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  1. Yes, Israel, agreed on the Land distribution, but i hope Mainland is always valued even if it slowly becomes a Manhattan in the midst of what is negatively perceived as "abandoned" but is an efficient way to return Mainland to more Governor Linden owned property. The Estates are portable addresses with server requirements but it's hard to speculate on the Cost of allowing or encouraging them to proliferate. Hmm, what you said already. Hopefully Mainland will be treated all due respect, because the Tier is too high for a Land run anytime soon, although much interest remains from those who can buy and hold, and with prices so much higher for waterfront, it's obvious why so many flee to the islands. Mainland is the Motherland, and also an anchor to what is Governor Linden's Second Life.

  2. Welcome Kim!

    I thought of you this morning when i logged in because i just know you will do something about that giant  banner ad that shows the Barbie and Ken kiss at the Eiffel Tower and other sweet but naive scenes. Kim, one may need to be young at heart to love Second Life, but the banner ad presents Second Life as a lover's playground and i think the marketing should show more sophistication.

    If you need some snow to put the Blizzard on us, visit southern Mainland and chill for a few. Wow, yes wow. Very glad to know you are on the team.

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