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  1. Hello, I've bought a new Akeruka Bento head (Lara) and I'm having a whole host of problems with it. I know everyone will say "ask them!" or "ask the group" but the group costs money just to ask a question so that ain't happening. So, at the risk of being banned I won't go into the many problems I've had but one thing is really driving me nuts which is the "shine" on the face. There are very few skins for this head as it is and the ones I've found all look pretty horrible because of this shine. As you can see in the attached picture, there is a somewhat hidden control in the skins ta
  2. Except the creator is a group of people with the members unidentified. whatever, the product sucks and there's nothing I can do about it. I will probably be punished simply for saying it sucks now.
  3. Well, that reply was meaner than even my implication of LL corruption, lol. The trouble is Akeruka or [AK] is group owned and all the actual people behind it are hidden. There is indeed an in-world group for questions, but in a completely unprecedented and underhanded move, it cost $150 to join, just to ask a question. That's just f-ing outrageous. Here I am a good resident, paid my money (a LOT of money btw), and now I have multiple problems with their product and I don't even have a place to ask a question. Also, if you've been here as long as it appears you have, you k
  4. Lol. In other words .. it is a problem, other people are talking about it, but we aren't allowed to talk about it here, because talking honestly about the products we buy might affect sales, and the maker of the head is worth more, and is more important to Linden Labs than the people who spent their money purchasing it. Got it.
  5. Hi, I just bought an AK Lara Bento Head (ver. 2.6) and I'm having problems keeping it from going all nasty on me (see picture). To head off some answers at the pass sort of speak ... I've been in SL for years, I have other mesh heads, I have really good graphics and I know about most of the typical problems with mesh rezzing etc. I also have a Lelutka head that this sometimes happens to (too much camera zooming for example), but it's not only not this severe, it' easily fixed by simply selecting the head with a right click. Sometimes you may have to actually "edit" the head for the syst
  6. Hmmm ... Thanks for the reply and I will take your word for it but this sounds SUPER "scammy." If a realtor did this in RL they might go to jail, lol. How about if I "abandon" the land I currently own first? I'd still be losing a HUGE chunk of money for no reason other than Linden greed, but the tier would never go higher than it currently is if the land parcels are equal, no? or does LL find a way to charge you for that too?
  7. Okay, so a really generic post title eh? The specifics are this: I'm a premium member on the 4096 tier and while I'm not at the max allowed, I'm pretty close. What I'm thinking of doing is buying a new piece of land in a different sim and selling the old land so that my tier fees will remain the same, right? However ... the Linden rules on Billing say: "The Land Use Fee is a monthly charge for the peak amount of land held during the previous 30 days, including actual parcels held and land tier donated to groups." So if that's true, no one can actually change their
  8. A long time ago in SL, I helped someone make shoes with heel click sounds and there were several freely available audio files out there on the net or on MP. Everyone used pretty much the same sound and it was open source (although some tried to sell it). This is a pretty standard sound that is used in many games including SL, and is used in SL by multiple creators. Now I'm trying to make my own shoes and I can't find anything. All I can find is the original advice and scripts from Gwyneth Llewelyn on the topic, (thanks Gwyneth!) but the sound she uses in the examples is not the
  9. Hello, I'm a Lelutka Bento head user and I've seen that there is this amazing Bubblegum that you can get at the Catwa store that's Bento enabled. I can't try it because there is no demo, and I can't buy it, because it isn't on MP and I'm banned from the Catwa store and all their properties and holdings anyway (lol). I *can* get someone to purchase it for me and give it to me as a gift, but the big question is .... ... will it work as well for Lelutka as it does for Catwa? Has anyone with a Lelutka head tried this gum? Did it work? I'm looking for a quick review (als
  10. Thanks, I thought that was what they were. I've gotten into (mild) trouble before over that sort of thing though, people are prudes and SL has a lot of people who go bananas if they see your (cartoon) nakedness for some reason. It's kind of crazy that I could go to the beach topless in RL, but in SL I once got a three day suspension because someone I don't even know saw my boobies in a "G" area.
  11. Thanks, you've been really helpful. I just wish "Macy's" would carry clothes for my body type (a RL problem as well, lol)
  12. I'm getting more and more lost! esp. with people posting this: Does that mean what I think it means? Anyway, I think to sum up my questions and the answers ... I would say it seems that cheap/lazy mesh makers are flooding the market with lazy products (no names mentioned) and others who are better at mesh are being taken in by the Linden advice to make everything simple so people with awful computers can still see it. The bottom line is that I can't do anything about it, until quality mesh makers want to step up and make full perm meshes for Tonic. I'm not sure why they don
  13. Thanks, this sounds like a reasonable explanation. I have uploaded a few meshes myself for houses and stuff so I should have remembered that. It seems like because I am forced by my situation into using "cheap" (or cheaply done) full perm meshes, I'm always going to see this. I have to disagree about turning the LOD down though. I will do it as you suggested earlier for "preview" purposes, (to make sure my dress isn't an ugly pile of triangles, lol), that's great advice. But SL is simply too ugly and wonky at low LODs to be worth playing the whole game that way (IMO of course).
