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  1. Greetings!

    When Product Listings were originally  are created using a Quick Fill Template, the system fills out ALL language tabs with the information from the Quick Fill Template.  The Merchant is then required to edit each language option to update the information so that it pertained to the newly created product listing. 

    Many merchants only update the default English Language Tab and do not update any of the other languages, resulting in listings that when viewed in English have the correct information for the item being sold in that listing, but when viewing the Marketplace in a localized language, would show the information from the Product Listing that was used as the Quick Fill Template. 

    This should not be happening with new listings.  The current behavior is to copy the information from the English language tab only, and then  (Thank you for the updated testing, Elvina Ewing!)

    If the item used for a Quick Fill Template does not have any information filled out in the Non English Localized languages, then the system will only fill in the English Language tab when the new listing is created.

    If the Merchant does not enter any information in the other language localizations, the system will default to showing the information that is in the English language tab/localization. 

    This means that older listings that the merchant didn't update correctly/manually may still be showing the information from whatever Listing was used as the Quick Fill Template when they created the listing. 

    Merchants can use the Bulk Update feature to quickly clear all of that other information from their Product listings. 

    *Visit your Merchant Home page

    *Click on Marketplace Listings in the menu on the left

    *Change the option to show up to 100 listings at a time

    * Put a check in the box left of the word 'Date' in the column (this will select all listings on the page, up to 100 at a time)

    *Scroll to the bottom of the page and change the 'Modify selected items:' option to Edit then click the Go button

    The system will open a Blank Edit Listing page

    *Click on Each Non English language tab (Click the Language word to open the tab)

    *On each language tab but a checkmark in the boxes for Item Title, Product Features, Extended Description, and Keywords 


    The actual fields for each of those 4 options MUST remain blank in order to clear the information. 

    *Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update button. 

    The system may take a minute or 2 to process the update. Once done, the page will reload back to your Manage Listings page and you see a Green Highlighted Success message at the top of the list. 

    If you have more than 100 listings, scroll to the bottom of the list, click the option to go to the next page and then rinse and repeat the above steps until all product listings have been cleared. 


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  2. Greetings, All!

    The Marketplace Sales Notification Emails are not sent by the system until the order itself moves to the Delivered Status and the sale itself is actually completed.  This means if an order is in the Being Delivered status due to any type of issue, including Billing Issues, there wont be a Notification Sent on the sale. 

    The SL Grid Status Report does show that there was Billing Maintenance on October 7, 2021.  https://status.secondlifegrid.net/

    If Marketplace Orders were delayed due to the Billing Maintenance, then the orders would show as Being Delivered and the Sales Notification Email wouldn't have been sent out until after the sale completed once the Billing Maintenance was completed AND any pending Marketplace Orders got caught up. 

    If you are still seeing an unusual number of orders in the Being Delivery status that are not completing in a timely manner, and especially if you are seeing them while there is no Billing Maintenance indicated, please ensure that you create a Bug Report so that the Engineers can investigate the reports as quickly as possible.

    Thank you!

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  3. Greetings, All

    There are 4 reasons why an item may become unlisted:

    1. It was flagged by another user & the Governance Team reviewed the report and unlisted the item. 

    2. The Marketplace runs automatic checks and if it finds an issue with an item the item may be unlisted

    3. Inventory load issues. 

    4. Limited Quantity Items sold the last available stock item. 

    In the case of 1 and 2 the system will attempt to send the seller an email.  The seller MUST have Email Notifications Enabled for actions against a product listing and the seller must have a current, valid, email address on file for their Second Life Account. 

    With regards to Inventory Load issues. Marketplace Items are directly linked to items in the sellers inventory.   If the seller logs in world and does not allow their inventory to load before opening the Marketplace Listings UI window, the Marketplace may not "see" the items yet, and the items can become unlisted.  This will usually result in a message in world regarding missing stock or other issues with the listing. 

    If you notice that products are no longer listed, please check your email for a notification from Second Life.  If you do not see an email, including in your trash or spam folder, check your settings to ensure that you have the notifications enabled. (Log into the Marketplace web site - Click on My Marketplace at the top of the page - Click on My account in the drop down options. On the Account Page, click on Notification settings in the menu on the left). 


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  4. Greetings!

    Blocking the seller should block any redeliveries of items from that seller. 

    Since this is a new feature, there may be many merchants trying it out and the rate of bulk redelivered items should settle down. :)

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  5. 7 hours ago, Lucia Nightfire said:

    @Dakota Linden

    Is there a way for users to disable receiving redeliveries executed by store owners?

    Now I'm getting creators that feel the need to fill up my Received Items folder with version changes, no matter how trivial the change, including demos.

    I don't want to have to block these store owners and IDEK if that will stop it either.

    Hello, Lucia!

    At this time it is not possible to block receiving the bulk redeliveries from sellers.  

    I would encourage you to create a Jira Request or attend the next Web User Group where you can submit your suggestion for the ability to block receiving the redeliveries. 

  6. Greetings, All!  

    I wanted to provide everyone with a little bit of information on this brand spanking new feature. 

    Bulk Redelivery is processed through the Product Listing itself. 

    Open your product listing and there is a new "Schedule Redelivery" link above the Buy buttons on the right side. 

    Click on the Schedule Redelivery link and you will receive a confirmation pop up. 

    Click on the OK Button to confirm that you wish to schedule the redelivery.  

