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  1. Octavia's goal is to create a high quality immersive environment to play out your adult activities. Clubs should look good...they should look amazing, showcasing the best! Come support a great looking venue and show others that you can be bad while looking good. ◈No join fee◈ Visit us here↓ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coitus/171/51/3005 These naughty delights will have naughty ends
  2. A rambling vineyard enveloped by a hazy sky. Wander through the grapes as they soak up the sun, producing the best vintage of pixel wine on the grid. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Checkmate/210/19/41/?title=The%20Vineyard%20at%20Checkmate
  3. A bit about me. Ive been in secondlife for over eight years. Early on i was a designer, sold hair and shoes, when shoes were made of hollowed and cut cylinders, and hair when the first flexi prim appeared on the grid. It was a scary time! Next I hopped over to the world of roleplay and spent the rest of my years in here involved with that. I personally found that good roleplay required a pretty huge time commitment to be active in the community, to maintain your characters position etc, and i got to a point where i just didnt want to give that much time to it anymore. Oh and that drama thing. Fast forward to present day where I have spent the last year on and off quietly building, shopping, and being kind of a pixel recluse. But now i feel like i want to jump back into the non hermit lifestyle, so thought I'd toss out my info here to see if anyone wanted to jump up and down and hang out :) I'm in my thirties...ok people who say "ies" are always in the later half of that category, so i'll come clean at 38. So would enjoy meeting others in the same age group or older. Am looking for some nonscripted fun, where i can just type without describing to you in a paragraph what my facial expressions are. Dont get me wrong, I love roleplay, just currently am wanting to try something else. Ive joined groups etc to find others with similar interests, but i thought it might be fun to see what random people i could meet through posting here. My interests being, building, exploring, i go crazy for amazing builds and sims. Learning to sail! Music, as long as its not country! and the list goes on. I want to laugh til it hurts, and hear about what others are doing in their corner of the world...lets compare corners! Westcoaster, so on sl time. Look forward to hopefully hearing from a few of you, toss me a hi here, or in world.
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