  14. So ... you're saying that when creating it, they have to provide a "model" for the four levels of detail, and in this case the person has just not provided one? Because the thing that confuses me about this skirt is that *sometimes* it looks just fine, and at all distances. I hesitated to post here about it for ages, because the behaviour is so random I was sure people would just tell me I was looking at it on an especially laggy day or had my settings wrong, etc. I know it *seems* like that might be the case, but I've tested it over and over (I bought this ages ago) and it seems some
  15. This would explain the "flat plane" effect I noticed, but not the skirt I guess. Also what I'm trying to get at is what the setting (during creation) is that causes this to happen as the effect is down to which creator you buy from not just the angular size. Like if I wear a top form one creator and a skirt from another, the top will turn flat at one distance and the skirt may not turn flat at all. If I instead put on a skirt from the same creator as the top, both go flat at the same angular size.
  16. Thanks for your support, lol. Love that song! I wear tanlines because it's very difficult to find realistic skins (beyond head skins) so it's necessary to augment things in order to heighten the realism. Apologies to all for the 1.5 pixels of nipple that I just noticed also. I will attempt to edit it out.
  17. Thanks Rolig, I don't quite understand everything you are saying here, but it's the first useful answer that addresses what I'm asking. When I said "can I change this" I meant that because it's full perm mesh and because in some cases I might even have the dae file, that I might be able to import it into blender, change a setting, and then re-upload. My LOD slider is always at the max as I said, so I guess you're advising me to set it lower so as to see the objects "at their worst" before I purchase them? At least I think that's what you're saying, lol. I think overall, an
  18. OK, so I know it's verboten to say anything bad about creators here so I'm excising any information that could identify the creators involved but I have a serious question so I'm going to (carefully) ask it anyway. I'm trying to make clothes but I don't know blender so I buy full permission mesh and then try to texture it (an ongoing struggle, lol). I'm having trouble with some of the meshes and I don't know enough to know what it is. The picture kind of tells the whole story. What I've noticed is that some of the meshes seem to (at various sometimes random times), degrade into
  19. I have some really beautiful long mesh hair from eXxEsS that has a "breeze effect." It has a very subtle movement, but it does move a bit and I've never noticed any alpha problems.
  20. Preaching to the choir, lol. I have even found makers that helpfully include a "large breasted" size and a "small breasted" size, but even the small breasted one still floats a half foot above my chest. And it's not like I'm *that* flat. I try to make myself look like RL which is just a standard B cup.
  21. Coincidentally, this thread made me go out hair shopping again and I ran into Stealthic. I bought the demos for these exact hairs! :-) Unfortunately, none of them fit and they are all rigged, so no joy there. I understand why mesh hair is rigged, but here's a CLASSIC example of a sale that will never happen simply because the creators don't understand that people might not all have the same head. These are well made, expensive hairs and I would have bought two or three items at the store, but I can't, because they don't fit, and can't be re-sized. Even though re-sizing sc
  22. I tend to agree. I hung onto mine for many years, but in many ways SL is an exercise in compromises. Attached is a picture of pre-mesh me with my "Cutie" hair from LAQ which is absolutely the best hair I've ever had in SL, but again is apparently so unpopular that it's long been off the market. It was unpopular and impossible to get long before mesh hair even arrived. There is nothing like a flexi skirt also. Mesh skirts, except for the tight ones, are just too stiff for me to even bother with. Not even close to realistic. I have some long hair in mesh that has a "breeze effec
  23. Interesting. Thanks for the replies. I use Firestorm so I don't have this picker/viewer thingie I guess. I did check the library before I posted, but there was nothing with that name, I guess I'll check again. I don't see the "mixed race female hair" in that lineup either but it is a bit dark. I will have to get a picture next time. The Macaron from rezology is one I've been using as you see in my icon but I'd still like more options. There may not be a solution at all, I just find it odd that most of my friends in RL have this sort of hair style but that you rarely se
  24. hello ... strange question perhaps, but here goes ... Before mesh hair, and for years and years I had flexi hair, ("Cutie" by LAQ), that was very close to my RL hair. It was a shoulder length, basic straight cut like millions of women out there have in RL. I kept it for so long because there seems to be almost no normal, realistic, shoulder length hair in SL. Strangely, there isn't even a category for it in SL Marketplace, there is just short and long. Especially since I switched to mesh everything (and because people will laugh at you now if you wear flexi hair), I haven't found hardl
  25. Yeah, this is my beef with bento mesh heads in general. They are responsive to the sliders, but it's pretty clear that the makers want us to leave the sliders alone. Like, if I adjust my chin the way I like it then my teeth are sticking through my lips. Or if I make the eyes realistically close to the surface of the skin, then bento gestures like "roll eyes" make my eyes poke through as well. And none of them (so far) let you adjust for body fat, you have to be close to zero body fat to make any of the bento heads fit. I think what the makers are telling us is that you should
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