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  1. Thanks for the answers - my curiosity is satisfied! It is good to know how the technology works...every day I learn something new, SL is amazing. And full of helpful residents
  2. Just curious - bought one of those waterfront "waffle grid" parcels divided up by water channels, the sim ends a few meters into the water.  Some of the neighbors have off sim islands, which I've seen at stores, where you can sit on them to get there.  Is the off sim water basically just a mirage?  If so, how does putting an island with hammocks and waterfalls out there work?  I am also wondering why some of the neighbors have boats docked at their parcels, is there some script that lets the boats travel off sim?  (Or maybe the boats are just there to look cool LOL).  If someone could point me to a good Water FAQ that would be awesome. (I did manage to install an above ground pool and got the swimmable water figured out there, which is a start!).
  3. Skybox went up flawlessly and fit with just a few meters to spare on the width. I'm going to work on adding a pool next, hope that goes as well. The land surface is around 18 elevation which is probably too high to hit Linden water without doing some major digging...so will look into that swimmable prim water pool type. And take some building classes to learn how to alter terrain. The little beach front needs some sand Thanks again for the help!
  4. Thank you everyone for all the helpful answers, lots of good methods here... Will try the rez on the ground then Z axis up one, have not bought the box yet so can plan ahead and do it right the first time (hopefully!).
  5. Just bought a parcel and if I plotted it right it is 31 x 59m (did Show Land Owners, walked to 4 corners, logged coords). Found a great skybox that is "about" 30 x 40 per vendor (it's not a rectangle, more like several linked spheres so harder to measure). I am wondering how close to the edge of parcel I can place the box if it's way up there above 500m, I know from reading these forums it is a violation to cross the line .   This is my first real land and big rez so any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Clearing the cache as Eternus suggested helped a great deal, there was still some funkiness going on with the face, then unchecked the Hardware Skinning box and the beautiful makeup and glowing face came back (on the avatar anyway LOL). Thanks for the advice!
  7. Hi, am having a skin problem that might turn out to be a graphics setting issue.  Started out with a free skin for first month, no issues or shadows.  Couple days ago upgraded to a more costly skin from a seller recommended on these forums. Everything looked terrific then dark grey-black patches started showing up on cheeks (giant shadows?) then forehead.  Then last night after trying on belly jewelry the whole body got dark streaks in a major way, almost like the underlying muscles were poking through? more than just a lighting issue!  I took the jewelry off and body streaks went away (yay) but then after a while arm streaks started showing up. If I do "change appearance" the face looks fine while in mode, then when back to regular mode face starts degrading and within a few minutes arms too (night of the living dead!). Have tried various tests. Original skin back on works.  It is a thick skin with no shading or highlights or much definition (one uniform color).The new skin paired with the matching vendor demo shape, patches.  Tried 2 other sample shapes, no go.Demo skin from another popular vendor, patches.Take hair and everything off, stand under local lights at home with lights on and preferences set to show local lights, still grey patches.Went to 2 different sims, still patches.Restarted computer.Tried regular SL viewer and Beta viewer.Fiddled with "bit mapping and shiny" "shading" toggles and some of the low-med-high rez settings on the graphics menu with no discernible changes.  I don't think I changed any graphics settings before this leaky skin problem started. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I really like the look of the new skins and am willing to spend a lot of time on adjusting graphics to get it right
  8. Am new to SL (1 month) and am in a Linden Home in Meadowbrook, and am curious: Can people outside my home hear the TV / music streaming? Is there an easy way to plot out the 20 meter radius around the house to see who is impacted during local chat?  If I'm typing into the Chat Box for the TV, will the houses next door see "Nickelback" or "funny pets" etc?  Do people use the Whisper function instead when they are in range? Thanks!
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