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  1. Raven1 Short wrote: My pajama contribution: New dress: I love the pj's Raven, so cute And the dress looks fantastic on you
  2. What a lovely place to live Sapphire
  3. Randall Ahren wrote: That's a pretty hot outfit. Be careful someone doesn't untie that string in the front. In your other photo, I don't think the bear slippers were large enough. Grins and clutches at the string.. Yes I better be careful about that /me snickers about the bear slippers.
  4. valerie Inshan wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: Sounds like a very nice poseball It is! :smileyhappy: It looks to be a very loving pose Val
  5. Wow it is quiet here today.. Here I am at Fogbound blinded by the light, Someone walked in with a facelight that pretty much blinded everyone around
  6. valerie Inshan wrote: Oh Saraya you look so cute! We have to organsie a pajama party sometimes (gggles about guy'e pajma's concepiion). In the mean time, found a tender spoon poseball. Seems ajja and I are liking iit........... Aww thanks Val Yeah a pajama party sounds good, we can make the men wonder what really goes on in one :matte-motes-evil::smileyvery-happy: Sounds like a very nice poseball
  7. Well today is going to be a quiet day, feeling lazy so I am going to sit around in my jammies and slippers, drink hot chocolate and read... :smileytongue:
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: Relaxing in my Asian little meditation room (and not wanting to go to work... sighs) Pretty meditation room Val, love the colors in it
  9. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: @Saraya...cute pic!! Hope the cocoa worked. @Val...All the red & black, beautiful showcase for you @Nimue...gorgeous fairy. @UC...thanks @Randall...thanks and love that dress on your gal :smileytongue: @Jesica..."Best in White" suits you! @Erin...cool pic, love the thunderbolts Nope, sadly didn't work, but maybe I'll catch a nap later in the day
  10. Randall Ahren wrote: Maybe your clothes are too tight. They don't look very comfortable for sleeping. Try wearing just an oversized t-shirt. Also have a Poptart or a donut with your cocoa. Reading something boring can also help. It's much easier to sleep when you're bored and full. Hmm, I can fall asleep in anything usually, but not this time. As of this post I still haven't slept, gonna make for a long day today .
  11. Almost 4 in the morning and still wide awake, hate nights like this Here's hoping the cocoa will do the trick..
  12. Randall Ahren wrote: Sometimes I like to look like a woman: /me walks back and forth eyeing you.. lol Hot redhead there
  13. UncommonTruth wrote: valerie said.. "Wow Nimue! These are two most amazing pictures! Wonderful composition, theme and avatar! Bravo!" ^That! I second it! I waited too darn long and missed several pages lol. Saraya, what a view! I think I'd stay kicked back like that all evening to watch the sun set there =) Burc, I really just wanna make fun of your head.. and can't =\ Erin, nice shot! Love that dress too Kylie, :heart: the whole picture is so serene and lovely, it suits you perfectly. Jesica, dang that outfit is a wower isn't it lol. I'm right with you on only pulling out the
  14. Jesica Dragovar wrote: "Greed....for lack of a better word is good" Oddly Jesica, I said that phrase last night Great pic btw
  15. MoiselleErin Teardrop wrote: The avatars said to her - Erin, we don't know what you are doing, so how do we know the way to poseball? Erin answered - "I am the Goddess and the diva and the lust. No one comes to the poseballs except through me. Lol Erin, I love this pic :smileyvery-happy:
  16. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: Which Dr. is that? Number 11? That is the 10th Doctor. David Tennant.
  17. Imagine my surprise when the good Doctor landed in my backyard Now I have the Tardis AND the Doctor :smileyvery-happy:
  18. Randall Ahren wrote: Val, what happened with your phone girl AO? We only saw one photo with the phone. Are the animations not good? @Saraya, I'll take some of the strawberries. Let's see if I'm quick enough to get some before Uncommon arrives and gets them all. @Parhelion, looks like the doctor has arrived. There are plenty to go around, I don't think Uncommon would eat all of them But just in case.. /takes a strawberry from the bowl and hands it to you
  19. Parhelion Palou wrote: That show about the Doctor is one of my favorite shows, though I haven't had the opportunity to catch many of the new ones. Ahh another Dr. Who fan, love the shirt Parhelion
  20. UncommonTruth wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: Aww Uncommon, thanks for the shirt I love it :smileyvery-happy: /me hugs you Now all I need is the Doctor and his Tardis :smileyvery-happy:You're welcome! Hugs ya back, hoppin in little circles. Lol, I love those shirts. And I've got that hair.... we could do a twinkie pic! :smileylol: Yay! .. dances around and laughs :matte-motes-big-grin: I'd love to do a pic with you
  21. valerie Inshan wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: Morning coffee break and that oh so nasty habit I have acquired Oh and I got fresh strawberries and cream for anyone who wants some :smileytongue: Morning coffee calls for a cigarette Saraya. Reposting this pic as reminder. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Aww Val , I'm so glad I am not alone in this :smileyvery-happy:
  22. Domitan Redenblack wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: Damn now I am on a Dr. Who kick today.. here I am inside of The Tardis... Now I have the Tardis, but still missing The Doctor Just stand like that for a while. Lots of doctors will arrive! Lol Domitan :smileyembarrassed:
  23. Morning coffee break and that oh so nasty habit I have acquired Oh and I got fresh strawberries and cream for anyone who wants some :smileytongue:
  24. Damn now I am on a Dr. Who kick today.. here I am inside of The Tardis... Now I have the Tardis, but still missing The Doctor
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