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  1. I'll clarify this... or repost part of the OP, since these posts are repeating. "2. getting a halo around png alpha textures on prims. Wasn't happening before." I've had the texture I mentioned for about a year in SL. I looked at the original, it was fine just like I have done for 1000's of other textures over the past three decades of computer graphics work. Some how some time it got botched, either in jp2 conversion or after, don’t know. But I’ll just replace/reupload the texture using a different format, as mentioned. Not very worried about it, it’s rare that I use alpha textures. The real upload cost hit will be replacing all my other converted png textures that just want to flicker now. Done deal.
  2. yeah figures they don't even allow uploading the format that they convert to
  3. @Josh Hmm? She wants to roleplay it seems, and that is roleplay... with an ending. Otherwise just mute. I assume it's a problem, since this is a third party report/post... or maybe they want to RP divorce? Who knows. If someone is going to talk smack forever as you put it, just report them, their obviously mental. This is why I have no involvement with such relationships over the internet be they real or RP, people get too squirrelly sitting behind a keyboard all day long fussing over emotional thoughts outside of their control.
  4. Captain Edwyn's 5 step recovery program for divorce and the nuts it produces. 1. guns are legal in SL, buy one. 2. lure her to a combat-on location. 3. shoot her. 4. bury the corpse. 5. put her ghost on mute. End of proooblem!
  5. Thanks. I'll just be exporting all my graphics for SL using jpeg2000 in the future. I assume it doesn't convert an image if it is already jpeg2000.
  6. As far as paypal goes, it also needs to be a "verified" paypal account. I've researched this, and it is very pointless, no real difference between verified and non-verified for the receiver. Verified you must plug a CC# or bank account into paypal. Second Life is so far the only game/mmo I've found that requires a verified paypal account. I simply do not use my CC# or bank account # on-line. Look what just happened to SOE! I always use game cards or paypal with a debit card refill code that works for paypal, they sell them at many places. So even though I have quite a bit of cash in paypay, they still wont accept it here. Basically forced me to use a 3rd party exchange because I don't want to worry about having my bank account breached by some hacker, and at that I buy less Lindens due to the poor exchange rate using a 3rd party exchange. I guess I can live w/o the sub, but less Lindens to spend to help support my favorite SIM's I guess. And yes, as for those cards, I assume you are speaking of the gift cards visa/mastro/AE, hardly anyplace accepts those any longer apart from those that sell them. It's all really odd me thinks, all these alternative payment methods but so many are refusing them now and requiring plastic that can be tracked and easily stolen as well. It really is good money for some to be able to review your purchases for their marketing research schemes. I don’t like being tracked, it’s nobodies business what I buy.
  7. Well Captain Edwyn's bio can be found here: https://my.secondlife.com/captain.edwyn As for looks, well that changes a lot as well as gender. Depends where Captain Edwyn goes and what's happening. Man, Woman, Werewolf (as seen on profile page) or robot, whatever. I make skins and stuff sometimes so I may as well use them. Here is one of my favorites:
  8. hah yeah me too. I like the Victorian or Napoleonic era rp stuff the best. Including tall ships etc. But yes, historical mostly, pre-19th century but not too far back. Maybe between 14th and early 18th century of Western culture. Outside of that, around 285AD centering on the Western Roman Empire but more in the role of an occupied nation struggling against the Empire to some degree, such as the Gallic Empire. Galls vs. Romans, would be interesting. Though that does not interest me as much as Victorian/Napoleonic era, which is fun to build for as sailing is really good in SL. Eh but anyway, should be more of what interests the person making/organizing it. Like with any development projects, you must have a passion for what you are doing, not just because others seem to want something. It’s often the leading reason why indie game projects go vapor (most do), as they go chasing after something that does not really interest them. Heh and like all the WoW clones that go belly up, chasing after a rainbow of treasures (they never find) rather than a true passion for the art of game making. Modern times, not sure. I’ve seen a lot of my favorite modern sims die off and close. Alternate reality is something interesting. But most ‘RP’ stuff here in SL seems to center on Victorian, Steampunk, Gothic (vampire/werewolf), Old West (cowboys) and high fantasy. At least that is often the actual active RP groups I see. Then within that scope or beyond, you would often need a killer app/script. Such as an alternate currency for RP, or a scoring and tracking system for all the zombies everyone kills etc. Really, that does help a lot it seems. Probably less about the many SIMs that can be stitched together with a theme, but more about how the RP’ers conduct their daily lives within the simulation, having specialty scripts/huds to interact one with another.
