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  1. Hey there, Double check your account to see if you have donated any land to a group you are in. As a Premium member, you have 512 square meters that you can use without paying extra. That 512 can be used to donate land to a group as well. Go to your Dashborad. In the left column of options click Land Manager, then click Group Land. You will see a list of your groups and land that has been donated to any of them. If you have donated land, go back inworld and open your Groups. Click the group you donated to and then the far right Icon beside it. It should have the outline of a person. That wi
  2. I am not a scientist nor really into this type of theorizing. Theories of a highly scientific nature should be presented to an audience that is qualified to understand your theory, the reasons behind it, and have a deep knowledge of the different fields of science that applies to it. I'm sure there are residents of Second Life that have this type of knowledge, but no harm in letting others see and respond to your theory. One good place would be the Bad Astronomy Forums, which is now the Cosmoquest Forum http://cosmoquest.org/forum/forum.php?s=90de1d7adf55fbfa60d0f1b637e448e5 . There are ma
  3. Yes, it can be done, like freston said. Here's a tutorial I put up on youtube a while back, using an older version of Blender. I'm not sure how different it would be trying this on the newer version. I call this a Mesh Hybrid, since you use the mesh/skeleton as your frame to put prims, sculpts, etc on. Hope this helps you, Burtrum *added* There is a store that already sells a variety of different sized /mesh/skeletons, but right off-hand I can't recall the name.
  4. Hey BonBun, One thing I've tried is to modify the avatar.blend skeleton to a larger size. You can lengthen or shorten the bones as you need. It's important to leave the skeleton in the T-Pose though. The dae files don't record rotations. Instead of trying to use a mesh body (I'm assuming you are using either sculpts and/or prims for the bodies) , I make a very small ball and attach it to the skeleton, same as you would a mesh body at the hip and assign the weights there. That hides the mesh part. This is exported as a dae (both ball and skeleton together) and uploaded to SL. You may need to
  5. In the newest Beta release, you can touch the ground at a distance from you and a small ball appears, that you walk towards automaically. Kinda like the Go Here feature that has been missing since viewer 1.23. You have to manually turn yourself though. Burtrum
  6. I like making non human avatars using Deforms. But recently I've noticed Viewer 2 wont let me upload any. I get this error in the animation upload window --- "Unable to read animation file. Incorrect root joint name, use "hip"." I have never had this trouble before. I tried using the Beta and Mesh viewers as well, but the same thing happens. Is anyone else having this problem? I truly hope this isnt a case of LL giving us Mesh but taking away deforms. That would not be cool. :( Burtrum
  7. For avatars that are taller than the norm, with longer legs and so on, you need a new set of animations with the hip height set higher, to match the new length of the legs. Normal SL animations, including dances, will snap the hip back down to normal, crunching up your legs. Sinking in the ground is a persistant bug with deforms. Most times, changing to a different sized shape and back will 'reset' your avatar hip height. Change only the shape file and nothing else. This bug isn't seen by everyone at the same time. Sometimes you see it and others don't . Sometimes the other way around. Usu
  8. Hey there, I have 2 512 lots available in Taernil's Bluff (PG). Each is 800 L. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Taernils%20Bluff/176/56/33 Thanks, Burtrum
  9. I might be on the wrong track here -- If you're having trouble with texturing it check the uv map to be sure how it lays on the model. If you have a head/face texture to put on it, apply it to the sculpt in Maya. You might can adjust the points in the uv map to get the texture to apply ok. Burtrum
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