    NOTE: This is an automated and automatic process. Merchants cannot pick the date and time of the redelivery. 

    Once you have confirmed the redelivery, you will automatically be redirected to your Bulk Redelivery History page.  

    The Entry for the product redelivery will be at the top of the list with the Name of the Item Listing (this is a link to the product listing itself), the Date of the Redelivery, and the current status of the process. 

    The status will show Scheduled with the ability to cancel the redelivery, if you so choose. 

    Once the redelivery process is completed, the status will change from Scheduled to Complete. 


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  7. Greetings, Paulsian

    Please accept my apologies!! 

    Until I read the section of my comments that you quoted, I did not realize how brusk that sounds. It was not in any way my intention to sound that way. 

    The forums are here for you, the user, to have a central location with which to communicate with other users that you would not normally have contact with in Second Life. 

    Discussions about ideas, issues, concerns, suggestions, etc. are great on the forums since the discussion can, and does, provide differing view points regarding a subject, but since these forums are informal and are set up for the users to communicate with each other, they are not designed for submitting "official" suggestions, concerns, or bug reports to Linden Lab.

    The Jira issue tracker is the official/formal location for reporting techy stuff (not abuse related) to Linden Lab since that is where all of the stuff is tracked for the various Development teams and engineers, but with User Groups, they are the perfect way to have contact directly with the teams themselves in a more informal/casual setting.  

    Hope everyone is having a nice week!

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  8. Greetings, All!

    If you believe that an item or content violates the Linden Homes Covenant, please file an Abuse Report on the content using the option: Land - Objects or Textures. 


    The forums are not the appropriate place to try to submit suggestions.  They are a Community Participation Forum where users can talk with and engage with other users. 

    While the Patch, Tommy, Kristin, the Moles, and others do occasionally post to the forums, and may even reply to some posts or threads, the forums are not and never have been the appropriate location for submitting suggestions or issues. 

    If you have encountered an issue, you are strongly encouraged to submit a Bug Report and provide as much information as possible so that the Engineers can investigate the report. 

    If you wish to discuss general issues or submit suggestions, please see if the topic is covered by one of the User Groups teams.  If it does, then please endeavor to attend, or try to find another user who can attend, where the concern or suggestion can be submitted directly to that team. 



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  9. Greetings, So Whimsy!

    The "fix" for Chrome isn't a fix.  It is a shortcut to clear the browser cookie. 

    Unfortunately, I do not use Firefox so I am not sure if that browser has a similar shortcut to clearing Cache/Cookies, but clearing the browser cache and any Second Life or Second Life Marketplace cookies that are stored should resolve the Too Many Redirects message. 

  10. Greetings, All!

    While I can provide no information on why this happens, I can provide an easy way to clear it in Chrome.

    Right click on the page and choose Inspect from the Menu Options.

    Click on the Application tab

    It should default to the Cookies portion, if not, click on Cookies 

    If you have more than one Cookie showing, click on the one for the Marketplace

    Right click on the Cookie and choose "Clear" - this should be the only option. 

    Close the Inspect window by clicking on the X at the far right. 

    Reload the Marketplace web page. 


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  11. Greetings, All!

    It should no longer be necessary to ensure that your avatar is not in Busy mode. Originally when items were sent to a user from the Marketplace, the receiver got an IM type message letting them know that an item was being delivered and they had to accept the delivery. If you were in Busy or Unavailable mode, the delivery message was automatically declined, resulting in the item not being delivered. 

    This behavior should no longer happen.  When you purchase an item from the Marketplace it is automatically dropped into the Received Items section of the SL Inventory Window and you will receive a system message letting you know that an item was delivered. 

    It is no longer necessary to accept the delivery of the item. 

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  12. Greetings, All!

    We have moved this thread to the Role Play area where it seems more suited than the Lifestyles and Relationships area. 

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  13. Greetings!

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to bulk redeliver items to all users who previously purchased an item through the Marketplace. 

    When you update an item, the system has the ability to use Version folders, so the newly updated item would be a different "version" from the original item.  As long as that new version is the item actually set as the active item on the listing, then anyone who gets a redelivery of the item would receive the new version just as anyone who purchases the item after you have updated it would also be getting the new version of the item. 

    You can, and I would encourage all sellers to do this, put a notice at the top of the Item Listing Description (Extended Description field on the Edit Listing Page) letting everyone know that the item was updated. 

    ** Updated June 21, 2021 ** 

    If you have purchased the item before June 21, 2021, please request a redelivery to receive the updated version 

    Or some other similar type of notice.  

    If you download a copy of your sales record (depending on how many sales you have, this should be done on a monthly, twice monthly, or weekly basis for your own personal record keeping. The more sales you have, the more often you should download the report), you should be able to sort the record by Item Name to see which sales were for the specific item.  

    You then have different options available to you. You can send the updated copy to each user in world or send them an IM/Notecard letting them know that the item was updated and they can receive the newer version by requesting a redelivery of the item through the Marketplace, or you can pull up each order through your Merchant home - Orders - Transaction History log and manually redeliver the items to all of your customers who purchased the item before the date it was updated. 

    I would personally encourage sellers to attend the Web User group, if possible,  if they have suggestions or ideas for new features or functions that they would like to see on the Marketplace, like bulk redelivery. 

    The Web User group is hosted by the teams who have direct input on the Marketplace and submitting suggestions directly to them is a great way to let them know that there is demand for a particular feature that merchants would like to have, if possible. 



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