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  1. This parcel has sold, not able to edit or delete the original post. Thanks to the buyer!
  2. 1536 sqm parcel, 527 prims on the beautiful Gaeta V continent. Parcel borders route 7 protected sailable waterfront, with sailable ocean access all the way to the Nautilus and the Blake Sea and beyond! route 7 rez zone nearby as well. If you like driving and sailing, route 7 becomes road and water at different points, making it a perfect vehicle lovers area! 2 small extra prim parcels, 256sqm and 64sqm, will be given with this purchase as long as they don't sell on their own for added prims! parcel is set for sale to anyone at 22000L, objects not included in sale. visit the parcel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunspiral/159/160/21 for questions contact Heath Pevensey
  3. wow thanks guys! That's exactly what i needed thanks to everyone for your detailed help!
  4. So today i figured out how to create multiple faces for sl on my mesh objects, which is wonderful. However i need to figure out a few more options, and I'll use one of the objects as an example to see if you guys can help me :) I have a frame i created, and of course i mapped it to have a seperate face where you would place the photo inside the frame. The problem is, that face reads as if it uses the UV map for the whole object, so pictures are not 1:1 on the face, they are offset by quite a bit. So the question is, do i deal with that simply by setting the offset in SL, so customers can drop the photo and it will LOOK correct, or is there a way to export the mesh and have that face ready to take a texture normally 1:1, as if i was dropping it on the side of a prim? Hopefully that's somewhat clear. In a nutshell, I'd like to have it so when i import the mesh for the frame into SL, that face where the photo goes will just take a texture normally, as if its not offset in any way. Any help would be great! Ty
  5. Interesting thread! 1. A combination of a, b, c. Myself and the other two owners of Larnia Kids make anything we know how to in our products, and if soemthing happens to be beyond our knowledge at the time we buy the components and then attempt to learn how to do that particular thing later. A good example is animations, we used to buy them, now I've begun to make our own. 2. We do a robust amount of advertising including inworld, marketplace and our website. We also participate in hunts and such. So a combo of a, b, c 3. a. We take all the pictures and create all our box art, logo images etc... and always have 4. c. It was just Rory and I, but our good friend Audra joined the business as the primary pose maker when we were so impressed with her abilities
  6. I have a backup of my xstreet box. We keep one on our main sim, and a copy of each at our Linden house. I get maybe 1 failed delivery a month, if that. Not that failures should happen at all, but i think alot of it has to do with the lag on the sim where your box is located.
  7. AA works, you just have to fool with it. Disable it in the hardware menu, then change another option so you get the apply button, relog, enable it at whatever setting you use (I use 2x), change another setting so you get an apply button, relog. It should then be working.
  8. So now the official viewer has the black wall in the western sky? This is carried over from Kirsten's viewer and is a MAJOR problem for some NVidia card users. LL, please don't release this as a main viewer until this is fixed!! Everything else about the viewer works for me, even AA, jsut as Kirsten's does, but this issue means I am unable to use it and have to stick with 2.1.1
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