  9. 1. So I found this: VWR-20185: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-20185? But it just gives me the info that there is some problem with png's? But not exact. Now on PNG w/o alpha I get some flickering effect; where as the texture stops showing as if becoming an alpha. That when panning angles. If I use a lossy jpg (jpg's are ebil imo), then there is no flickering on/off of that jpg image format texture. If I layer some prims with png's like one ontop another at about 1m distance in this case, the top prim with the png will not show at all - or very hard to find an angle for it to show. That's my observation at least. However, on an older build, where I used PNG's (non-alpha), no problemo. Any new build though, just flickers. Have tried multiple viewers. Oh and have seen this problem with other peoples builds, like transparent/flickering tree ttextures, where you see through holes in the trees to trees behind them etc... though I'm sure those are alpha textures more like in the jira report. 2. getting a halo around png alpha textures on prims. Wasn't happening before. Seems to have just started the past few weeks or so. So like the alpha png flag on my ship, I now get a white boarder around the texture between the masked alpha part and the visible areas (the flag texture). This really shows up pretty intensely at night settings as opposed to day settings. Looked fine before, and still works fine in other real-time rendering engines, but suddenly not here so well. So is there something going on, and is there a work around? I don't usually use TGA, havent tried it here, though the jira is reporting some problems with it as well so guessing I'll get the same effect. Actually I only use png or DDS highly preferable, though I see no option for DDS :( edit: hmm actually didn't know they convert it all to jpeg2000, just found that out. So I guess it's not the png or tga formats that are the problem, but the jpeg2000 conversion they are using? So I guess this is why I'm not having problems in other render engines. hehe why on earth jpeg2000 in a real-time rendering engine?!? Personal opinion, but DDS as it is the only format that stays compressed in VRAM and then some other format for transparencies imo would be better (and common). But anyway, guess it’s something to do with their reformat.
  10. "I honestly wanted her to just be herself with me. It is still how I feel about the people I hang out with in SL. But all this brings me to the topic at hand, The question I posted in the subject line. How do you define 'Roleplay?' Hmm well there is no 'universal guidelines for role-playing'. "be yourself" if obviously not role-playing of course. But you can't define it or force others into how to be/act (to be themselves), you will only get frustrated and be a kill joy to boot However, groups define role-play for their own participation, and people are encouraged to join but follow the guidelines set. Some are strict, some are lenient, just depends on the group and what they are trying to accomplish. In some cases, people join such groups to expand their writing skills, a source of inspiration for that novel or short story they may be writing, or RP blog site. Others just want escapism, a break from the mundane daily grind of life and script or improvise (usually improv) interactions with other people in diverse settings unlike their RL. But the bottom line is surely about creativity. RP is much like real life (culture to culture), I mean you can’t define it as if everything fits into that defined box. Of course not everyone does RP, and that is their choice. I don’t force anyone to RP if they choose not to agree, and I usually walk away from those that expect me to be like I am in RL. But then of course, at least in this avatars view, I don’t walk him/her/it into a modern night club and tell people that we need to hunt down Redcoats But if you enter a SIM where there are guidelines for roleplaying, then that is just how it goes, and may be very different from another RP SIM… or PnP group or what have you.
  11. Well... today my avatar was a male, yesterday a female (made the skins etc.), maybe tomorrow a werewolf! Who knows... But I think when people see my avatar, they may be less concerned about today’s gender and more concerned about the three loaded pistols, the sharp cutlass and possibly the ten ships cannons attached to my avatar. *shrugs*
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