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  1. Trying blonde for a day... want to see if the old saying is true
  2. Love the look Charolotte, it really is a very pretty dress Makes me want to go through my own inv now and see what I have..lol.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous Uncommon, the dress is so elegant on you
  4. Looks like you two are having a fine time there. Sometimes I miss having someone to IM and ask "Hey you want to go out and dance?" But right now, there is no someone to ask that. Maybe my luck will change or maybe I have to get out there and make my own luck.
  5. I like solitude most of the time, and I have done the things you have mentioned, EVEN the clothing-optional beach . It sort of gets old fast, well to me it does. So I will continue to wander SL and have a fine time all by myself
  6. Was getting tired of just sitting at home as always, so I hit up the Destination Guide and I found this wonderful place it is called the Enchanted Unicorn..think I want to live here forever..
  7. You are most welcome Val , And I say it because it is the truth
  8. Maybe he isn't But you Val, would be let in anywhere because you bring class wherever you go
  9. You are quite welcome. Well you got all that going on in that pic. And you are right, don't know what it is about bad boys , can't speak for any other ladies, but hell I know I have always liked them. :smileyvery-happy: Perhaps you are right about the marshmallow *shrugs lightly and laughs*
  10. /me sitting by the fire wishing I had a marshmallow to roast..
  11. Seems it has been a quiet day here, and you look very dashing indeed Randall
  12. Well, yeah I guess I can cook the fish, but that would mean moving off this hammock. ..But I am hungry, so.... And sadly, the only male friend I would ever send a tp to is now gone from SL, so I guess it's me and the parrot. Are you absolutely sure parrots don't like Tequila?
  13. Ok, my last one for the day, I promise Lazing about after a long day, wondering what to make for dinner...
  14. Aww, thankyou Val for the compliment, you are the sweetest person And yeah I decided, WAY too early for that drink..lol
  15. Ok, I am bored.. so here is another pic /me wondering if it is too early for that drink?
  16. Relaxing after a long morning of fishing....
  17. Aww, thanks Wiki My dress is from Azul, it was her group gift for Valentines Day last year.
  18. @ Randall Well thankyou for those kind words and I do wish one of those so called "Supremely Confident" men would show up soon, I have yet to meet one. The ones I meet are well hmm, not something to get into here..lol. @ Wiki That dress is beautiful, it looks wonderful on you Well here is my Valentines Day dress, it shall be quite the hot date, me, a hot cup of cocoa and a nice warm fire But seriously, I hope everyone's day is all you wish it to be
  19. It has been awhile since I have visited this thread, and all of you look wonderful Well, here is the latest incarnation of my avie, lol. I am never quite happy with her look and am always looking for something new Relaxing at my new home.
  20. @ Anna thankyou I do love her work, have many gowns by her, it is from Azul. @ Bella, I love the lingerie, I just might have to break down and buy it..lol @ Venus Thankyou Everyone always has such wonderful pics here, I am always checking to see what is new and fabulous here, keeps me coming back :matte-motes-tongue:
  21. Getting ready for a long overdue night of dancing...
  22. I was out shopping for Christmas decorations and came across this jolly chap Photo taken at Stonewood Homes2 in their Christmas shop. :matte-motes-smile:
  23. A hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day......
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