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  1. I have to admit I was afraid I had done something to bring the wrath of LL down on me... /me wipes her brows with the back of her wrist and sighs with relief I'm going to go find some sims and ask around. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. (P.S. now if someone would just get the nose shape correct - perhaps that is a copyrighted item...)
  2. Lindal Kidd wrote: Ignore the Faubio, her tongue is going to go right through her cheek. I'd find that Pandora sim first, then talk to the regulars there and find out where they got THEIR skins and shapes. There ARE such to be found...the only problem is that it's a bit difficult, because CALLING the products by the names Avatar, or Pandora, or Nav'i will get them removed by a Linden Lab vigilant about protecting copyrighted material. So Search will probably not uncover all the Avatar-inspired products that are out there. Thank you Lindal! This is really helpful. It doesn't touch in any sensitivity someone might have about advertising, yet it gives me what I need to know to answer the question myself... I was starting in the wrong place, the skin. I need to find a RP sim and then go from there, meeting people and asking the ones who's appearence I like what their personal experience was while shopping, etc. The skins I have found have been the result of tags or keywords of some kind that include Na'vi or Pandora, but the products themselves do not include any such name. I wondered about that, now it makes sense. Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
  3. /me nods toward the grey beard and thinks what John Norman must think of SL... So, not only am I seeking the best quality Na'vi Skin and Shape, I am also seeking a great Pandora sim. Thought the latter seems much easier than finding a great skin and shape. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have look at some skins at PAC that seem good.
  4. Being totally enthralled with the life on Pandora, and not wanting to make a mistake that I will regret later (wanting to do it right the 1st time)... Can anyone suggest a great place to look for Na'vi skins and shapes?!
  5. I have a Dell with an ATI and two ThinkPads with Nvidea. The ThankPads run SL very well, SL sometimes causes the ATI driver to crash. Though I expect newer versions will differ as has been expressed in this thread. Check also LL's recommendations, they used to recommend Nvidea over ATI, that may also have changed.
  6. Thank you Carsten, now I really do feel silly, but it doesn't stop me for being grateful for the answer...
  7. Since installing SL 2.0 there is a white orb over everyone's head. Can someone tell me what this is? What benefit it might be? What purpose...? And especially, LOL... is there a way to turn it off?! Thank you very much for helping with what I know seems like a silly thing! ~Wilde
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