the exact bounds. PM me here or IM me inworld and I will find the reference.
  4. as long as the land is push enabled, there are several useful pets. One is a cat that is about as much real cat as anything in SL. And it has a set boundary so you can leave it in charge of your house and it will push any intruder out of the area that it is protecting. And when you come home it will jump into your arms and purr. And you never sneeze from it, because it is hypoalergenic.
  5. So the Lindens are the Mafia? or is that a mistaken reading? Maybe I can translate this. "I don't understand how it works, so it must be cheating me. Therefore I will cheat back." " I want a refund of what I am not going to pay." Did I get that right? Just checking. English was not my first language either. It was babbytalk.
  6. /me tosses Beautiful Cinn a bottle of St. John's Wort. 900 mg a day, dear one, and you will endure anything that LL can throw at you!
  7. Yeah, Daria, I used it for a while and it was pretty crappy. Looking inside it, it is not much more than a poor implimentation of ZHAO with some bad poses.
  8. Ohhhh Cinn! That what the funnniest thing I have seen in weeks! TY! and they got it RIGHT! Message was edited by: LongThinker Greybeard to say I didn't look at the date! Damn! necroposting is not good. BUT it was funny!
  9. ARs can take days to investigate. or more. Cinn's advice is best. If you do not have perms to return items, you can contact your LL. If it were me, and my Landlord didn't give me control over my own land, I would find one that does.... There is a buyers' / renters' market right now, and not being able to return items from your land (even if rented) should be a clear signal to move.
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