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  1. I have contacted paypal but they can't reply to my dispute because the delay of 45 days is off but it's notifed in the account of the vendor. thanks for all the answers
  2. thank you to you. yes i have paid by paypal. i will contact paypal. and tell you as soon as i have an answer. thanks alot
  3. hi yes i try the live chat many times but they always say out of stock. but they don't say this when you buy the linden by paypal. they promise the linden in the account 24hours maximum after ...... thanks for your sympathy and sorry for my bad english
  4. Hi to all,  i have buy 10k linden dollars by the site http://www.mmodo.com the 13/07/2009. Today it's the 09/09/2009. Be carefull on this site. they take our rl dollars and you dont have your lindens or the refund.
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